Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 151

Chapter 151

151-My Betrayed Mate

“Enya! you know I am a monster,” he whispered after I broke the kiss. His eyes were scanning my face hungrily; I know he had desired it for so long too.

“Well, having sex with a monster is better than anything,” I said in heavy breaths, holding his dick and rubbing it till it was hard again.

“No! stop!” He pulled his body away from mine and got out of the bathtub, “You are just saying this now because you are in your feelings. I am sure you don’t want me, I am just an incomplete mate,” he left for the room and started looking for some shorts in the closet. Once he found one, he slipped into it. I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body. He had found a white shirt too.

“Do you think I will ask you to accept me if I wanted to just add the numbers to my accepted mate’s list? If that was the case, I would have asked Lazlo,” I said, watching Thiago nervously pace around in the room.

“Then why didn’t you? You were allowing him tonight. I am not saying I am mad at you for that. He is your mate and the mate bond works that way, I understand. I am just asking you if he had slipped me into a slumber, what then? What would you have done?” he asked and after giving it a thought, he reached me again. He wanted to look me in the eye when asking me that question.

“I would have done it with him but I wouldn’t have let you leave. Thiago! I really needed you tonight.” I admitted to sending that text in the group on purpose. I was not guilty of it.

I wanted to be with my other mates too. I just didn’t know how and when but I began to crave my mates.

“Enya! Are you sure you want me to accept you? You know I’ll eventually leave,” he walked closer and cupped my face in his hands.

“No! I’ll not let you leave. I’ll find a way to make you stay,” I whispered on his palms, kissing them gently.

“I love your confidence,” As he smiled a bit, he nodded and set my face free to hold hands with me.

“I, Thiago Shepard accept Enya Foster as my mate,” the instant he said those words, I felt a wave of energy pass through my body. It had not happened at the time of Maynard.

“What happened, are you alright?” Thiago instantly hunched over when I bent down to wrap my arms around my stomach and twitch a bit.

“I’m fine,” I reassured him. Grabbing strength to straighten my back again.

“], Enya Foster accept you as my mate,” my eyes shone when I accepted him. He wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me in a hug.

“It’s all going to be fine. You are now my mate, no one is allowed to hurt you,” he whispered while tightening his arms around my body.

The two of us were tired so he unwrapped the towel from my body and took me to bed to have a way with me one last time for the night.

This time, it was very passionate and romantic. He was slowly stroking in and out of me while kissing my lips at the same time.

Once done, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Before falling asleep, I received a message from Oswin, informing me that he had sent the herb to Corbin in an empty gift box. I laughed a little and then was informed that the night of seduction was over.

Well, it was all that was needed.

We fell asleep cozy and comfortable. I didn’t even realize when Thiago woke up but he surely did before me.

The others were dressed up by him, I believe because when I walked downstairs, I didn’t see any dick facing the ceiling.

Thiago and I sat outside the cabin near the bench, holding coffee mugs. He had made coffee for me.

“The morning in these cabins is so cold,” I cozied up in his arms. He was constantly kissing my cheeks or my shoulders. I was only wearing a white shirt and my pink panties.

He had dressed up after he found his clothes downstairs.

We were now just sitting here and chilling. This kind of stuff was only done by Thiago. He was very peaceful and sweet.

“There is one issue my love,” he whispered and tightened his arms around my body as if he feared he would lose me, “I am beginning to forget things.” I was shocked he was actually talking about his wolf now.

“What do you mean?” I turned to look at him and found him looking very upset.

“The other night when you told us about the night of seduction and I left abruptly? I honestly don’t remember what I did. I just remember waking up in the backyard of the academy and then heading out before anybody sees me. I had to leave to get the information about Night of seduction. But now even I am worrie—” his concern and fear didn’t let him finish.

“Do you think I hurt that girl?” the genuine concern in his eyes made me feel bad for him. He did not deserve this. He was so nice and genuine, this much pressure on his pure soul was indeed torture.

“My heart says it is not true. I know you would never do that,” I said confidently but it didn’t change the look of worry on his face.

“But then you saw that blood on my shirt. What could be the reason behind that?” he questioned and I found myself speechless.

151-My Betrayed Mate

I never really thought about that.

“It is fine. We don’t need to panic. Lazlo and I think Christina knows about some library where we can read a piece of information on all sort of creatures and hybrids,” I stated and he let out a sigh.

“Even when I hurt you, you never stopped looking after me. Did you?” he had a playfulness in his tone.

“I would never,” I said, and his eyes smiled more. He was extremely sexy, more than anyone in the world. Coming from someone who has many handsome mates, I admit to finding Thiago more attractive than anyone else.

“Do you think it’s crazy I feel a lot more alive now?” I turned to him and smiled in his face, “Your acceptance gave me a new life,” I mumbled, brushing our lips together romantically.

As soon as I pulled back from him, I saw Maynard standing at the cabin’s door. The look he gave us was mortifying. He looked angry, lost, and betrayed.

I didn’t even know what to say when he gulped, his eyes traveling to scan me and then my closeness with Thiago.

Lazlo had just woken up, it seemed. He came out of the cabin, yawning and stretching but then his eyes fell on Thiago and I, and his jaw met the floor.

“You accepted him?” That question from Maynard was met with a gasp from Lazlo. He was completely lost and I was standing before my betrayed mate.