Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 156

Chapter 156

156-A Request To Spend Time Together.

“What did you say? I tried to get his attention but he was grinning and watching Lazlo only.

“Don’t say that,” Lazlo disapproved of his words and shook his head at him to not start again.

“Don’t worry, I will not expose your monster mate’s secret as long as he doesn’t hurt anybody else,” Maynard gave up and turned to grunt at me. My heart sank in my chest when I heard him accuse Thiago confidently of killing Gina.

“Thiago didn’t do that. He is not a monster, he is only cursed,” I muttered, making tight fists out of my hands and glaring at him.

“Okay! Prove it. Do you even know anything about his Lycan?” he seemed so confident that I had to turn my face to the side from him.

“I am sorry, Maynard. But I will have to agree with her on this,” as Lazlo defended me, he also made it clear that he wasn’t on my side in the other matter and even Maynard caught it.

“Ah! So you agree she was bullshitting me all this time?” There! there! I knew Maynard would be happy to hear someone was taking his side.

“Are we still discussing that?” I asked carelessly, “Don’t you too have another mate? Willow?” that was it, if he was going to talk shit about me, so will i.

“What?” Lazlo’s mouth parted and a gasp mixed with a word came out.

“You never told us you had another mate,” Lazlo continued to complain whilst Maynard was only glaring me in the eye without breaking the eye contact.

“That is all you got?” Maynard looked at ease, “1 rejected her long ago without even touching her with a stick,” he yelled in my face and it was time that Lazlo meets another surprise.

“You wanted me to reject her so I did. You were crying when you found out I have another mate. I did it all for you and what did you do? You made me reject my second mate and then you went ahead to accept your mother mates. DO YOU NOT SEE WHY I AM SO FRUSTRATED?“ he was shouting and breaking down.

I didn’t budge.

But Lazlo looked at me in disgust and disappointment. Tears slowly began to form in my eyes when watching them gang up on me.

“If you are so frustrated that you lost her, why don’t you go and plead with her to be with you?” i stated but it only received harsh reactions.

“Enya! he rejected her for you. At least respect that. Don’t make him feel like he was a fool enough to do it for you,” Lazlo had to jump in. He was on Maynard’s side for sure.

I don’t see where I was wrong!

“Really?” i frowned at Lazlo for constantly trying to make me feel guilty.

“Your audacity is surprising,” Maynard calmed down when he saw me not showing care for him.

Lazlo too sided with him and shook his head at me. I was getting crucified for doing a very small deed.

“Anyway, I want you to not take it out on Thiago,” I ignored everything else and focused on Thiago’s secret only.

* It is not like you are the only one who cares about Thiago.” Lazlo’s comment and scoff upset me deeply. He had been giving me looks and passing comments nonstop. So I had to step up to shut him down.

“Stay out of my business, Lazlo. You have said enough and I have heard eo-” I was talking to Lazlo, making him frown at me when Maynard’s phone rang in his hand.

He gestured at us to remain silent and attended the call.

“Yes? Oh! Okay. Yeah!” as he was talking to someone, he didn’t look away from me, “I will be there with my mate,” he said with an annoyed look on his face.

He then proceeded to talk to the person but had left the cabin. I was now left behind in bewilderment, where was he taking me?

“We need to find more on Thiago’s Lycan so that we can help him,” Forcing myself to not think about Maynard, I told Lazlo about how urgent it is to get information on Lycans.

“Not we, I will do it alone,” I didn’t know my act of sleeping with Thiago would upset Lazlo so much. He was angry because I cheated on Maynard or was he angry that he wasn’t the one I cheated on Maynard with?

“What is wrong with you?” I asked, desperately wanting to know what had been going on in his head.

“You are-not the person I thought of you as. I wanted to be accepted and be with you, sure. But the way you sneakily sent your address in the group and fucked —- and then you didn’t even look guilty. I reckoned it was a blessing in disguise that we never got together. I wouldn’t want to be mates with someone who is— ” He pressed his lips into a tight line but I knew what he was about to say.


15:30 D

156-A Request To Spend Time Together.

“A whore?” i bobbed my head, tears streaming down my eyes.

“This is not what I W-,” he was trying to talk when I interrupted him.

“Lazlo! if I wanted to sleep with everyone, I know I would have done it and nobody would have resisted me. Not even you! It’s just funny how nobody knows what I am going through and — ” I couldn’t talk anymore as the tears rushed out of my eyes, choking me on my words.

“I was not calling you any name. It is just weird to me because I didn’t expect you to be so cold heart.1 -” Lazlo didn’t finish because once again, we were interrupted.

“That was my mother,” Maynard entered the room when our conversation ended abruptly, “It is dad’s birthday and she wants me to attend it with my mate. I know you have obligations and another mate to stick to but I would appreciate it if you will spend some time and come with me to the pack. It will only be a few hours, but it will mean a lot to my father,” he was talking in a low tone now. I have noticed it many times that he was much more attached to his dad than his mother.

“Please?” he requested, turning his face to the side.

I found Lazlo watching my face to see what kind of a she-wolf I was because apparently, he had been reading me a lot to judge me.

“Fine, when is it?” I asked in a defeated tone. Lazlo’s quizzical stares had been bothering me now. Who likes to be judged? Nobody! –

Talking to Maynard was like weird now after everything happened. I had been loyal to him and loved him dearly. He shouldn’t be looking at me as if I am the bad person here when the reality is not even close to it.

“Tomorrow,” he answered. His eyes narrowed down on my face as he waited for my response. I bobbed my head because now I had to be with him tomorrow.

It is going to be so awkward going out with him again.