Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 179

Chapter 179


179-The Horny Twin

We haven’t talked about it afterward. I just noticed how agitated Thiago looked after seeing that clip. But one good thing came out of it. We all sat together for breakfast. Christina and Zander were behaving well, but I didn’t really care too much about Maynard, and neither did he care about me.

“So, what is the plan for today?” Christina, being the hyper one, questioned.

“I have planned a romantic lunch with my mate.” There it was. Just when I thought Zander was behaving, he threw the dart at us.

“Brother!” Christian slapped the back of his hand playfully and then looked our way. “You two must be planning something, right?” that was weird how she turned to Thiago and me.

“Yeah! Enya, Lazlo, and I have decided to go to the beach,” Thiago said sweetly. He didn’t want Lazlo to be left out, and Lazlo appreciated

“Oh! That is sad because Enya is coming with me,* Zander, who didn’t seem like joking anymore, stated and pissed off everybody except Maynard, who didn’t bother to pay attention to the conversation.

“Brother! She will be with her accepted mate.” Christina gave him a disapproving look, but it didn’t do anything.

“Then I will have to speak to Mr. Tripper. I am sorry, but I am not like Lazlo, who loves third wheeling. I want my mate to spend time with me and also accept me,” Zander threw the napkin on the table and started shaking his leg anxiously.

The change in his attitude stunned us all. He went from joking and laughing around to possessively looking at me in a few minutes.

“Zander!” Thiago stretched his neck, “It will be best for you to go take a walk. Neither you nor anybody else can force her into accepting her,” Thiago warned him, but Zander straightened his back to look him back in the eye.

“She is my mate, I will not listen to anybody else,” the fact that he knew he was talking back to an Alpha in such a tone just rubbed me the wrong way.

Was he really that desperate that he wasn’t realizing the danger ahead? Or was he not afraid at all?

“You two can argue later. Christina! Would you like to spend time with me today?” Maynard intervened between us and asked Christina, who looked distraught at her brother’s behavior.

She looked between us, and then sadly shook her head.

“I will take my brother for a walk, he needs it,” she said in a defeated tone, “and if he doesn’t want to come with me, then I will just plan a romantic evening with you,” her tone changed but it seemed forced.

Zander understood the threat, so he pulled back in the chair and clasped her hand.

“Let’s go for a walk then.” it was almost like he only gave up because he wanted to prevent her from spending time with Maynard. The two left the table and now it was just us silently sitting with her eyes fixated on the empty seat of Zander.

“I hope they remember they are siblings.” Lazio’s comment successfully made us cringe and


“Dude!” Maynard complained, playing with the pepper bottle on the table and frowning at Lazlo.

“What? that douchebag was literally forcing Enya to accept him and you are upset that I disrespecting them?” Lazlo retorted at Maynard, who was in his own world lately.


“And you guys shut him down. I am not saying what he said was right, but he wants his mate with him. Maybe he knows he will not get the second mate or whatever,” the fact that he was defending Zander was proof he was over our relationship or was never truly in love with me. Maybe he never even saw me as his friend.

“We need to stop noticing what he is going through. He broke our heart and trust; we need to not compare his actions around Christina with ours. It was all a lie when he was with us.’ Nia reminded me how it would only hurt me if I keep looking for closure.

“Ha!” Thiago let out a chuckle, making us pay attention to him. Maynard didn’t stick around for the conversation, so he got up and left. “He has met someone like him.” Thiago making a comment about Christina was a bit odd.

“What do you mean?” i inquired about Thiago.

“She is using Maynard to keep her brother in control and prevent him from coming after you,” he explained, and my jaw held open in shock.

because I was concerned. Was she sticking with me for some reason?

“Why? Are you sad about it?” Lazlo grunted when folding his arms over his chest.

“Oh! Grow up,” I commented, getting up to take a walk outside. Lazlo and Maynard walked after me but were called by Mr. Tripper, so they stopped to have a word with him.



179-The Horny Twin

The scenery was so beautiful in the daytime and less creepy too. The fresh wind was blowing the fields and trees perfectly.

That’s when my eyes landed on Jessica standing by the field and staring at it silently. I have been thinking about her lately.

Her sudden change of behavior was concerning, but it didn’t mean I have forgotten her evil ways. I just wanted to know what was up with her.

1 silently joined her and stared into the empty field. What was she looking at with so much attention?

“Do you think they got help?” she asked. “I couldn’t sleep thinking about the person calling for help last night,” she was talking in her mouth. Barely audible.

“Mr. Tripper said they got the help,” i confirmed. She jumped in her spot and turned around to witness me behind her.

“I thought you kne— you were talking to me, right?” I was shocked too. I bet I heard her talking to me.

“No!” she said, not really fixating her eyes on one spot, “I was talking to my mate,” she tilted her face and smiled creepily.

“Umm! I don’t see anybody here,” I said, laughing awkwardly.

“He is mind-linking with me,” she shocked me with her claim. Either she was pranking me or was just too clueless.

“I thought the mind link was lost as we werewolves developed with time,” I commented, but the way she shook her head with a smile called me silly with many tones.

“I can hear him. He lives here,” she then pointed at her temples and tapped her fingers on them, “Okay! Sorry! I will not talk to her,” she then pulled back from me and groaned.

Walking past me, she continued talking to whoever she was speaking to her. But I did see something strange on her neck.

“Nia! She is marked?’ I was surprised. She never told anyone or introduced her mate to anyone.

“Enya! I am not feeling well. When she was around, I felt this weird sensation as if she wasn’t even herself anymore,’ Nia, expressing her fear, stunned me too.

‘What if she is marked by that monster? He makes them listen to him and then—,’I gulped.r