Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 165

Chapter 165

165-Pissing Me Off

“I will take medicines and then I will be fine,” i told Thiago, who had been sick and worried ever since the doctor told them I might die soon. It was like a slap to my face. I was getting punished, for Goddess knows what?

I had the cannula sticking to the back of my hand while Lazlo and Thiago were slowly taking me back to our room.

“Is she fine now?” Mr. Tripper walked out of the office when he saw we have arrived. They informed him that I passed out so they had to rush me to the hospital.

“Yes, and she needs rest.” Thiago was overly defensive and I get why. They didn’t let Mr. Tripper talk to me and took me upstairs. In the midway, Thiago carried me in his arms without a care in the world about other students peeking out of their rooms. Once we entered the room, I was with the twins watching some movies and laughing while the bathroom light was on. I believed it was Maynard.

“What happened to her?” Christina jumped off the bed and watched Thiago sit me down in my bed.

“She is not well,” Lazlo answered without turning around to her.

“Is she pregnant?” I don’t know where she got it from, but I glared at her because she had a smirk on.

“I mean, I heard you fucking someone in the bathroom last night.” the fact that she saw I wasn’t well yet she went ahead to get a rise out of me was just a sign of how ignorant she was.

“So? What is your fucking problem with that?” Thiago, who had controlled his anger a lot, yelled at her. Him raising his voice at her had taken her off guard. She was not expecting that to happen.

“Easy! She was just shocked because that guy she was fucking wasn’t Maynard,” as Zander tried to accuse me of cheating on my mate, Maynard too came out of the bathroom after he had finished showering.

“She is my mate now,” Thiago said without any hesitation. The smirk on Christina’s face faded away when she heard him. I didn’t even want to look at Maynard, who was now glaring at us. I know he didn’t want anybody to know his mate was with someone else now. It must have hurt his male ego.

“What?” Christina sounded sadder than anybody else. Oh, I remember, she wanted Thiago for herself.

“It is true,” Maynard said. “Actually, she told us that your brother is also her mate.” Maynard was now doing what I really didn’t expect him to do, but I should have. He had done it before when he told everyone the things I shared with him in privacy.

Christina knew her brother was my mate because she didn’t even show any surprise.

“And that’s why she was following me today. Did you know about that?” Zander decided to use this moment to turn Thiago against me.

“I know and I trust her,” Thiago put a stop to their plans when he instantly came for my defense.

“Of course, he trusts her. Did she tell you why I rejected her? Because I found her kissing Lazlo on the road.” Maynard let out a little chuckle when remembering the kiss I had with Lazlo. Thiago knew about it. I have told him I will go above and beyond to get rejected by Maynard.

“What?” Christina acted surprised, just to make me see how disgusting my actions were.

“He is her mate too. So it is not like she was just randomly kissing someone,” Thiago was defending me even when they were trying to get a rile out of him.

“What a fucking whore. How many mates does she have?” Christina sputtered with a dramatic eye roll. My head had started to ache like it was set on fire. My body was turning warm from anger.

“Say one more word against her and it won’t end well for you,” Thiago clenched his fists and warned her, making sure she sees him well and understands she cannot call me anything she wants.

“Oh! Trust me, you don’t want the big bad wolf to get angry.” Maynard proved to me that my decision was right for not even caring about my life and getting a rejection out of him.

“Maynard!” Lazlo warned him, pointing at him. I didn’t want Maynard to expose Thiago now. He was on fire and not really the type to care about anybody else but himself and maybe Willow too.

“ENOUGH!” | yelled once. It became hard for me to sit here and listen to them.

“Hey, Enya!” Lazlo and Thiago rushed toward me and said in unison. I was feeling my heart beat in my head and my eyes feeling warm as if I wanted to cry tears of blood.

“Oh God! her fever is high now,” Lazlo commented with concern. He took the injection out that the doctor wrote down for me just in case panicked again.

“Oh God! look at her trying to gra-

Christina was about to comment again when she shut up just because of her brother.

“There is a time and place for everything,” I didn’t expect Zander to yell at his sister. I thought he was enjoying my misery. Which I am sure he was until my health declined.

Lazlo injected me with the medicine and my body calmed down instantly. I wasn’t able to respond anymore but just steadily rested my head on Thiago’s chest.

“What happened to her?” Maynard who was so consumed by anger and revenge that he didn’t even notice before that I was not well.

“Thanks to you, she is in this condition right now,” Lazlo didn’t want to stay silent and let Maynard act like I was the reason our mate bond was severed.

“She made me reject her with her outrageous actions,” Maynard complained without realizing he was the biggest part of it. The fact that this conversation was now taking place in front of the twins just explained how miserable we were when it came to having privacy.

“Because you cheated on her. You didn’t even give her closure. All she wants to know is how long have you been cheating on her. Why didn’ t you reject her if you wanted to have sex with someone else so bad? Maynard! Was her arrival here a coincidence?” thankfully, Lazlo asked him all the right questions. I wanted to know all that too, just for closure.

“Not to mention, your constant cheating has weakened her,” Thiago muttered under his breath. His heart was doing all sorts of flips inside his chest.

Now that so much was exposed, all eyes were on Maynard. But he said something that made me believe he had never loved me,

“Well then. The closure is what she will never have. Keep thinking when and how many times and with how many people I have cheated on you with.” his words smelled like pure anger.