Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 144

Chapter 144

144-Fading Mate Bond

“I don’t know if we can trust her.” Lazlo ended the conversation with his opinion towards Christina. We told Thiago what happened after he began to shift. He didn’t really react a lot towards Christina helping him.

“First, we need to make sure Enya leaves for the nights of seduction,” Thiago once again ignored the main subject and focused on me.

“Let me talk to Oswin and see what he is up to,” I said, watching Thiago’s forehead form a frown of bewilderment, “Don’t worry, he knows you are all my mate and I trust him.” It was tiring how I have to constantly tell him I am fine.

I called Oswin and he told me exactly what Thiago had been warning us. The night of seduction aims to stay for two nights instead and thankfully not three. But it is also suspected that it will be by the next week.

“So, we need to hurry up.” Thiago suggested as he watched my face for affirmation.

“So you guys want me to leave right now?” I let out a laugh, feeling uncomfortable.

“Not exactly right now but in two hours maybe?” Thiago shrugged, this was the first time in days that I have seen him try to joke.

“Well, my mate has gone missing. So I will need to contact him,” I uttered, picking up my phone again to check up on Maynard.

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“Wait! Is he going to be leaving with you?” that question from Lazlo brought me to roll my eyes at him, “That’s bogus. I mea— his lips tightly after acknowledging he cannot raise an objection.

*Fine, whatever,” He grumpily shook his head. I found Thiago uncomfortably rubbing his palms together. Well, i knew it wasn’t easy for them to think of their mate with someone else but what could they do? I have accepted Maynard.

After waiting for hours for Maynard to return, I left the room with him to have a conversation with him alone. The room was pretty crowded already and with the siblings being around, I didn’t want to speak to him.

“I want to talk to you about last night,” The moment we were alone, I started the conversation from the start.

“Oh! Don’t worry about that. I was super tired,” he laughed it off but I didn’t know why it felt a little odd. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to give it a test.

“Really? I was so scared,” I pouted, getting near him and resting my hand on his pants. I dug my face in his neck and felt a little struggle in his body

“Ah! Enya!” he stepped aside, laughing a little, “I am really very tired. I have been running errands for my mom the whole day. I don’t want you to try and then feel like there is something wrong with you because truly, there is nothing wrong with you,” he finished in a laugh.

So he wasn’t ready to do anything now as well?

“It is okay.” forcing a smile of understanding on my lips, I stepped away from him.

“I spoke to the others and it is decided that I need to leave this place and go somewhere until the night of seduction is over,” I told him the decision we made earlier.

“That will be a good idea. Tell me when do we need to pack our stuff? Oh! I can find a good hotel where they cannot find us,” he offered me as he smiled at me. I was looking bluntly at him with no emotions. I was just feeling weird now.

“Actually, I have been thinking about it. I think I should go alone,” I have changed my mind on the spot. I just didn’t like how things had gone down between us. After he pushed me away when he could have just kissed me a little, I felt no heat among us.

He doesn’t even kiss me when we meet now. He barely is romantic towards me.

“What? why? I think it will be better if I go with you,” Maynard sounded offended when arguing with me.

“Maynard! You have work to do. I don’t want you to go out and then get spied on by someone. You will accidentally lead my mates here.” was responding to him lacking all the enthusiasm.

“Then I will not go,” he shrugged his shoulders.

“How can you not go when your mother calls for you to help her? I don’t want you to torture yourself by leaving with me,” i stated, taking deep breaths as he stared into my eyes.

“Is it because you don’t want your other mates to feel bad about it?” That was it, I hated how he spun it around me.

“Maynard! You have done that before and I will not let you taunt me over that. I was ready to leave with you until I saw how tired you are these days. I don’t want you to fuck me just because it is a night of seduction. I am sorry but I won’t be available for you to toy with when you and your wolf wants,” I didn’t hold back and spoke aggressively, matching tone with his.

“What? is this what it is about? Enya! for heaven sake, I was tired. It is a crime or a sin to be tired? I stopped you today because I felt bad for not being able to satisfy you last night. I feared the same thing will happen today as well because I am tired but you love to make yourself seem like a victim and make me look like a sex freak, who only wants to sleep with you when he wants.” He raised his voice while grunting and glaring at my face.

144-Fading Mate Bond

“Don’t raise your voice. I was feeling down because it was just weird,” I whispered, feeling guilty that I made such a huge deal out of it.

“No! seriously. Enya! i am not as bad of a person as you think of me. I wanted to leave with you because I don’t want to leave you by yourself. I am sorry that I am crazy enough about you to leave my own pack and my mother’s work pending for you,” his voice cracked as tears formed in his eyes.

“Maynard!” I sighed, filling my face in my hands.

“Enya! I know these days are harder for us. But there is someone who is forcefully marking she-wolves. Let me come with you, please? I will die if that monster laid eyes on you. I W—ill end my –|–” he shook his head and turned around to probably calm down.

I waited a second before I wrapped my arms around his back and hugged him. He broke the hug but only to face me and pull me in his arms.

“Don’t ever think my feelings for you have changed. I am just too worried for your safety that it is all I am able to think of these days. I am sorry! I will try to be a better mate for you,” his heart was beating loudly in his chest when confessing his feelings for me, “I love you,” he said.