Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 177

Chapter 177


177-There Is Somebody Who Needs Our Help.

We settled down in the suite and walked out to have dinner at 7:00 pm. I chose a light blue dress that could barely cover my thighs. To top it off with something warm, I wore a white long coat.

However, the hotel was really warm and cozy. The décor was all vintage, and there were fields surrounding the building.

“Ah! You look delicious.” Thiago wrapped his arm around me and pulled me over his chest. He was looking handsome in a blue shirt and black jeans.

“Lazlo!” Thiago tapped on his shoulder to get his attention, who was walking ahead of us and busy with his phone. Lazlo’s blue eyes were sparkling in the white shirt he was wearing.

“Yep?” Lazlo asked, not taking his eyes off his phone.

“Give me that,” Thiago teased, snatching his phone away from him and releasing me. Lazlo tried to get it back, but they ended up laughing and giggling like kids.

“Listen, we will be heading out for a walk around the fields. Stick close, okay?” Thiago causally offered Lazlo to stay with us and gave him his phone back.

Lazlo spied Thiago with happiness in his eyes for taking care of him. The two have bounded very well and their bond had even strengthened.

We were welcomed into an enormous hall for the buffet and soon the spoons scratching against the dishes hit the air.

There were awkward conversations going on, so hard to hear each other. Once we have finished eating our dinner, we grabbed our coats and left for a pleasant stroll on the road between the fields.

“We can go back to the hotel so that you can slip into warmer clothes,” Thiago had seen my legs shivering, so he kept suggesting we return, but I didn’t want to return due to some cold. It was truly cold, but that didn’t change the fact that I wanted to take this stroll with them.

“Do you know this Island is called a forgotten Island?” Lazlo, who finally put his phone down, informed us.

“What is up with the name? It is definitely a tourist spot and everybody talks about it all the time, so how is it a forgotten one?” I shrugged my shoulders because it sounded irrational.

“I will keep the stories for tomorrow’s bonfire,” Lazlo winked, grinning with his white teeth proudly. The others have gone far ahead except for Maynard, who was strolling behind us.

I bet Zander didn’t let his sister stick with Maynard because he had dragged her way ahead of him.


“OH MY GOD!” a scream filled with terror and fear penetrated our ears and commotion at the group afar grabbed our attention.

“What is going on?” I asked, watching them huddle together and looking in the direction of one spot.

“Let’s go find out.” Thiago clasped my hand before we sped up to reach the group. Mr. Tripper was standing in front of them and facing the field with his phone’s flashlight, laminating the area.

“Everybody! It’s fine. There is no need to panic,” he was constantly comforting the students while also inspecting as much area as he could with the phone’s flashlight aiming around.

“What is going on?” I inquired and was met up with hate glares instantly. “Whoa! Calm down, soldiers,” I rolled my eyes.


*Actually,” Oswin, who I knew would be a help, walked closer to whisper to the three of us, “We heard somebody calling for help,” he said and then eyed us to not talk about it because Mr. Tripper was trying to defuse the situation.

“There are people that work in those fields. They sometimes lose their paths or stu–ffs, so they call each other for help. We don’t want to interrupt their normal routine lives,” Mr. Tripper put his cell phone away and stated as if he was certain that was the case.

* What if somebody desperately needs help?” i stated and watched every single one of them turn to pass me a glare from head to toe. They were all already upset about how I got another alpha mate and an Alpha unaccepted mate as well,

“Because if they were in need of help, they would still be shouting instead of silently waiting for a group ready to help them,” Mr. Tripper answered while checking the time on his cellphone.

“I think we should head back. Today was a tiring day. I don’t want all of you to waste all your energy on the first day,” he then snapped his fingers to get our attention when marching ahead of us.

Everybody followed him, but I stood behind staring at the field for a moment. The wind flowing made the grass move, and it seemed as if somebody was walking on it.

“Let’s go!” Thiago, wrapping his arm around me again, almost made me let out a yelp. Guess I had been too immersed in observing the grass.


177-There Is Somebody Who Needs Our Help.

“Don’t you think it was weird?” i mentioned it again when walking back to the hotel. We had come really far, so we had a lot of time to gossip before we disappear into our rooms.

“It was!”

That was neither Thiago nor Lazlo who responded to me. I didn’t know Christina was listening to us while walking one step ahead of us with her brother. Maynard turned around to look at us and then looked straight again.

“You heard it?” I asked,

“I recorded it,” she whispered, just to make sure Mr. Tripper doesn’t hear it.



“You did? Can we see it?” I asked, watching Thiago and Lazlo not take an interest in what she had to say.

“You can ask for the world and I will make it happen. It’s just a video,” Zander, who was silent till now, spoke up and pissed off Thiago into tightening his grip around my hand.

I rolled my eyes at him, watching Christina for a response.

“Sure!” she nodded, eyeing us to slow down so that we can fall behind Mr. Tripper and the others.

“Maynard!” just when I thought she would just hand us over the phone, she called for him. He turned around and gave his eyebrows a jerk.

“Come here,” she whispered,

Zander grunted but remained silent. Why did it seem like they would always remember the other person once they find their sibling taking interest in somebody else?

Maynard stopped for a moment as if he was thinking about what to do and then he turned around and walked towards us.

It was very awkward when we accidentally made eye contact.