Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 169

Chapter 169

169- The Bully Mate

We have left the room to grab peace and sit somewhere alone to talk. Once we reached the café near the mountains, we settled down and prepared to talk about multiple issues.

“Maynard doesn’t scare me.” Thiago had been super dismissive every time we mentioned Maynard might get him in trouble somehow.

“It is not about that. He can open his mouth and then it is going to be a huge mess,” Lazlo agreed with me as he bobbed his head when I talked

“What about Zander?” Thiago shifted the topic and confused me.

“What about him?” I asked, watching Lazlo for some explanation.

“I had to tell him what Zander said,” Lazlo raised his hands in defense.

“I don’t think he can forcefully mark me. I will be able to resist, you know me,” I said and they didn’t look very convinced.

“I mean, you are weak. Every time you do magic, you turn even weaker,” Lazlo brought it up shamelessly. I frowned and pulled away from my chair.

“Enya! it is not like we don’t trust your abilities. But we need to be honest with you. You need to stop doing all this magic for now.” Thiago suggested and I had to nod without even truly agreeing with it. I was going to use magic whenever it is needed, it is my power and strength now, not my weakness.

*Anyway, Mr. Tripper messaged us with the new schedule. We will need to attend classes today,” Lazlo checked his phone and informed us about the email we received a few hours back.

Mr. Tripper thought we were missing out on studies a lot so he had asked the principal to arrange some classes for the students while the cops try to find the murderer beat on the campus.

“Then we should head back to the academy.” Thiago paid the bill and soon we had returned to the academy. Lazlo and Thiago had a separate class while I was going to be in the same class as Maynard and Christina.

It was a twisted situation for me. The instant I entered the classroom, I heard Christina whispering in the ear of other students and laughing at me. Maynard was sitting back in the chair comfortable, his arms spread behind Christina’s back.

“Hey, how are you?” Oswin whispered before the teacher walked in. I nodded to him and blinked comfortably to let him know I am fine now.

The class was extremely hectic. I could not escape the glares of everyone and by this point, I already knew something was going on. Once the teacher left, Maynard was the first one to let up and leave while Christina stayed behind.

“We heard your ass got rejected,” one of the girls beside Christina commented while subduing her laughter. I knew something was up.

Did Maynard stoop this low now?’

I mean, it isn’t like this wasn’t expected from him.

“She spread her legs too wide and engulfed many alphas at once,” Christina’s words brought shivers down my spine. I raised my face and watched some of the boys licking their lips and staring at me like I was a piece of free meat.

I decided to ignore her once again.

“Really? How many guys did she fuck?” that question came from Poppy. I was shocked. I can’t ever remember mistreating her yet she was always on my back.

“Why are you taking so much interest?” Oswin didn’t just stand there and let her bully me. His harsh tone had silenced her. She was stunned


“It is okay, Poppy. It’s all Enya’s fault. Who even makes so many mates at once?” Christina bowed down and exposed her cleavage to Oswin. I understood what she was trying to do.

What a bitch!

“Many mates?” everybody gasped.

“She couldn’t even please Maynard. He would complain about how boring his sex life was with her. She couldn’t even get him hard,” Keith, the asshole, who I had seen cheating on his mate with Willow, commented and everybody laughed at me.

It was all Maynard’s fault. Those were his words.

I closed my eyes and began to shove my stove in my bag anxiously.

“And you got none, what a shame,“ Oswin walked up to me and stood beside me, defending me.

“Because I ain’t a whore. I bet she lied about Jim trying to gang-rape her. She must have given him some mixed signals,” there it was, she took it too far. As everybody laughed, I glared at the last two buttons on her tight blouse.

169-The Bully Mate

While she laughed carelessly, 1 busted the buttons open. A scream escaped her lips before she instantly grabbed the blouse and pulled it over her boobs

“Ohhh!” The boys began to laugh at her. She looked embarrassed. I wasn’t. She made fun of a victim, that’s what she deserves.

I was torn apart because of the things Maynard made her say to the others. I successfully packed my bag and sprinted out of the classroom to find Maynard.

i will not let him fuck me over again,

I knew he would be in the room because the others were still taking classes. I made my way into the hallway and barged into the room to find him relaxing in the bed.

He noticed me throwing my bag on the floor and lunging at him. Maynard got up from the bed in a pissed-off mood but before he could even question me anything. I slapped him hard.



he tried to cuss at me but I had grabbed his collars and stood on my tips to at least reach his chest.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. WHAT DID YOU GET FROM MAKING FUN OF ME? IS FUCKING ME OVER MADE YOU FEEL LIKE A MAN ALREADY?” I was shouting and shaking him by his corners. I was also breaking down and crying hysterically.

“Either fucking talk or cry. You are giving me a headache,” he grasped my wrist to free himself but I was holding him tightly.

“You made Christina say those things about me didn’t you?” I yelled, not setting him free.

“I don’t know and I don’t care who said what about you. Go ask your fucking thousand mates to defend you,” as he grasped my wrists tightly this time and freed his collars, he broke my nail. I ignored the pain because I was mad at his audacity to act so calmly after ruining my reputation around. I raised my hand to hit him again but this time, he prevented it.

He held my hand and pulled me over to angrily glare me in the eye.

“I am warning you. Don’t put your hands on me again,” he warned me while pushing me back and tripping me on the floor.

*Don’t make that mistake again,” he finished.