Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 167

Chapter 167

167-The Changing Relationships.

Enya’s POV:

That night was hard to pass. I keep having nightmares too.

Thiago and Lazlo were awake by my side. To my surprise, Zander was suddenly acting like a caring mate. I didn’t believe his acting.

There was something very off about him that I couldn’t discuss with my mates for now. I hated being sick.

For whatever reason, I was getting punished by feeling all this pain from rejection and betrayal didn’t seem fair.

If there was any reality in my nightmares, then I was just a toddler when I got this punishment.

How much wrong a toddler could have done for someone to curse them? Everything was a haze now, so I fell asleep finally.

I woke up to Lazlo and Thiago’s murmurs. The light from the room’s window was bright too, forcing me to keep my eyes shut for a little before I woke up entirely.

“I don’t know,” Lazlo told Thiago.

Since it was an off day, everybody else was sleeping. I remember Maynard leaving the room and soon after Christina to sped off to the hallways.

I don’t know when they returned but now they were sleeping peacefully. It was ironic how easy Maynard recovered from a severed bond while I was in pain the entire night.

“I must do it. She needs to find out all she wanted,” Thiago was whispering back to Lazlo. I have noticed how close the two have grown and I must give it to Lazlo. He was the persistent one. Thiago had always pushed others away but Lazlo made him realize he wasn’t leaving his side no matter what. Their friendship was beautiful.

I didn’t want to somehow become a reason behind their anything bad happening to either of them. They were both precious.

“If you two are going to talk about me, talk a bit slow,” I pushed my body up and watched them stare at me in surprise.

They were both sitting in Lazlo’s bed and talking for Goddess knows how many hours.

“Hey.” Thiago didn’t wait a second before he came closer and wrapped me up in his warm arms.

“We want our sassy and out-of-control Enya back though,” Lazlo shrugged his shoulders innocently.

“I’m fine guys, no need to sweat,” I broke from Thiago’s hug and planted a cheek to his sharp jaw.

“What were you two talking about anyway?” I inquired and noticed them exchange a quick stare.

“Remember our little quest months ago?” Thiago asked and I nodded because that was the worst time between Thiago and me.

“I couldn’t find any information on your family except for a few documents with something smeared on them.” Thiago said as he got up from my bed and reached his closet to silently bring out the files.

I was shocked. It happened so long ago that I truly believed he didn’t take screenshots of any files.

Once he tracked back to me, he set the files down and sat down beside me. There was so much guilt in his eyes for not sharing it before that I couldn’t grab the strength to question him.

Thankfully, he spoke up himself, “I didn’t know how to tell you there are no records of your parents,” he added.

“That can’t be. I remember them working for the Alpha King.” there are only a handful of memories a child can pertain from their childhood and this one, in particular, was embedded in my head.

I remember my father waking up early to serve the Alpha King every single morning.

“That’s what makes it even weirder,” Thiago answered.

“Look what it all boils down to is the fact that these records were kept in Alpha King’s safe. Why would he keep such incomplete records?” Lazlo raised a good question.

I saw the documents and the files were just all ruined by something painted on them.

The only thing I could read through them was my address and not even my parents’ full names.

“I will get her something to eat. She is not supposed to miss a medicine,” Lazlo then patted Thiago’s shoulder and informed him where he

167- The Changing Relationships.

was headed to.

He walked out on us while we stayed silent.


“I’m so sorry. I should have told you this sooner. I just didn’t know how to tell you our hard efforts were wasted that night,” he apologized but it was all fine.

That was in the past. Since then, he had proved himself to be trustworthy and a good mate.

“I hope it wasn’t totally wasted,” I whispered, expecting to hear him share his side of the story with me. He nodded his head softly before he held my hand and walked me out of the bedroom with care.

I didn’t know walking would be so much work until now. The doctor wasn’t bullshitting when she said I’ve become very weak.

Once we were standing in the hallway, I watched him prepare himself to talk to me about his family.

“Enya! I don’t remember anything about my family. When I took screenshots there, I knew I wouldn’t be able to read them. It is like I’m cursed or something. I cannot read or see anything related to my pa—rents,” it must be so hard for him to talk about it.

“What do you mean?” I inquired, watching him bring his phone out. He didn’t even print them out as he did to mine.

“I showed it to the beta of my pack and she was the one who confirmed there was indeed nothing there. It just doesn’t make sense. All this time, I thought I couldn’t see or read anything about them but turned out that even the records hold nothing,” he was talking without looking at me. His eyes were stuck in space.

“But why were you looking for a record about your parents in the Alpha King’s pack? Your pack must have the records on them,” I inquired because something wasn’t adding up. He gave up on staring into space and turned to pay me attention.

“The records our pack have is about their life. The records I was looking for were regarding their death,” As he finished, his eyes darkened, “There was a trial and then nothing! Everything just went silent when suddenly I forgot about everything,”

I couldn’t help but piece things together. Neither of our parent’s details was left in the Alpha King’s safe. Was it a coincidence or were their deaths associated somehow?