Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Get out of my wayMaynard!” | raised my face as I stared him in the eye directly. It was a ‘tiring day enough, I wasn’t going to let them bully me, at least not tonight.

“What happened to you? You are bleeding,” Maynard placed his finger under my chin to raise my face and scanned my face.

The emotions he displayed when seeing all the blood gave me goosebumps.

“Maynard!” Lazlo came from behind me and freed me from Maynard’s stare and turned me around so that I face him.

“What happened, who the fuck did this?” Lazlo cupped my face aggressively, his eyes started to flash a weird sea blue color as anger started to rush through his veins.

“It’s my business,” I slapped his hands off and stepped back only to bump onto Thiago’s hard chest. He wasted no time and turned me over, his eyes changed the color. The icy gray in his eyes began to fill with crimson red as if somebody was pouring the color, drop by drop. I have noticed this about him, his wolf changed color with every emotion he felt.

“Jim did it, didn’t he?” he bent down to reach my level. I was mad at them for leaving me behind in that classroom when they knew Jim would come to collect me.

Did they not care about me at all?

It was like they only showed emotions when I was in their sight. Or else, out of sight, out of mind.

“I am going to fucking kill him,” Thiago pronounced every word clearly and with pressure. His voice and threat made me let out a yelp.


“I am going to ruin him,” he repeated, bobbing his head as if he was making me understand what was going to happen to Jim now.

“He didn’t do anything.” I muttered while stepping back from them. They all were watching my face like there was a movie playing on my forehead.

‘Then who did it?” Thiago continued to ask, not breaking the eye contact from me.

“Tell us,” As Maynard yelled at me, I groaned in return.

“Why do you three care? If you three hadn’t left me behind, I wouldn’t have suffered,” I shouted for the first time at them.

They watched my face and then a frown covered their foreheads.

We had a bigger problem in our hands,” Lazlo muttered as he clenched his jaw. He would get upset pretty quickly every time I spoke back to him aggressively

“So then stick to those problems. I am not your problem to deal with,” I warned him and tha I bet I hit a nerve.

“Well, you are my problem since you are my God Damn mate,” he announced it in an angry tone. Almost like he was annoyed that we felt the mate bond.

“Wait! What did you say?” Maynard shook his head and laughed a little because he thought Lazlo was taunting that I could never be a mate to a powerful Alpha.

“Lazlo! Now is not the time for all this. She is badly injured.” Thiago attempting to sound considerate reminded me of his attitude towards me. He was so quick to dismiss me when he heard about me making out with Maynard.

He could have just told Maynard to stay awafrom me if he was so jealous or maybe should have in troduced me as his mate but he didn’t do that just like others.

They were too ashamed to be called my mates but were quick to get all possessive when seeing me

with someone else.

“You don’t need to worry about that,” I told Thiago, shaking my head at him to stay out of my matters.

“Excuse me? you cannot stop me from not asking you any questions,” It was Thiago’s turn to sound like a douchebag.

“I can! I just did,” I was standing straight even when every single bone in my body was hurting.

“You are lucky you are my mate or else you have would face my wrath,” as Thiago too joined the an nouncement group, Maynard shook his head and then slapped his ears a little to hear him right.

“What is up with you two throwing the word mate around?” He questioned but once again, nobody paid attention to him.

“We are not mates,” I firstly made blunt eye contact with Thiago and then pointed at Lazlo too.

Thiago and Lazlo shared a glance, not understanding why I was pointing toward them.

“Then explain the mate bond you felt with me.” Thiago had only asked me the question when Lazlo too said something that turned attention to him.

“But you felt the mate bond with me,” he finished and turned to face Thiago after he realized what Thia go had said, hat did you just say?” the two asked each other. It was not supposed to go like that.

“You all can fight, I am—”I was hushed down by Lazlo and Thiago.

“She felt mate bond with you?” Lazlo asked Thiago, who stared at my face first before nodding.

“But she felt it with me too,” Lazlo pointed at his chest.

I was not afraid of them finding out I have felt the mate bond with them, I just didn’t want to be in any sort of foursome or threesome with them.

“You two didn’t want to acknowledge it before, so why are you bringing it up now” I raised my voice but they were too surprised to react to anything else.

“She is our mate?” Lazlo whispered under his mouth, more like asking himself how that was possible?

“You felt mate bond with the both of us?” Thiago turned to question me, and Lazlo followed him.

Now they wanted to hear it directly from me.

Before I could open my mouth to confess to it, Maynard stepped in between and laughed –

I set to

“Is that funny to you?” Lazlo seemed pretty pissed off when questioning Maynard. Thiago attack anyone too. The veins in Thiago’s neck were popping visible.

“She is a mate to both of us, and you are laughing?” Lazlo continued to nag Maynard.

I bet they were unhappy to hear they were going to share a mate but another surprise was yet to come.

“Three of us!” Maynard announced, “She is a mate to all three of us,” once he too joined the group of mates, Lazlo and Thiago heaved a gasp.

“She felt a mate bond with me too,” Maynard seemed hysterical when talking about us.