Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 161

Chapter 161

161-You Broke Me First

“Oh! About that

I sighed tiredly, opening the backseat’s door and sitting down with my legs hanging out of the car.

“Please tell me you have informed him that you are unable to join him,” Lazlo requested but all I had to do was to shake my head in response.

“Enya! What’s wrong with you? How can you be s-” before he could yell at me and call me heartless again, I hushed him down.

“Calm down, I informed his father. I excused him for not being able to make it. I have sent him a gift and flowers so no need to get your dick hard,” I released my face from my hands and told Lazlo off.

“Then why didn’t you tell him?” it was the fact that he was constantly pushing me to feel sorry for my actions.

‘I paused, “I have been thinking about telling the academy that I have chosen another mate.” |

“Lazlo! I don’t feel guilty, okay? In fact, said and his jaw met the floor.

“Did you talk to Maynard about it?” Lazlo asked and I shook my head.

“He doesn’t need to know. But your constantly bullying is going to make me not accept you and only accept Zander,” I know I have confused him but I had a reason to say that.

He looked shocked when I mentioned that I’m planning on accepting and tasting all my mates.

“What? Yo-u, have you talked to Thiago about this?” Lazlo’s tone softened but he was still asking me if I have done the right thing and not throw Thiago to the side as I did to Maynard.

“He knows my decision,” I said, getting on my feet and stepping closer to him.

“Umm– En-,’ he was at a loss of words. Especially when I placed my hands on his chest, I felt his heart beating loudly.

I leaned into his ear and whispered something first before doing anything. I then pulled back and stared at his face. He looked shocked but it seemed like he was ready.

As I leaned into his face, I found him not resisting. It was a moment that I got the hint and I crashed my lips onto his lips.

His body shuddered and so did mine. It was a moment that I realized how much he had been wanting his mate.

“Wow! what a fucking slut!” that voice, and the anger Maynard’s tone contained made us pull apart.

He was raging like a bull and glaring at us with his eyes peeled.

Lazlo remained silent and I was able to turn to Maynard now. He seemed to have come back from the birthday party in a black suit which was all messed up. I could tell he had been running around to find my scent.

“I was fucking waiting for you and you were here deciding to choose all the other mates. You can’t even be truthful to one mate, satisfy him and here you are talking big. I should have known accepting you would be a disaster. You were a fucking disease from the start. I just chose to not look!” he was shouting and briskly walking in my direction.

Lazlo had to jump before me in order to keep me shielded from him. I stepped back but didn’t utter a word.

“Don’t!” Lazlo warned him when stopping him from getting his hands on me.

“I was a fucking fool to introduce her as my mate. She made a mockery out of me,” Maynard stepped back and punched the air, tearing up and yelling at me.

“Tell me what have done to deserve this? How could she not feel my suffering?” Maynard was asking Lazlo this question instead of me.

“You know what? I am going to correct things before she starts going around accepting others and avoiding me. I don’t want to be looked like a joke.” Maynard loosened his tie and paced around, running hands through his hair and sniffling on tears.

“Maynard! You are angry right now. Let’s talk when you have calmed down,” Lazlo was still trying to calm him down.

When I didn’t step forward to explain my actions to Maynard, he got the hint that I am beyond redeemable.

“No! This decision needs to be taken now before she ruins my life.” Maynard took a deep breath as he stopped in a place and raised his face to stare at the cloudy sky.

I know what was about to happen so I prepared myself for it.

“1. Maynard Gray reject me whore mate, Enya Fosters!” the instant he said those words, my body crumbled like a cookie.

“Argh!” I shouted in pain as my stomach twitched,

“Maynard! What did you do?” Lazlo grunted at him while reaching me to help me stand up.

“Ahh!” I was breathing profusely when feeling this intense pain in my body. But I had to respond to him. I cannot just let him walk away as I

even through the pain, I uttered, “Enya Fosters accept your rejection,” i finished and it was time for Maynard to crouch down and close his eyes shut in pain.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Lazlo screamed at us for what we have done.

“She fucking deserves it,” Maynard was so angry that he was able to avoid the pain to shout at me while tears streamed down his eyes. One could tell he had made the decision out of anger otherwise he would have never rejected me and made me suffer.

“Like you did?” i too straightened my back, ignoring the intense pain and looking into his eyes.

I have been waiting for him to reject him. I didn’t want such scum of a mate.

“What? You think none of this was your fault?” angry at me that I have made him angry enough to reject me, he was about to pounce at me when Lazlo shielded me.

“My fault?” I shouted, ceasing movement in both Lazlo and Maynard’s bodies. Now that they have my attention, I decided to say it.

“It wasn’t your fault when you fucked Willow in that hotel room with your friend?” just recalling that memory of watching Willow getting fucked by Maynard and his friend joining him after coming out of the bathroom teared me up.

That couple who didn’t even lock the door and started making out was none other than Maynard and Willow.

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