Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 22

Chapter 22

It wasn’t long before I recognized the person to my master; Jim. He didn’t wait to hear me out or give me a chance. I found him letting go of my bag once he had leveled us together and started dragging me with him.

“Let me go, I can walk on my own,” I was trying to free myself but it wasn’t possible when his hand was beginning to be a part of my skin. I swear he had glued his hand over my skin.

He remained silent but kept hyperventilating this entire time.


After he had dragged me to the rooftop again, he pushed me away so that he can lock the door this time. The fear of what I might deal with today was giving me shivers down my spine. If those three had wait ed for me, I would have escaped to the room with them but they never cared about me.

All they care about is themselves and their jealousy. So quick to get riled up whenever they see me with my other mate but are never available to shield me, protect me or accept me.

“Let’s finish this today, shall we?” he muttered, anger was hiding behind his smirk as he belt.

‘ off his