Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 159

Chapter 159

159-Do Me In The Bathroom

“Okay! Back off,” i tried to be playful but I genuinely wanted Maynard to back away from me, he didn’t budge though, only smirked widely.

“Why? Does your other mate have a problem with it?” when he asked me that question, I found his eyes turning watery. I know it isn’t easy to see your mate turn away from you. It must be hard for him to see me pull away instead of trying to keep my relationship stagnant with him too.

“My mate knows I will never cheat on him,” those words escaping my lips wipe the smile off Maynard’s lips. He went silent for a moment. There seemed to be no movement in his muscles and that’s when I knew I have hit the wrong nerve.

“So, being with me is cheating on him but sleeping with him even when you hadn’t accepted him wasn’t a betrayal on me?” he asked confused, big tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

“Guys! Can we now discuss why Enya froze back in the room?” i knew it, Lazlo interrupted us at the right time. He reached us and gently pulled Maynard away from me, who was still staring in my face and hoping I would say something that would comfort him.

“1- umm-felt the mate bond with— Zander!” it was the right moment to tell my mates about the mate bond I felt with the psycho of a twin.

“What?” Lazlo was the first one to gasp while Maynard punched the air and turned around angrily. Thiago stopped the vegetables and placed his hands on the counter.

I had my eyes fixated on Thiago, his reaction mattered to me. I didn’t want him to think I will ever choose anybody else.

I was not going to break his heart.

*Thiago!” I whispered,

Maynard and Lazlo looked my way and then at Thiago.

“So, umm what do you plan? Thiago asked without looking my way. I just wanted to know what he will do if I will say something outrageous. It was wrong but the scarred and broken me wanted the comfort of my mate.

“I will -, i paused, making him turn his face only slightly in my direction, “I will not accept him. I already got a mate, you are enough for me.” I stated, jumping off the counter and reaching him to wrap my arms around his back and hug him from the back.


His heart had been beating like a drum. He unfolded my arms and turned around to hug me tightly. While resting my face on his chest, I watched Maynard tearing up in defeat. Lazlo had completely looked away from me.

I made deep eye contact with Maynard so that he sees me with Thiago. His pain was beginning to give me pleasure.

“I will head back to the room. I am not really craving anything.” Maynard sniffled secretly, trying to look around to make us think he was looking for a snack packet when in reality, he was hiding tears in his eyes.

“I will also leave.” Lazlo too agreed that they couldn’t stand here anymore. Soon, they walked away from us.

“Are you okay, Enya?” Thiago instantly asked me because the moment Maynard left, I teared up. “Hey!” he cupped my face in his hands and comforted me, “You are not a bad person. You made the right decision.” He reminded me it was my choice only and I made the decision that my heart craved.

We decided to only make some pasta and then after finishing it, we left the kitchen to go upstairs.

“It’s so annoying not being able to cuddle with you,” Thiago complained, pouting beautifully.

“Umm! What are you planning?” I teased him, walking hand in hand with him to the room.

*Come to the bathroom and I will tell you,” he sped up and entered the room before me while turning around and quickly passing me a wink.

snickered, walking into the dark room with all my mates sleeping peacefully. After I made sure nobody was awake, I rushed into the bathroom. The instant I entered the bathroom, I was stunned to see Thiago completely naked and standing under the shower with a smirk on his lips

| deepened my eye contact with him and took my shirt off. His smirk faded when he watched my bouncing boobs getting free from the cage of the bra as I unhooked them and set them free.

My nipples were already hard from seeing his dick standing so obediently for me. Once I reached him, I gently squeezed my body in his arms. He tilted his face and brushed our lips together, only to pull away and bend his face down in my chest. Passing little kisses down my chest, he rested his lips on my tit.

“Ah!” | moaned, biting my bottom lip immediately. He was sucking onto my nipples so softly that I was beginning to lose my balance now. While he did that his hand traveled down to my inner thigh. He was rubbing my thigh and also groping my ass whilst sucking my tits. My back hit the wall to gain support. He lifted my one leg and rested it over his shoulder. He was now leaving kisses all over my stomach and also gently moving my booty shorts to the side to expose my pussy.

The instant he inserted his finger inside me, I almost let out a scream. I had to keep biting my lips to avoid getting heard by anyone outside. It didn’t do much because when his second finger entered my vagina, I felt like I have seen heaven.

He was twirling and moving his two fingers inside my vagina like it was a playground. I was pressing my boobs and moaning, feeling water sliding down my body.

It was then he bent down further and licked my vagina in one go. I shot my eyes open and before I could grab control over the situation, he had pushed his tongue into my pussy.

That was the moment that I let out a scream.

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