Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 16

Chapter 16

I nodded my head and walked past Jessica and the others. My heart was sinking in my chest as I ap proached him

“Where are we going?” I inquired because he had silently turned around and started walking away from

  1. me.

He didn’t answer me and took me to the rooftop. The winters were beginning to arrive and he had de cided to take us to an open area in rainy weather. I was wearing a brown tunic with blue jeans, my hair was all over my face when the wind played with them mercilessly.

“This is where I found her fucking him.” he stopped suddenly and turned around to point at the empty area.

I stood there with a very understanding look on my face. I had to be on his side, I have to save my skin.

“That bitch! I should have known she was going to turn out to be such a slut when she seduced my un cle.” He grunted and huffed, making my eyes grow wider.

She seduced his uncle and he forgave her?

Why didn’t he reject her then?


“Mate bond! That fucking thing is a curse,” he answered my thoughts as if he heard me. I just stayed still and kept nodding my heart.

“And you!” he then pointed at me.

“You must be like her. All she she-wolves are same–>” he came forward and pushed me unnecessarily.

“Now!” he was acting up. My guess! He was high.

“Take off your shirt and clean my shoes with your bra,” he scoffed as he ordered me. I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly.


“Take off your shirt and then your bra, use your bra to clean my shoes,” He stretched his foot out as he waited for me to obey him.

“Excuse me?” | asked again.

The delay was causing him to let out a grunt and get more annoyed with me. It was just weird how he was saying all these things as if they would be justified because someone broke his heart.

“Are you deaf in the ears? Do as I say or else I will bend you over that fence and fuck you while everbody down below will watch your big boobs dance to the melody of my thrusts,” He yelled at me angrily, pointing me to get on my knees.

I was shocked.

He was truly and utterly disgusting.

“At least now I know,” I murmured to myself but loud enough for him to hear me,

“What did you say?” his voice sounded hoarse as anger penetrated every inch of his wv.

“I said, I know why Paige wanted to fuck anyone but you.” | bobbed my head as didn’t blink before rejecting him.

tood why she

“You are a psycho, Her fucking everyone was a cry for help. We she-wolves would rather get fucked by a silver rod than by a misogynistic piece of shit like you,” there! it felt so better to say it loudly.

He got my taunt and it wasn’t received well by him. He stretched his neck as anger took over him and closed his eyes. It was the moment, I believed he was channeling his wolf. “Oh! Missy! You are so fucked. I will make you an example,” I heard his voice dripping rage and getting closer.