Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The next thing I know; he is chasing aften me in rage.

So what did I do?

17-My Missing Mate

“Hey! is Enya here?” our attention went back to the curious werewolf at the door. Maynard looked at La zlo, who seemed to have seen a ghost. It was so awkward standing between them and having no idea who to explain myself to?

Who to talk to first?

“She ran away from that psycho,” Maynard took the lead. He sounded full of life, I wonder why?

l, on the other hand, buried my face down because Lazlo staring into my soul wasn’t helping me.

“So? let’s hand her over to him.” the way Lazlo suggested that seemed off. He looked extremely pissed off and annoyed.

“Right? Shall we?” he asked again and Maynard shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t care.

“Sure! Be my guest,” Maynard pulling away from me made me narromy eyes at him.

“You both are assholes,” once I saw them reaching the door; I cussed. They stopped pacing and turned round to me.

“I am the asshole? Is the slut going to call me names now?” Lazlo had lost his mind. He wasn’t teasing or being mischievous, he was being rude.

“I am not a slut as you are claiming,” I looked Lazlo in the eye and told him without any hesitation.

“Is there a trouble?” Maynard asked while the curious cat kept knocking on the door. The smirk on May nard’s face was mixed with some weird emotions.

“No! not at all,” Lazlo shook his head and instead of waiting for Jim to leave, he opened the door. I had to sprint it the bathroom and stand behind the door, I couldn’t even close the door of the bathroom.

The pause terrified me, I don’t know what they were talking about because the voices turned into a whisper after that. I held my hands in front of my body and pinched my skin, getting all nervous and wor ried.

What if he lets him in? and then I heard the door closing without making much noise. My heart started to sink as the tension swelled inside me.

The footsteps reaching for the bathroom terrified me. I prepared my mind to react as quickly as I see him.

I clenched my jaw and prepared my body and the moment he rushed inside the room, I almost let out a scream until I saw who it truly was.

“Oh My God! look at your face,” it was Alpha Fucking Maynard, laughing his ass off and pointing his finger at me.

“Where i—s he?” | asked, fighting to calm my nerves down and act fine.

and then

“I told him I sayou taking the stairs to the basement,” he winked, straightening his smirking as he recalled something.

“So! I didn’t know you and Lazlo had something going on,” he was holding a fidget spinner, spinning it around and having fun.

We are not, I would never be a thing with any douchebag.” | replied bitterly, recalling the horrible words he had spoken about me.

“But it seemed like he was pretty hurt,” Maynard knew what he was doing. I can’t believe he was this crazy and my mate too…

I was staring at him in confusion, he must have felt the mate bond or was he just shocked because I kissed him?

“Seems like you know him very well.” I didn’t have anything else to say and after my response, he didn’t say anything either.

What I do the best.