Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 158

Chapter 158

158-1 Got The Power

The instant that happened, I stepped back and gasped loudly. There was no shock on Zander’s face. The fact that he smirked first and later our wolves recognized us as mates baffled my mind.

“Are you alright?” Thiago whispered in my ear, watching me stare at Zander and making deep eye contact with him.

“I need a minute,” I said, turning around and not sure where to go.

“We can leave for the kitchen and inform Mr. Tripper that we want something to eat,” Lazlo uttered when watching me lose my balance.

“Is everything Okay?” Zander broke the hug with his sister and asked us. I bet he was aware of everything yet he was acting clueless. Christina frowned, watching me and her brother.

“Stop staring at my brother, you freak!” she instantly pulled up in front of her brother to block my vision. I was frozen to my spot with my heart racing inside my chest.


I can’t be mates with him. How the hell did it happen after so many days? I mean, I never even felt a little pull towards him then how all of a sudden?

“Language!” Maynard grunted at Christina before he grabbed a sweater for me and eyed the others to leave with me.

We left the room together but I haven’t been able to say anything yet. The boys stayed silent, giving me space.

They walked me down to the ground floor but before we could enter the kitchen, Lazlo and Thiago left to take permission from Mr. Tripper. We were not allowed to leave our rooms late at night so we required permission.

“Are you okay?” Maynard asked, standing in front of me with his eyes fixated on my face while I was trying to understand how it was possible that Zander and I were mates.

***I don’t know,” I shook my head faintly, hiding my face in my hands out of shame. Why was I mated with everyone?

“You can still talk to me about it. Maybe I will be able to help,” he was talking in a very low and soft voice. I had my back leaning against the wall to support my body on my feet. I raised my face and watched him stare back at me with wishful eyes.

“Sure,” I nodded just for the sake of it. I was not going to share anything with him, I wasn’t a fool to trust him.

The hurt look an his face when I didn’t continue to share my stress with him was there.

“Can I ask you a question?” he asked in a much calmer tone and once I nodded to him, he questioned, “does my pain really not affect you?” he sounded so soft and sad when asking me that.

“I am not heartless. But I will be honest with you. I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. I slept with my mate, I didn’t need to tell you anything. But you made such a huge deal out it, calling me names and throwing tantrums,” I said and grunted under my breath. There was a lot more ! wanted to say on his face but I held in.

*if I had slept with Willow, would you have then reacted the same way that you want me to react to you sleeping with Thiago?” he finally questioned and almost raised his voice out of frustration.

“You should go sleep with her. She is your mate— I mean-was your mate. Nobody stopped you from anything. Nobody can stop you as nobody can stop me,” i said and made sure I look at his face. The tears in his eyes didn’t surprise me, I was aware my words could be hurtful to him.

Thankfully, Thiago and Lazlo came back with the keys. We rushed into the kitchen and the first thing Thiago did was to lift me up and sit me down on the counter.

“What?” he watched Maynard glaring at him while Lazlo was watching him, so he asked them.

“So, who is going to cook?” Thiago asked, rubbing his palms together.

Maynard would steal a glance at me and will then look around. I noticed him pass a glare to Thiago when he lifted me up.

“Of course, the she-wolf among us. We are Alphas, have you ever seen an alpha work in the kitchen?” Lazlo shook his head at Thiago or even questioned that.

I didn’t particularly appreciate how Lazlo said it. We she-wolves can do more than just cooking for our alphas.

“I can cook. I cook for myself back in my mansion. Sometimes I even try new recipes for the pack members and sit down to eat with my guards and servers,” Thiago seemed to be looking very proud of it when talking about how much he likes to share with the others but I knew he would meet scrutiny.

“Congratulations, you found yourself a perfect wife, Enya!” that was a joke made by Maynard. I stared at Lazlo for even laughing at him and thinking it is funny.

“You two call yourself alphas, better than women?” I asked, swinging my feet down the counter and watching Thiago not really bother them. I have noticed something about Thiago a lot. He didn’t really care about gossiping or what others would say about him. He had already grabbed an onion to start working on making something for all of us.

-Any doubts? We are powerful and strong,” Maynard groaned, shrugging his shoulders with a prideful grin.

As soon as he reached for a bag of chips, I moved my hand and pulled the chips bag over to me on the counter.

“Now that’s what we call a powerful she-wolf. She is your boss, remember that,” Thiago, who didn’t even raise his face, commented and a smile covered my lips.

“That was impressive,” Maynard commented, walking over to my side when he found Thiago standing afar from me.

Uneasiness began to reside inside me when Maynard stood in front of me with his hands on the counter on either side of me. He hunched down over while smirking faintly and deepening the eye contact with me.

I noticed Thiago clearing his throat but not looking directly at us.