Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 21

Chapter 21

After Lazlo told Thiago about my kiss with Maynard, it went downhill pretty quick.

“She took off her shirt when she knew we had clothes and cotton,” Lazlo then added mischievously.

“I took off my shirt out of concern for him.” I had enough of his bullshit. He didn’t acknowledge me as his mate. In fact, none of them did, so why were they so bothered by who I was hanging around with?

“You don’t need to show concern for me. I can take care of myself very well,” Thiago, who had been riled up, muttered angrily.

“You heard him, how does it feel now?” Lazlo smirked, opening the door for Maynard, who had just re turned with food.

The way Thiago was glaring at him now even shocked me.

I didn’t want to argue with them when I was starving and they were in full swing. The night ended when we all went to bed.

Thad yet to think of a way to get out of trouble with Jim tomorrow, who I completely forgot when I got bothered by Thiago’s health way too much than I should have.

I woke up a little late than the others. It seemed like Thiago was feeling much better and had left to at tend classes.

I took the fastest shower that day and slipped into blue shorts and a white top. Just when I left my room, I recalled Jim.

“Oh shit!” | cursed loudly, “How would I survive that now?” I asked myself, walking towards the stairs. The hostel had a huge ground and then there was a building in the academy where our classes took place. The entire hostel was silent as everybody had left for their classrooms.

I too thought I would be able to spend the day in peace and will worry about Jim later. Well, the mo ment I entered the classroom and took my seat, I heard Jessica chuckle.

Thad seen Thiago, Maynard, and Lazlo glaring at me when I entered the class.

“Hey, I heard what happened last night.” That was Oswin, who was sitting beside me today with his girl on his right side.

“Am I in trouble?” since he hadn’t shown any red flags so far, I talked normally to him.

“I am sure he will do something nasty today. I will try to get information out of his pimps later and let you know. Let’s see if we ca-” he was yammering with concern when Poppy next to him cleared her throat and probably elbowed him.

“Why are you talking to her?” she raised a concern and it was at that moment that I understood she didn’t like him talking to me.

“She is just like usWe need to stick together,” Oswin whispered back at her but she only groaned be fore muttering.

“And very soon I will find her in your bed, is that what is going on?” I was surprised at how quickly it i calated in her head.

“Poppy!” he complained at her word choice.

“Please tell me you would have helped a girl in the exact position if she wasn’t as gorgeous as her. I know you are just hoping to help her so that she can crawl into your bed in order to thank you,” I was not at all shocked anymore. I was beyond annoyed.

“Excuse me,” | steadily waved at Oswin to push back and got Poppy’s attention, “You are lucky he is your mate. Because nobody else would have tolerated your insecure ass,” I bobbed my head, shocking her into opening her mouth wide open.

“Attention!” our stare broke when Mr. Tripper walked inside with guards behind him. I swiftly scanned around but couldn’t find Jim.

– He wasn’t here to talk about what happened on the rooftop yesterday, then what had brought him here?

It was then I remembered what else happened the last day.

“There has been a misfortunate incident that took place in the woods. Someone has broken the treaty with Argo Cr, the animal that lurks around disguised as one of us. Now, it is certain that whoever attacked his people is one of us. Now, I am giving you all some time to consider it and come forward with the infor mation. If you want the academy to be safe, please step ahead and let us know anything you know about last night’s incident, thank you!” Mr. Tripper seemed in rush. I bet he was under a lot of pressure now that Argo was ready to unleash the evil upon us.


The murmuring began and I sneakily raised my face to look from the right to left, staring at my mates, who had their postures straight but fear embedded in them.

As soon as the class ended, all three of them rushed out to probably talk about it. I aimed to go after them but I pulled my bag’s strap over my shoulder and tried to make a run after them, but my steps halted. Somebody had stopped me when they grabbed my bag.