Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 155

Chapter 155

155-The Secret In His Eyes

Enya’s POV:

Mt. Tripper made us go back to our rooms. Everybody was resisting so Mr. tripper sent us all to the rooftop but asked us to not stay alone anywhere.

The cops had arrived and were taking care of Gina’s body and also inspecting her room. it was said that she jumped off her window after repeatedly claiming to be mind-linked with her mate; aka the monster.

The rooftop was not much crowded but there were other fellows with us. Christina, Zander, and Maynard had left for their rooms with many other students while we climbed to the rooftop. I had been worried about the look Maynard gave Thiago when he talked about the monster being one of us.

I knew we couldn’t trust Maynard. He is the type who can do anything when angry.

“Enya! it’s not your fault,” Thiago had been repeatedly comforting me and reminding me that Maynard standing against Thiago is not my fault.

But I do feel like I got him in trouble when I slept with him and accepted him. Maynard will definitely take the anger out on him.

“Well, I would beg to differ,” Lazlo, who was given the task to speak to Maynard and bring him to the rooftop, commented without raising his face from his phone.

“Lazlo! can you not?” Thiago didn’t waste a single minute before turning to Lazlo and warning him from starting the whole blame game again.

“What? it’s not like I am lying. The least she could have done was to let him know she is falling for you. Thiago! If she can do that to him today, she can do worse to you tomorrow,” the fact that Lazlo didn’t even want to look at me made my heart crumble.

I don’t know why I was worried about what he thinks about me because I have clearly shared no mind to what Maynard will think of me. and why would I care what Maynard thinks?

The heart wants what it wants, isn’t it like that?

“That friend of yours is no saint. He kicked you out of his life when he was done with you. You are siding with him because you think it was disgusting of Enya to send her address to the group? Didn’t you want to be with her?” watching Thiago argue with Lazlo was the last thing! wanted to happen.

I was beginning to realize I was becoming the reason that they were arguing a lot.

“I have called Maynard upstairs, let’s have a word with him. Because of Enya! I will not let you and Maynard ruin Thiago’s image,* Lazlo finally made deep contact with me and I lowered my gaze from him.

“I appreciate your concern but Lazlo, you know nothing about her,” I loved it that Thiago was defending me but I also hated it that Lazlo was seeing me in the wrong light now.

Finally, we saw Maynard walking through the crowd and approaching us.

“You called for me?” he looked very arrogant. He didn’t even want to look me in the eye, why? Was he ashamed of me or angry at me? I wanted to know what he was feeling now that he was right in my face.

“What were you trying to do back in there?” I asked instead of letting Thiago or Lazlo ask him. I know he was doing all this because of me.

“You really want me to talk about it here?” Maynard lowered his neck, his eyes darting anger at me.

“Maynard! You can go do whatever you want.” Thiago didn’t like to hide behind me. I knew that much about him. He stepped forward and gently pushed me close to him. Maynard only closed his eyes and hissed.

“Right! Of course,” Maynard let out a sarcastic chuckle, making me grit my teeth and frown at his audacity, *maybe you are forgetting you have another accepted mate as well.” He finally said what had been bothering me. I knew he would bring it up and ask me to stick beside him.

“I remember it, but since you were all angry and whatever, I couldn’t talk to you,” I said in a dry tone. Trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“I am not angry anymore. So how about I steal you for some time?” Maynard smirked when looking at Thiago.

He was trying to show Thiago that he can steal me from him whenever he wants. I wouldn’t let him do that to Thiago.

“Actually, I don’t know if I want to speak to you tonight. I can give you some time tomorrow.” I finished and his jaw clenched. He bobbed his head to himself while trying to stay calm.

155-The Secret In His Eyes

“Sure, I can wait for that.” He made sure he chews every word when responding to me.

“How about we meet at my cabin tomorrow?” Lazlo interrupting us was the best thing to ever happen. I know he was somewhat confused and upset that I was behaving guilt-free to Maynard but that was none of his business.

We all agreed and slept on it. I knew it was going to be hectic but I also didn’t know what else to do. In the morning, we had left for the cabin because the school was off for a few days due to an unfavorable accident.

“So,” Lazlo clapped his hand and then awkwardly rubbed them. It was weird being in the same cabin with all my mates again. I remember falling asleep on the couch while on a call with Maynard here.

Those were some times and I am amazed at how quickly the time changed.

“You guys wanted to talk,” Maynard was looking way calmer than the rest of us. By the rest of us I mean, Lazlo and I. Thiago was running late and I am glad he wasn’t here for now. He would definitely want Maynard to go ahead and tell the world whatever he wants to tell them. Thiago wasn’t the type to beg before someone to have mercy on him.

“What were you trying to do when you suggested that the monster is one of us to Mr. Tripper?” I asked in a raised tone. I don’t understand why Maynard thought I would be guilty.

I have every right to choose whoever I want.

“Look at you!” Maynard’s eyes once again formed tears when he heard my voice, “It is just I don’t understand,” he whispered while shaking his head. I noticed the way Lazlo was looking at him.

There was so much sorrow and sympathy for Maynard in Lazlo’s eyes.

“I don’t understand how you went from loving me to completely abandoning me. It is also scary that you don’t even feel like you are doing something wrong to me. You slept with him behind my back and you are the one who is getting angry too?” he let out a laugh, a sarcastic one.

“I am not angry.” I replied, I didn’t have another answer for him. He parted his lips and scoffed, and then he zoned out for a second.

“May I ask you something, Lazlo?Maynard then turned to Lazlo, who tilted his face to express how ready he was to answer him.

I was glaring at them and thinking about what Maynard was going to ask Lazlo.

“Did she fuck that Zander too?” that question was a slap to my character.