Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 181

Chapter 181


181-In Stranger’s Arms

“Shut the fuck up, Maynard!” I didn’t let the others defend me and yelled at him. I have been shaken up by my interaction with Zander and Christina already. The last thing I need is some weirdo to pass comments on me.

“Excuse me?” Maynard definitely didn’t expect me to talk back to him. I was beginning to realize I should have slapped him when I had time. He deserved my harsh attitude and taunts. Because now he was assuming I was soft towards him because I still have feelings for him.

“Maynard! Go fuck off somewhere else.” Thiago now came between us to save me from Maynard’s angry glare. I bet he knew I cannot use magic anymore until I am fully healed, so Maynard was instigating me.

“Fine. But ask her why she was so worried about him. She acts like she doesn’t want another mate but when nobody else is around, she leads her mates on,” that comment got me clenching my jaw.

“Leave before I forget what consequences I will face when using my magic,” i warned him and he only rolled his eyes before walking past us and leaving us alone to have a discussion.

“What he said—- you were taking care of him?” Lazlo didn’t even wait for Maynard to disappear entirely and questioned me.

“Calm down.” Thiago eyed him and took over the matter. “What happened to him?” he asked, instead of asking me why I was in the room with Zander.

“He collapsed on the floor so I took him inside,” I told him about the incident. “He was acting weird,” I added.

* And yet you thought being in the room with him is a good idea. Why were you concerned for him?” Lazlo was interrupting me by only focusing on one thing.

“What do you mean by weird?” Thiago had a completely different approach to the subject.

“When he touched my wrist,” I couldn’t even finish because Lazlo scoffed and turned around to pace around anxiously while running his hand through his hair.

“I felt this heat coming from his body that I have never felt before,” once I finished, I got the exact response I was expecting from Lazlo.

“Great! So in short, our wolves are cold bastards, but his warm-blooded wolf transferred his heat just by touching your wrist.” Lazlo had finally gotten under my skin. But I waited for Thiago’s response.

“Oh!” he looked upset. “Did he say something? Or maybe talked about the mate bond?” pushing his emotions to the side, he asked me.

“He tried to tell me why I need to accept all the mates,” I answered and watched Lazio, who with every single word was scoffing at me.

“Hmm!” Thiago murmured, “Try to not stay alone with him. When a wolf is under such heat, they usually make mistakes,” he finished, without putting too much pressure on his words.

“Yeah! Stay away from him will be a good start,” as Lazlo repeated it in a bit of an off tone. I decided to speak to him finally.

“I am sorry! Do you not trust me at all?” I finally raised my voice at Lazlo. How Thiago responded to this situation sounded as if he didn’t trust Zander but Lazlo was straightly talking as if I was the problem because I wanted to get near Zander.


“I do, but I don’t like it when you keep walking in the direction of the trouble without realizing it could cause so much trouble for everyone,” Lazlo too raised his voice until Thiago wrapped his arm around his shoulder to simmer him down.

“That’s why we are her mates. Can we talk for a second?” Thiago then excused himself and walked away with Lazio. I was curious why he pulled him away from me, so I sneakily followed them, but stayed far away from them.

“What are you trying to do?’ Nia asked, when watching me get ready to use magic.

‘I need to hear what they are saying,’ I told her.

‘Then get near them, but don’t use magic. We are already weak and— we haven’t even talked about Zander yet. We need to be in full energy to talk about that issue,’ Nia mentioning Zander made my heart flip inside my chest.

I was avoiding this moment.

‘There is nothing to talk about him,’ I replied.

‘Enya! this has not happened before but when he touched me– all I wanted was to have sex with him,’ her confession made me step back and let out a gasp in disgust and guilt.

‘No! I did not feel that,’ I defended myself.

‘I know, but I did. His wolf connected directly with me. Enya! what Lazlo is saying is right. We shouldn’t be around him, he is in need of a mate desperately,’ as she added that part, I couldn’t help but remember the last words he spoke to me.

‘Do you remember when he said he is stuck with? What do you think he was trying to say?’ I inquired because it seemed awkward the way

Christina pushed us away from him.

‘I don’t even want to think about it. But are you sure they are twins?’ Nia’s questions were beginning to sound weirder. Why would she even question it unless she was thinking the same thing as I was?

“Do you think she is— No! maybe she is controlling,’ I didn’t even want to think about that gross thing.

‘Or maybe they are not twins, not related at all. They are both adopted, she claimed, but he didn’t want to go back and she did. Maybe they were adopted by different parents and he hates her parents?’ Nia was thinking way too far into this.

But it was indeed concerning how scared he looked when she had arrived.

‘So you think he was trying to give us a hint to save him by accepting him?” I asked, and Nia slowly let out a sigh.

“Nia! You are not even making sense anymore. You are just suggesting wild ideas after wild ideas.’1 commented when her words began to swirl my world around.

“That makes me think why he would be so scared of his sister. What if he doesn’t want it and she-, Oh goodness! I am so lost.’ she gave up after everything turned into a salad.

‘Or may—,’ I was about to come up with another possibility when a hand pulled over my mouth and silenced me in a sudden move.

It happened so quickly that I couldn’t even fight back. The person wrapped his other arm around my stomach and lifted me up against my weight. That’s when I felt a needle being injected into my neck and all the possibilities of me using magic drained away.