Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 15

Chapter 15

“Now tomorrowyou can choose any Omega to serve for you and face your tantrums until you feel bet ter,” this part was never introduced before.

My heart almost got stuck in my throat when Mr. Tripper dragged the omegas into it and Jim raised his face.

Call it an accident or me standing there with my eyes bugged out that the first person his eyes made a contact with was me.

Oh! It was going to get dirty now because the moment Jim made a dead eye contact with me, Lazlo’s grip around my wrist tightened so hard that I bet he was going to crack my bones.

We have returned to our rooms a few minutes ago and the boys hadn’t stopped talking about the whole incident. It was a good thing since I got to see what I was dealing with.

“They should have made her reject one way before they started this twisted three-way thing,” Lazlo commented while looking through his closet for a clean shirt for the morning class,

“Why does one need a mate anyway,” Thiago shook his head in disbelief, “There are other things to do than to fall in love with your mate and then spend the rest of the life trying to tail them around,” He scoffed, giving me an idea that he was not at all in favor of having a mate.

So, I guess it will be easy to decide which one to reject.

Actually, I don’t know why they made such a huge fuss about it. They could have just done it together,” and then Maynard added his two cents. I was so happy that at least he wasn’t my mate.

It would have been hell if Maynard was one of the mates I had. He was truly into some weird kinks that I was not into.

Anyway, she did him dirty. She should have been punished instead of him getting mocked and rejected in public,” Lazlo was a bit aggressive, that’s all I could learn about it.

“No need to get punished, they could have just made her do with them at the same time. That would have been the best revenge,” once again, Maynard explained why he acts so messy. His brain functioned

ently, I bet. He cared about fun and entertainment at the expense of others.

“I don’t know. I would have reacted even violently.” Lazlo shrugged his shoulders. I was sitting in my bed in awkward silence and watching them get all hyped up.

“He is going to be selecting an Omega as a toy tomorrow,” it was Maynard who recalled the last words of Mr. Tripper.

“I hope it is that Omega she-wolf, what is her name who acts like she is everything?” Lazlo snapped his fingers trying to recall someone.

“Poppy? She is dating that crazy Omega guy, Oswin,” Maynard rolled his eyes at the mention of those two.

“It would be fun when she will get snatched away from him. He is just an Omega and getting under our nerves so much,” he continued to add. They were getting worked up because two omegas were in love with each other. It just showed how narrow their thinking was when it came to the happiness of Omegas.

“What did he do this time?” Thiago, who hadn’t said much, asked. He was ready to disappear in the bathroom but wanted to hear the gossip before he does so.

‘The other day some girl was trying to tease his girl and he just misbehaved so badly. Everybody want ed to punish him but then nobody wants their doors getting banged in the middle of the night,” Maynard ex plained what was exactly that they considered rude.

“By teasing you mean bullying her?” I finally asked. The silence took over and they turned their heads to look at me,

“You Omegas are sensitive as fuck,” Lazlo commented with a laugh.

“He is the one who knocks on the doors and ruins property?” Thiago didn’t concentrate on me. His mind was still stuck with the things he had heard from Maynard.

“Yeah! That crazy bastard. I just wish to get hands on him. He needs to mess m e,” Maynard bobbed his head angrily. I have no clue what was so crazy about Oswin, but it seemed like he was not the type to stay silent about their mistreatment.

“Let’s see what happens tomorrow,” Thiago got into the bathroom and slammed the door closed. Now that Maynard and Lazlo had nothing to add, they began to take off their shirts and get ready for the bed.

Thad been staying here for a few days yet I haven’t gotten used to the sight of their bare abs whenever they take off their shirts suddenly.

The night passed by and the morning came with the realization of yet another rough day for one of the omegas who would be forced to tolerate the wrath of Jim McCoy.

As usual, I left my room right after the alphas did so that I can somehow get some protection. Which wouldn’t benefit me at all because if anything happened, my roommates will be the first ones to enjoy my misery

Once I have reached the class and sat down in the backseat, I saw Mr. Tripper walking into the class with Jim behind him.



