Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 162

Chapter 162

162-1 Am Tired Of Being Sorry

Silence engulfed the air when I yelled the truth to him. Even the wind and its noise couldn’t subside my voice.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Maynard’s voice softened. I could hear the guilt right there.

“You were in the hotel room with Willow,” Lazlo said in a grumpy and mad tone. Just before I was about to kiss him, I whispered the truth to him. I knew Maynard was watching us, and I wanted to trigger him into rejecting me. But I didn’t want to kiss Lazlo before giving him a heads-up. I didn’t want to use him just because I was hurt. I knew he was on board for the night of seduction as it was going to be a one time thing. But if I have kissed him today, we would have thought I have fallen for him.

It was sad that I had to somehow trigger Maynard to reject me, as I couldn’t do it myself.

“What?” Maynard looked so selling when acting like he has no idea what Lazlo was talking about. “Let me guess, somebody lied to you, and instead of coming to me to ask me, you just believed them. You did all that because of a rumor? You will be regretting this day when you will find out you lost me for a lie.” Maynard’s audacity didn’t surprise me. The things I have known about him in the past few days had left me mentally scarred.

“I saw it with my own eyes,” I said in an undertone, not moving or even showing emotions through my eyes. It angered me how he was able to lie to me while also making me feel like I was responsible for what happened to our relationship.

Maynard went silent. He looked at Lazlo and then at me. I am sure he had no idea how the hell I found out about his private room where he had been taking her nonstop to have a physical relationship with her.

“Who took you there?” That question fucking broke my heart. He was concerned. Who made me see the truth?

“I guess that is the day she left to get room to escape the night of seduction,” Lazlo helped me.

“Foolish me!” I laughed, “I was running away to be alone in a hotel room just so that I don’t cheat on my mate. Turns out, my mate had been not even loyal to me.” tears were forcing their way out to the surface but I wasn’t letting them stream, at least not yet.

“Your cheating has been weakening me for days and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Every time I tried using my powers, I would pass out because I had turned so damn weak now. I couldn’t even do the simple magic of controlling things without feeling a headache,” i was struggling to breathe now.

“That—-” Maynard had lost the case. He didn’t even have an excuse to say until he decided to come up with another lie. “She is my mate too. So what if I slipped up?” the nerve of this man that he was still able to defend his actions surprised me.

“NO! she is NOT fucking your mate. She had never been your mate,” I screamed when his lies made me angry.

Lazlo looked more shocked now. Even Maynard didn’t know how to respond to me.

“I know everything,” I whispered, and tears finally left my eyes with pressure. As the mist blurred my eyes, I began to tell Maynard everything I know that he did to me.


I ran into the bathroom with his phone and hid behind the door after locking it. The smile I had put on to seem playful finally withered away and tears blurred my vision. It was so hard pretending to be fine and seeing him in front of me.

Part of me died when he cheated on me and the other part was just ready to get hurt while I was going through his phone.

He had saved her number under the alias of his mom 2, which I remember he told me was her other number.

Maynard: It will be fine. Just go to her and tell her that we are mates and I am rejecting you. We need to do it just in case she finds out about us

Mom2: I don’t know. I feel like we shouldn’t hurt her like that. And even if she finds out about us, what more can she do besides crying and later accepting you? Are you afraid she will reject you?

Maynard: I am not afraid of anything. Besides, she cannot reject me. She had sworn in front of the Moon Goddess that she will not reject me. However, if she finds out you have been sleeping with me she will hurt you.

Mom2: But you will be able to keep me safe, right?

Maynard: I am not sure how I will do that. She has some other powers.

Mom2: Other powers?

Maynard: it is her secret. Don’t tell anyone but this is why I want you to be safe. Just tell her we are mates just in case she sees us hanging out.

My heart began to race in my chest when I found him exposing my secret to Willow. He didn’t even think about what will happen if she told anyone about it. I will be sent away to a lab for the test.

Did he not care a bit?

And then I found another text from him. I remember I sent him a text saying I will become a better mate for him and please him, satisfy him however he wants me to. This was right after he fell asleep when I was trying to blow him.

He had forwarded my text to Willow and she responded with a laughing emoji.

Mom2: Did you not tell her you already have someone who is better at sex?

Maynard: Nah! I cannot break her heart. It is actually because she was trying so hard to make my dick stand up that I was beginning to feel pain. So I pretended to fall asleep.

Mom2: Well, your cum is just for me.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I read his conversation with his friend from the hotel room. The same friend who came out of the bathroom and mocked Maynard’s mate; aka me. And that friend was none other than Keith. The same beta who stole Paige from Jim. Now I know what happened. Willow was from his pack, but I still wanted to know if Maynard had met her from that.

Keith: Why don’t you tell your mate that you want to keep Willow too?

Maynard: Are you kidding me? she will jump into another mate’s lap as an act of revenge. I cannot share her.

So he told his friend about my mates too?

End of Flashback.