Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 170

Chapter 170

Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 170

170-The Bouncing Boobs

“Stay away from me,” he warned me again and this time, I got on my feet to glare at him. He started to feel uneasy, his eyes grew wide as he looked distracted. His hands flew to his neck once it became hard for him to breathe.

“AHh! E—nya! What the fu-ck!” he choked on his cough, getting red all of a sudden. Once he dropped to his knees, I set him free and stepped back

It wasn’t my intention to hurt him physically but his coldness and betrayal had hurt me enough into acting like a monster.

“Ahh! Eh!* while he coughed and breathed excessively, I sat down with my hand over my head. Everything began to shake around me. My sight was beginning to turn blurry and my heart beat slowing down. It was the consequence of doing magic and using what was left of my strength.

“Y-” I heard him complain and then go silent. Placing my hands on the floor, 1 slowly and steadily dropped my head down and rested my forehead on the floor, “Enya!” I heard his fainted whisper and then his strong hands pulling me back and raising me above from the ground.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I felt my body in his arms when Thiago entered the room and raised his face at Maynard. Soon, I was snatched away into the comforting arms of Thiago.

He put me down and gently patted my cheek.

“Maynard! I will fucking kill you if anything happened to her,”

Their voices were falling on my ears like faded echoes. The pressure I felt in my ears and eyes was indescribable.

“I didn’t do anything. Your fucking mate was going to kill me. I am still nice enough to carry her when she fell down,” Maynard grunted and soon the door opened and somebody else too came in.

I was still awake and able to everyone, I just didn’t have enough energy to be a part of any argument or move my muscles.

“What happened to you?” Maynard asked someone and until she spoke to him, I didn’t get who it was.

“The idiot buttons betrayed me,” Christina commented as she disappeared into the bathroom.

“Enya! are you alright?” Thiago was busy trying to wake me up. “I need to give you medicine,” Thiago whispered to himself and got away from me.

If I had to describe how I felt, I would say nothing less than sleep paralysis.

“Don’t tell me she ruined her blouse. That is harassment,” Maynard commented, still standing beside the bed and staring at me. Thiago rushed in my direction again and pushed him out of the way to sit down with me.

“This will make you feel better,” Thiago uttered, injecting the medicine into my body. It took some time but I began to feel much better than before.

“Ahh!” | gasped as I moved my hand and gently placed it under Thiago’s cheek.

*Thiago!” I whispered, my eyes twinkling with tears when watching him look so worried for me.

“I am here. I am always here,” he bowed his face and kissed my palm, “I have told you, we have warned you. What made you use magic this time?” Thiago had pulled me up and hugged me when asking me sweetly, with no judgments or anything.

“Did you not hear me before? Your mate tried killing me,” Maynard dramatically bowed down to make us hear him clearly. Who would have thought Maynard could hide his true colors for so long?

I certainly did not.

“Maynard! Don’t you have someone’s blouse to sew?” Thiago commented and Maynard scoffed in return.

“Trust me, you should find some girls with sexy bouncing boobs too. They are the yummiest,” Maynard’s voice sounded playful. No guilt, no concern.

This was the real him.

“I have what I need, the best of the best,” Thiago broke the hug just so that he can cup my face in his hands and kiss my forehead. Christina had just walked out of the room after changing into a white sweater when she saw us together.

* Right!” she expressed a weird emotion. Her eyes glared at Thiago as if he was supposed to be loyal to her or something.

“So, what happened to her? isn’t she too needy?” i knew she must have something to say. Ever since she had arrived, she had picked on me. And after her brother told everyone we are mates, she has lost her mind completely. Either that or Thiago being my mate didn’t go well with her plans.

“Let her be. You tell me, why did those juicy boobs decide to jump out?” Maynard’s comment compelled me into closing my eyes. It was like a feeling of disgust.

Every time he would talk to a girl now, I would remember that moment when I saw him fucking Willow.

*Maybe they wanted to be sucked upon,” Christina replied shamelessly. The two who had been flirting were calling me names.

“Hey.” Lazio arrived in time, he stared at me and frowned because it didn’t take him much longer to understand something happened here.

*Again?” he mouthed to Thiago, who was still holding my hands, “Enya! you need to take care of yourself,” he flopped down in the bed with US without caring about Maynard and Christina, who were watching him.

Obviously, Christina didn’t like me having anybody’s attention. And we are talking about two handsome alphas worrying about me. She was vexed at the sight.

“We are also here, Lazio! just a simple hey would suffice,” Maynard, who had clearly told Lazio he doesn’t give a fuck about what he did to him, was now trying to make him feel guilty over not spending time with him?

“Hey.” Lazio rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to me again.

“I will take her out for a while. It is going to get crowded now,” Thiago was only talking to Lazio while the other two were just scoffing and making us believe they were hearing us.

“Sure, text me if I will be needed,” Lazio smiled faintly.

“Ah! Text me too. I am always up for foursome but if the girl is of my choice,” Maynard joked, nothing about it.