Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 175

Chapter 175

Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 175

175-Trip Or A Trap?

“It’s okay, at least you have me, Lazio, and Oswin too in the same group.” Thiago had been trying to comfort me ever since I saw that list.

I don’t know why but it just seemed like the entire trip was going to be a disaster from the get-go.

“He is right. It will be fun,” Lazio crawled over to my bed and sat down with his arms crossed over my bed and his chin resting on it like a child.

“It’s not like I have a choice.” I whispered in a defeated tone.

“Perfect! my mate and I are in group A.” Zander, who knew how to piss me off, commented.

I rolled my eyes and held Thiago’s hand when I noticed him making a fist out of it.

“And there are threesome buddies too,” Christina must have been looking for a perfect moment to taunt Maynard.

Lazio raised his face and narrowed his eyes to guess what had happened behind his back.

“Well, it’s not like others hadn’t done it. His own mate had called then to a cabin to have a foursome,” Maynard, who never understood when to quit, dragged me in the middle.

While Zander and Cristina gasped, Lazio and Thiago jumped to their feet.

“I had to do it,” my voice put a silence to them. They didn’t expect me to admit anything.

“You couldn’t satisfy my needs, Maynard. I had to call them in for some help.” I too walked out of the bed to stand in front of Thiago and Lazio confidently.

The look Maynard had made me happy. He had done enough to hurt me; I didn’t mind giving some back to him.

“And we didn’t do anything,” Lazio whispered just to set the record straight.

“I can tell you think cheating on your mate makes you man but my sister is not in the store for your games. So stay away from her,” Zander warned Maynard as he eyed Christina to sit down in her bed and not communicate with him.

“I would like to hear it from her,” Maynard confidentially demanded Christina make a decision.

He had the ability to turn people against him.

Since our part was done, we three sat down to awkwardly watch how the conversation will go from here.

“So that you can drag me into your nasty games too?” Christina complained, making her brother look at her for even starting a debate.

“I am not-” Maynard started talking but then shut up when a knock on the door averted our attention away from their drama.

“Yeah?” Thiago went ahead and attended the door.

“Here is the list of things and what to expect from the trip.” A student handed him over some pamphlets Mr. Tripper made for Group A and left.

“Here!” Thiago kept three while spreading the others in the air to annoy them all. The others were pissed off but by that time, we were all already tired of the arguments.

“Okay! So we have to start packing our stuff because we will be hitting a road in two days,” Thiago told us, sitting down in the bed.

“Grab some bikinis, Enya, I’m sure the island will give us many chances to enjoy many activities,” Zander uttered under his breath but we all heard him clearly.

“Tell your brother to shut up before I chop his dick off” Thiago told Christina since Zander and already left the room.-

Christina only rolled her eyes and then settled down in bed to make a list just like the rest of us.

The heat was now growing on Maynard and the twins too. I should be excited about the trip, but instead, I was feeling a little icky.

Once everything was planned, we began packing.

“Oh! We will need to submit a copy of our IDs too and a permission letter from our guardians,” Christina frowned when checking the recent email.

“We are adults; why would we need a permission letter?” Zander said the exact thing I’ve been wanting to say.

“Because we are put in the dormitory as a punishment. Anyway, what should we do now?” I have never heard Christina so distraught. It was only then I realized we haven’t even heard about their guardians or why they were put here.

“Zander! I really don’t want to miss this opportunity. I want to go on this trip,” Christina sounded very upset when talking to her brother, who looked stern.

*They said whoever skips can go back to their homes. We can plan a separate trip.” Zander argued, clearly hinting he wasn’t going to ask anyone’s permission.

“Zander! Why can’t we just send them a message and ask them to give us permission?” Christina looked very sad. I noticed Zander clenching his jaw secretly before putting up a fake smile across his lips.

“We will have to physically go in order to get the letter. And Christina! I am not stepping near those assholes,” him mentioning his guardians in such a tone shocked me but also made me think about what might have they done for Zander to go so harsh on them.

Now that he had made up his mind and they were left out of choice, Zander dropped the bag that he had packing and left the room to probably cool himself off.

I noticed Christina’s eyes forming tears when she began to unload her clothes.

“I will come with you.” Maynard, who had been silently observing them, offered.

“You don’t need to miss this, Christina.” He added, making the air even more awkward.

“You have no idea how rude my adoptive parents could be at times,” she sniffled secretly.

“Well, then they will meet a perfect match. But hear this! They will not be able to insult you when I am with you.” That passion his voice held when convincing her she will be fine with him reminded me of our trip back to the pack.

Funny how life changes!

“Don’t you have to take permission too?” It was Lazio who suddenly brought it up and I slapped my forehead tiredly.

“Seems like you are not a fan of your parents either,” Christina commented, not taunting or anything.

“They are not any less of assholes either,” I replied in my mouth, “I will go check up with Mr. Tripper. Let’s see if I can talk him out of this whole permission thing or we can get a text and make it work,” I rolled out of the bed, and after me jumped Thiago and Lazio like my bodyguards.

“Umm! I will be fine,” I reassured them, they nodded but began to follow me again.

“Boys! I will be okay. If anything happens I can- ” I finished in my mouth when watching Thiago and Lazio shake their heads at me. They didn’t want me to use magic and understandably why?

“I will call you,” I said and marched out of the room. I didn’t want to be trailed everywhere.

If they didn’t stop following me around, they will spoil me.

Once I have left the room, I went straight to the school’s hallway where Mr. Tripper was. He had an office in the academy as well but around this time of day, he was on school’s ground.

My steps receded instantly, when I reached the door and heard him talk to someone.

“I don’t know. It seems like she is not only a werewolf.”

My heart skipped a beat. He was talking about me with someone on call.