Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 163

Chapter 163

163-You Made Me Feel Shitty*

“You read my conversations with my friends?” Maynard retorted, showing disgust in his voice.

“Maynard! You fucking told her secrets around? What are you, a gossip girl?” Lazlo now realized why I did what I did.

“I am glad I did. That day when your mother called you. She didn’t call you because she had some trouble. She called you because someone from the pack saw you having sex in the car with Willow, so she wanted to warn you to stop it or you will lose me. But you lied about your mother too. The very first day you took Willow out so that you can have sex with her, but you made me feel like a shit when I asked you any questions. Every day when you claimed to be with your mother, you were with her. You talked to your friends about me. You told them all my secrets. Mates are supposed to be each other’s Have—-n,” I broke down into tears as I have been keeping myself silent for days. I had to sit with him while he looked at me and taunted me for being a whore.

“So instead of coming to me and asking me to explain anything to you, you did exactly what I suspected you of doing. You jumped into your mate’s laps. Maynard, who used to ask me why I wasn’t looking guilty, wasn’t looking guilty.

Lazlo was pacing around angrily, huffing and panting like a raging beast,

“Because I never wanted to be with you anymore. Letting you explain meant giving you a chance to lie to me. I would never do that. I was a fool enough to promise before the Moon Goddess that I will never reject you. You took away that power from me, so I got it back,” i grunted, narrowing my eyes at him and not breaking the eye contact with him.

I did try to say the words of rejection out of anger but I couldn’t. I had made a promise so my tongue would roll back whenever I tried.

“Fine, I made some mistakes. But you aren’t any saint either. Do you want to talk about mates and mate bonds? Mates don’t play games to get rejected by their mates. They let them explain, and give them second chances. I did it. I gave you a second chance even when you slept with Thiago and accepted him.” He shrugged his shoulders very carelessly as if it was the same thing.

“You are truly an imbecile.” Lazlo finally stopped pacing and stood face to face with Maynard. “You think it is the same situation? She slept with her mate after you betrayed her. You knew in your heart you aren’t a saint either and that’s why you gave her a second chance. She has never talked about you with any of us, but you went ahead and exposed her secrets. Maynard! You got her life in danger.” Lazlo had his fists tightening when he was shouting at Maynard.

I was now beginning to feel the pain of rejection once again.

“I am talking to my mate, you don’t interrupt,” Maynard warned Lazlo, but it was too late for any talks.

“She is not your mate but she is still my mate. And I am telling you right now, you are not allowed to talk to my mate or yell at her,” Lazlo’s voice hardened as if he was letting his wolf take over.

“Your mate? We will see how she has any mate left. If it is not me, it will be no one,” Maynard threatened Lazlo before he walked away from US

My desire to live a happy life with one mate got me in this trouble. I was ready to reject everyone for Maynard.

*Argh!” as my bones cracked, I knelt down on the road. Lazlo wrapped his warm arms around my body to comfort me. He helped me get up and sit down in the car.

*I am so sorry!” he whispered, cupping my face while I cried hysterically.

* You know, I saw everything. Those sex toys and sex swing— I saw him touch her everywhere and then mock me– ” I was having a hard time breathing normally. “You know where he went to when I passed out in the woods and I woke up with you beside me?” I asked Lazio, sobbing and hiccupping.

*To the police station with Thiago,” Lazlo said,

“No! he left him in the midway because he had planned Willow’s birthday. He took her on a romantic birthday celebration while I was in my room and passed out. Do you know where he went to when I was left alone with the evil twins and you two had to leave with Thiago to prevent his transition? He left you two at midnight because Willow was alone and scared of the storm. It wasn’t just physical cheating. He was more romantically involved with her than he was with me. I have only one question, did he ask Keith to get her admission to the

academy? Has he been cheating on me from the start of our relationship or after her arrival? I want to know why did he break my heart? if I was such a bore to him, why didn’t he reject me?” I was running out of breath when everything began to play in my head again.

Nia had suffered a lot because of Maynard.

The worst thing was that she wanted to talk to me but I didn’t speak to anyone except for Thiago. He comforted me and that’s when I decided to sleep with him. I wanted Maynard to stay awake and watch me get fucked by you and Thiago. I went beyond myself to show him how it feels when you watch your mate with somebody else. But Thiago didn’t let me do that. He knew I would never want to sleep with you two just for sh—ow,” I was yammering it all to Lazlo, who was holding my hand and rubbing it between his cold hands to comfort me.

“Enya!” we heard Thiago coming out of the car and calling for me. He looked concerned because he probably finds out I have confronted Maynard.

“Thiago!” I got on my feet and ran towards him, but before I could even land in his arms, my bones cracked. Everything around me went silent, and I passed out on the road.