“So,” Mr. Tripper stood before the silenced class. The betas and the others kept turning their heads around to look at the Omegas in the backstreet and laugh at us.


I looked to my right side and saw Poppy and Oswin sitting together. I couldn’t see the wrath taking over Oswin’s face just at the thought of someone stealing Poppy away from him.

As you all know there had been an incident last night. It left a bit of a bitter taste in our mouths re garding the mates we have. Not everybody is blessed to have more than one mate but it doesn’t mean you get to stick with both of them. You can pick and drop whoever you want. In Jim’s case, he got rejected,” Mr. Tripper was in no way concerned for Jim. The way he introduced everybody to his situation seemed like a slap.

He was trying to rile him up for his toy.

“With that being said, he will get a chance to get his anger out on someone because lucky for him, he sits in a power hierarchy. So, we will let this decision in the hands on Jim to pick one Omega that he can torture until he feels better,” those words stabbed me in the heart like a silver dagger.

To think we were just here to entertain them was so sad and heartbreaking.

All my life, I have heard I am not good enough because I am an Omega and now they were taking it up the notch.

All the Omegas had their heads down in fright of accidentally making eye contact with Jim.

Jim stayed silent for a moment and then gasps heaved across his lips. I bet one. My blood started to run cold, I wondered who it was?

pointing at some

As I slowly raised my face, I caught eyes on me.

He had his finger pointing at me, he had chosen me.

154 Won’t Take Off My Bra

My breath seemed to have been caught in my throat. I was staring at Jim with my eyes wide open and my jaw meeting the floor.

Sometimes I wonder, how unlucky I am to always attract trouble.

“I believe it is Enya Fosters!” Mr. Tripper, with who I hadn’t crossed paths due to obvious reasons, smirked as he saw me.

I looked around and saw my three roommates looking stern and a bit on the edge. They stretched their muscles and straightened their back while the others looked very happy.

“Enya! You will be spending time with him from 3 pm to 10 pm, I don’t want any complaints.” Mr. Trip per warned me to accompany Jim during certain hours before he walked out of the room with him.

I don’t even know how I spent the entire day in school because my mind hadn’t looked away from the finger he had pointed at me earlier.

Theard whispers and giggles. The fellows called me a toy, I heard someone even say Jim would fuck me today to get his anger and frustration out.

I was completely blank as this was just horrible.

Once the school finished, everybody began to leave and I just reluctantly got up from my seat.

“This is her karma for upsetting Jessica the other day,” One of the Omega she-wolves muttered to her friend, obviously she wanted me to hear her.

Theard her.

“Your Karma will strike you when your car will blow up,” Oswin interrupting was a complete shocker to me. The way he smirked at her, the girl seemed to have forgotten about breathing.

Poppy looked so pale when he got attention to himself by defending me.

“Thank you,” I turned my face halfway to him and whispered.

“Let’s go,” Poppy held his hand and dragged him before he could even respond to me.

Thad a long day ahead now. I will first have to go to the lockers where I will hear the worst names be ing thrown my way and then I will spend time with a raging werewolf soon after that, if my roommates are kind enough, they will let me take some rest.

The three of them have already left after they were called for a meeting in a separate classroom where they call the Alphas of the packs and inform them about the affairs of their packs.

I stuffed my locker with my stuff, my body feeling restless as I didn’t want to go with Jim but what choice did I have?

“I heard you found yourself a master?” It was Jessica. How did I forget she existed?

“Not today,” I said under my breath, trying to control my anger. It isn’t like my anger would take me any where, I will end up getting beaten up by her for sure.

– laughed with

“What happened Omega bitch?” She slammed my locker door and smirked. The her as if she had cracked the best joke.

They were all just busy licking her asshole, trying to stay in her good books because let’s just be hon est, she was a mean and manipulative bitch. Who knew her way around by any means?

“You!” Thankfully, before any other words could be exchanged, Jim came by to collect me. For a mo ment, it was a moment of relief for me but the torture was going to begin from the very next moment when he takes me to his room.

“Let’s go,” He ordered, ignoring Jessica, who was trying to get his attention by chewing the gum relent

lessly. I wouldn’t be surprised if she seduces him into