Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 152

Chapter 152

152-A New Chapter With My Mate

“Tell me, did you accept him?” Maynard asked me once again but this time he sounded very aggressive. It was as if he was giving me a chance to reconsider my answer.

“Guys! What is going on here?” Lazlo stepped forward to see what happened when he was knocked out by the herb.

“Well, it seems like we got knocked out by these two so that they can accept each other,” Maynard complained to Lazlo, taking it all wrong.

“We didn’t knock you out for that.” that slipped out of my lips like an accident.

Lazlo gave a push to his eyebrows and Maynard’s body twitched.

“Thiago wasn’t under intoxication. I called him last night when Lazlo and I had begun to feel something and he seemed fine. So what happened after we fell asleep? Why ar-e you in a shirt and sitting on his lap? Why did you say he accepted you?” Maynard had completely lost his mind and our moods. He was yelling and acting like we have committed some horrible crime.

“Tell me what happened between you two?” Maynard seemed to have been losing his sanity.

“You need to back off Maynard,” Thiago, who had enough of Maynard forcing me to answer stepped forward and questioned me..

“You stay out of it. I’m talking to my mate,” Maynard pointed at Thiago, warning him to stay out of it.

“We all need to calm down first,” Lazlo came between us, trying to calm the situation down.

I realized Maynard need to know the truth, I owe him an explanation. Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself to give him the answer he was asking for.

“We did it.” I spoke up, making the air go silent, “We did it many times and then took a shower and fell asleep in each other’s arms after he accepted me,” I realized with every word escaping my lips, I have triggered Maynard.

“Enya!” Lazlo passed me a stare, eyeing me to not say anything else. Maynard was struck with some sort of silence, I couldn’t tell.

He stepped back and almost tripped. Lazlo was the only one who approached him to help him stand up.

uch. I did everything to become the best mate fo-r you,” he started crying, kneeling down and freeing his hand from Lazlo’s

“I did so m grip.

I didn’t know what to say. I have made a decision and now things were going to change.

“You told me I will be the only one. How could you change your mind all of a sudden? Do you not think you should look a tad bit upset for cheating on me?” as he sobbed and watched my face to see guilt, and disappointment engulfing him. I did not look guilty. That was the decision i made, I would look guilty over accepting Thiago.

“Was I only a shoulder to cry on until Thiago comes back into your life?” Maynard asked in gasps, going crazy after he realized I wasn’t approaching him to beg for forgiveness.

“Maynard! You need to calm down. And you two, please don’t say anything else,” Lazlo seemed very upset for Maynard, who had actually treated him very bad in the past.

I don’t know why Lazlo was taking his side because Maynard had never been nice to him.

“I am fine,” Maynard grunted after he finished crying. He got on his feet and stared me in the eye.

“Look! If you are not comfortable with this scenario, you can reject me,” I said and his eyes grew double the size.

“I am just saying this because I don’t want you to say— ” I instantly started explaining myself but he hushed me down.

“Don’t say anything else. You are making me hate you,” he announced before he rushed past us and disappeared into the woods.

I didn’t budge and neither did I try to go after him.

“What was that guys? I don’t understand how it all lead to this,” Lazlo seemed disappointed in us. He wasn’t even looking at our faces.

“Didn’t he trick you into dating her bully and fled away with her himself? Why did you care about him, Lazlo?” Thiago asked angrily.

“I am not taking his side. But if you two have decided to be together, the right thing was to first sit him down and talk to him. It is considered cheating if you have told your mate you will reject your other mates but then you wake up in your other mate and now you want to get rid of your old mate,” Lazlo didn’t hold back this time, “It is like— I don’t know Enya, but I did not expect you to act like this. I thought you wer-,” he didn’t finish when Thiago’s muscles stiffened.

“I need a minute,” I couldn’t stand there and take it anymore, so I sprinted into the cabin to flop down alone in the bedroom.

I never thought things would go down like this myself. I resisted Thiago for so long. I was genuinely in love with Maynard but then all this happened and now I don’t even feel anything for Maynard. Every feeling I had for him withered away. I haven’t told him this yet because everything needs time and a proper place. This wasn’t the right time and neither was it the proper place.

152-A New Chapter With My Mate

“Enya!” Thiago stood outside the door for me, “Don’t feel bad about what this fool said,” I heard a little slap and complaint. I could imagine Thiago hitting Lazlo on his head.

“We should not care what they say. You were once with me, Maynard never stopped pursuing you. Sadly, we fucking Alphas do whatever shitty things we can but we hold different rules and expectations from our Lunas. Which is pretty hypocritical of us. But I know you get it. As I said, I am sticking beside you no matter what.” him being present here at this moment meant a lot to me.

I steadily got up on my feet and opened the door to rush into his arms.

“Hey!” he softly ran his hand through my hair. Lazlo immediately pulled away from us when he found us hugging and getting cozy.

“I will go bring the car while you pack up,” Lazlo didn’t even say my name and informed Thiago. I was the only one with my stuff in here. Yet he spoke to Thiago.

After Lazlo left, Thiago broke the hug and cupped my face in his hands to gently press his lips against my forehead to calm-me down.

“Enya! I stand with what you did. Don’t let others tell you what you should and should not do. You had a reason,” Thiago’s words really helped me feel better.

He later helped me pack my bags because we had to leave now. The night of seduction passed and it changed many things.

Lazlo had brought the car for us and after Thiago loaded my stuff in the car, we sat down and started our journey back to the academy.

I just knew one thing and that’s that I was going to deal with some hard bullying in school that I feared might be initiated by Maynard.