Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 180

Chapter 180


180-My Mates Deserves Acceptance

I walked back to the hotel to grab my purse when I found Christina coming out of the boy’s room with something wrapped in tissue and folded in her hand. She instantly pulled her hand behind her body and passed me a smile as to distract me.

“How is your brother?” I asked. I figured something happened back when we were having breakfast. It was a curtsey to just ask her how he was feeling now.

“He is fine,” she answered without stopping for a chat and speeding away. I stared at her, disappearing downstairs with whatever she was holding

She is weird at times,’ I commented.

As I was about to head into my room, a creak from the door behind me caused me to turn around and look at it.

Zander, standing at the door and watching me, almost startled me into letting out a yelp.

“Ar—e you okay?” my lips questioned without me knowing because he looked messed up. He was panting and had his arm wrapped around his stomach as if he was in pain.

“Eny—a!’ I heard Nia whisper for my attention but I couldn’t really zone out in front of him. Especially when he was in such a messed-up


“Ia-m not feeling well,” he said, gagging and holding the urge to throw up.

“Do you want me to call someone for you?” I offered him help. Watching him in pain was definitely not easy as whether I liked it or not, he was my mate.

“My sister?” he was barely standing with his body hunched down and face down.

“She headed downstairs. If you want, I can call her here,” I offered again, but before he could answer me, he lost his balance and went down on his butt.

“Argh!” the agonizing cry leaving his ships made my heart sink in my chest.

“Hey! are you alright?” I rushed behind him and pulled my hands under his arms to help him stand up. “Let’s take you to your bed,” I offered, and he didn’t resist. It was a bit difficult because he was heavy. But I managed to take him to bed. The boys, as expected, have ruined their room even after the service lady cleaned it. The only clean side belonged to Thiago. I knew it because I saw his water bottle on the side table. I knew he was the one who would be taking care of his bed and stuff, unlike others.

“Do you want water?” once settled down, I offered him water, and he nodded faintly.

“What happened to you? If you are feeling this bad, I think we should take you to the hospital,” I suggested, watching him lean back against the wall and get comfortable in the bed.

“No! I will be fine. This happens at times. My stomach is not very hostile for the sudden change in diet,” he was breathing calmly now, keeping his eyes only ajar.

“Oh! Then I think you should rest,” I suggested, “I will let your sister know so that she can come and attend to you,” I whispered and the instant I got up on my feet, he bent forward and held my hand to prevent me from leaving.

His touch almost knocked me down to my feet. There was heat coming out of his body. So much heat that I thought he was going to burn my skin down.

It also shook Nia into letting out a yelp. The mate bond was so strong that I feared we will be catch fire.


“I am sorry for earlier. I didn’t mean to force you.” the pressure he applied suggested he wanted me to sit down. I did, and I don’t even know


“I have been told whenever I am in pain, I should try to divert my attention. You were in the view and it just angered me that you have accepted your other mate and not me. I totally understand and respect your decision, but think about this, what if you were one of your mate’s many mates? Wouldn’t you have wanted to be accepted by him, too? mate bond is not that simple to oversee. It leaves effects on our wolves and our strengths. It might not mean a lot to those alphas. They are strong anyway, but for us, it means a lot.” He was talking very smoothly, his voice was gently penetrating my ears as if they were singing melodies.

I don’t ever remember even noticing him like that until he grabbed my wrist. He hadn’t set me free when telling me why I need to change my mind about accepting only one mate.

“Enya! I a—m — stu–ck wit–” he was about to say something that was hard to confess when suddenly the door opened and Christina barged in.

“What are you doing here?” she raised her voice, looking so shocked that I jumped to my feet and pulled away from Zander. The moment our bodies parted, I reckoned I didn’t want to sit so close to him with his hand holding my wrist. But I’did regardless.

“|— I saw him collapsing on the floor,” I was hesitant due to her eyes darting angry glares at me.


180- My Mates Deserves Acceptance

“He has me to take care of. You should have called me.” she was so aggressive that she shoved me with her body to the side and sat down with her brother.

I noticed Zander looking all scared and frightened of her when she tried to hold his hand.

“Oh! I am sorry. I was just concerned,” I added, and she grunted in response.

*Thank you so much, Enya. You will not be needed anymore.” She had a fake smile on her lips when dismissing me.

I just didn’t feel like leaving her with him. I have never noticed it before, but she was more controlling than he was. He was secretly looking me in the eye and then stealing eyes from me whenever she raised her face to look at him.

“Take care,” I told Zander before exiting the room.

“That is so stupid. Who even wants to go to the caves?” Lazlo complaining about something was typical of him. They were walking towards the room and probably looking for me.

“Ah, Enya! where did you go?” Thiago rushed ahead, leaving Lazlo behind.

“He ate my head; can somebody please tell me how to seal his mouth shut?” Thiago teased Lazlo. Lazlo might be the only male friend he has that can make him act like a child.

“I was with Zander,” I stated and the two stopped smiling. Lazlo’s forehead formed a frown when he walked closer and stopped right when he was in my face.

“Why?” he sounded angry and disappointed in me, “We sent him away for a walk because he was being crazy and you came right into the devil’s den?” his tone didn’t surprise me, I knew my now Lazlo was a bit controlling at times.

“Oh, they fucked!” that comment was from Maynard, who came out of the boy’s room with his hair wet.

I didn’t even know he was in the bathroom all this time,