Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 174

Chapter 174

Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 174

174- Together As A Group!

I walked back to my room angrily after that whole incident happened.

I didn’t want to speak to anyone. This whole thing has messed up my life as if it wasn’t already fucked up from the start.

Soon the door opened and Maynard barged in with Christina behind him.

“You!” he looked vexed when throwing his bag away and leading up to me.

‘I told you to get over me. You have a problem with me then why did you message Paige?” He was yelling when coming at me.

At this point I was beginning to think he was becoming too cocky because he thought I was not able to move on from him.

“I didn’t message anyone. I don’t give a damn who you two bang together, just leave me the fuck alone,” I retorted back, realizing I’ve angered him “What’s going on?” Christina didn’t dare touch him or pull him back but it seemed like she didn’t know what was happening.

“Enya! I’m warning y

Maynard’s voice hit the abyss when a hand grabbed his shoulder and shrugged him back and away from me.

“Don’t fucking think about pointing your nasty finger in my mate’s face,” Thiago had come back early. I remember he and Lazio had a late class

Then tell your mate to keep her nose out of my business,” Maynard shouted at me from over Thiago’s shoulders.

“She doesn’t care what you do with your life. If she had to tell Paige the truth, she would have yelled at him right before everyone. It’s not like it would be a lie.” Thiago was breathing profusely when glaring into Maynard’s soul.

“What is going on here?” Christina asked tiredly after no one listened to her.

“Ask your fuckboy. He is upset that somebody told Paige her mate had been having threesomes with Maynard and some other girl. Which, by the way, kudos to you for standing with someone who is defending cheating and cheaters.” Thiago targeted Christina to help her see who she was siding with. If he can cheat on me, he will do it on her too.

“Is it true? You, Keith, and Willow?” Christina brought her eyebrows together when questioning Maynard, who rolled his eyes tiredly and sighed at her.

Tu leave you all to have this conversation,” she soon quit asking and rushed out of the room.

“Why did you pull her into this mess?” Maynard growled at Thiago.

“Whenever you will try to hurt my mate, I’ll burn your entire world down. And before you leave, tell Keith I’ll have a talk with him,” Thiago raised his voice at Maynard, who knew arguing back and forth with Thiago would get a rise out of Thiago, which wouldn’t go well for anyone.

Maynard passed him one last glance and glared at me before heading after Christina.

“Thank you,” I whispered to Thiago. “Listen, I’m going to shove my fist in that asshole Keith’s butthole and tore him apart if he ever came near you again.” Thiago’s voice was much deeper and angrier.

I reckoned I need to calm him down before he loses his control over his wolf entirely.

“I never knew you were into fisting.” As soon as I said that and Thiago narrowed his eyes at me, I lost my breath.

There was something about him and his annoyed look that would make me wet every time.

“I don’t mind if you want that, there it was! The little smirk stretched up the corner of his lip and my heart jumped out of my chest.

He wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me over his chest. As he bowed his face down into my face but before we could kiss, Lazio barged in and spotted us.

“Hey!” he complained dramatically. If you two are not already horny, do you mind coming to the school’s backyard?” Lazio seemed very agitated. He put his bag down in haste and worriedly looked at us.

“What is it about?” I asked, “You two didn’t hear what happened?” Lazio was being too difficult in answering our simple questions.

“Guys! Mr. Tripper has asked us to come to join the others in the backyard. He has some announcement to make,” Lazio declared, watching us share a glance with each other and then look worried.

“I don’t like whenever he wants to speak to us. It is never a piece of good news,” I was exhausted due to everything and now he had called us into another mess.

“But we have to go.” Lazio added as he gestured at us to come out because Mr. Tripper had been waiting for us.

Thiago and I followed Lazio just like the other students and soon we met up with everyone in the backyard.

Maynard was standing alone in the corner as Zander had Christina beside him. I bet they were still not getting along after Christina heard about Maynard’s kinks.

“Hello students, good afternoon!” Mr. Tripper stood in the middle of us and greeted us first.

“I know things have been very rough lately. Just because we are back in our lives doesn’t mean we have forgotten the purest soul we lost. She will always and forever be remaining in our prayers and memories. It is a hard time for all of us as her killer is still on the loose. But really want to calm down my students and give you all hope for a better future with that being said, I’ve planned a month’s trip to the Bahamas and other islands as a new beginning for my beloved students. I will personally accompany one of the groups too. There will be other teachers and guards assigned to every group. I’ll do the grouping with the help of the teachers. And don’t worry, we will make sure the friends stick in one group.” Mr. Tripper’s announcement met with a round of applause from the ones who have no worries about their loves.

We are the only scarred ones it seemed. Seem we headed back to our rooms to prepare for the notification. They have decided on many groups and whoever was going to be in group A was going to get added into a group chat with the other fellows put together in the same group

At this point, we were all sitting in our room with Thiago in my bed and having an arm wrapped around my body.

He was the only one who wasn’t staring at his phone and waiting for a notification to pop up.

I just didn’t want to be put in the same group as the twins, Maynard, Poppy, Jessica, Keith, Paige, or Willow. So yeah! I would be doomed if any of them were in the same group as me.

And that’s when I heard,




Everybody’s phone started getting notifications and my heart sank in my chest

I opened my phone and the group chat. I began to go through the list just like the others and I should have known it was bad news because everybody was already on their phones so they were in group A.

“Oh shit!” I cussed and Thiago raised his head from the wall back and opened his eyes to grab my phone and watch the list.

It was all the people in one group that I didn’t want to be put in with. And the worst part was that Mr. Tripper was going to be with us.