Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 143

Chapter 143

143-She Knows

“Soak the towel in cold water and bring it here, quickly!” her scream directed at me woke me up from my frozen state. I did what she said. Bringing the water with cold water dripping down, I handed it over to her.

She started dabbing the towel on his chest to calm him down. I noticed how she directly put it on his chest to normalize the rhythm of his heart.

After some time, he started to calm down. But she didn’t get off him. I was beyond uncomfortable. I know it was not the best time to even think about anything else but I couldn’t when she was sitting on top of him with her eyes stuck to his face.

“Zander! Bring me the wolfbane from my bag,” she said calmly yet in urgency. He turned around and grabbed her bag to bring an injection of wolfbane. The moment she injected him with wolfbane, Lazlo and I shared a glance.

Who even keeps wolfbane in their bag like that?

It was an uncomfortable moment for all of us. Once Thiago began to pass out, she got off him and discarded the injection in the trash can.

“Don’t put it in here. If the room keeper finds it here, we will all get questioned for it,” Lazlo stated very arrogantly, I bet he was thinking exactly what I was thinking.

This was just too odd.

Christina didn’t argue back with him and trashed the injection in her bag this time after wrapping it perfectly in a tissue.

“Why do you have that thing anyway?” Lazlo, after straightening his posture, questioned her.

“She helped your sicko friend, is it not enough?” Zander scoffed as he sat down in the bed, “And what the heck is wrong with him? what kind of a monster is he?” he continued to question.

It was really sad that Thiago had to display his transition like that. I wished we could do something to avoid it happening. But as the time was running by, Thiago was losing his control and his wolf was able to force a shift more often.

“He is not a monster,” I retorted, watching Christina fold her arms over her chest and not interrupt us for once.

*There is certainly something wrong with him. Did you not see him act all messed up? What would have happened if he had shifted?” Zander was questioning Thiago’s state a lot, “Besides, does he has anything to do with um —-” he paused, scratching his neck as he tried to be sneaky about questioning his state.

“No! of course not. He was with us when Gina was attacked,” I lied, getting an appreciative head nod from Lazio.

“Oh!” Zander didn’t like to hear that. I could tell he wanted Thiago to get in trouble.

“Maybe he was just tired and since he is the Alpha, his wolf is more powerful than ours.” I was surprised when Christina sided with us. Both Lazlo and I sneakily watched each other’s faces before Zander shook his head again.

“Then he should be able to control his wolf,” Zander argued,

“What is your problem? His wolf wanted to shift and kill you. Thiago was preventing it, fighting against his wolf for you. Shouldn’t you be thankful of him that he went through all this pain just to prevent his wolf from hurting you?” Christina spoke bitterly to her brother.

I didn’t get why she was defending Thiago so hard. Or maybe it was related to the intentions she had displayed the other day.

“Anyway, if you two are done already, I would suggest you leave. Thiago needs rest,” Lazlo voiced out while standing beside Thiago’s bed and watching him sleep peacefully.

“Huh! you made up that news about me and my sister and you are expecting me to walk away?” Zander was finally back at the main topic. It was overall a mess because the instant they began to talk about their personal issues, I noticed Thiago frowning.

*Zander! It was my karma, don’t blame them,” Cristina had taken a quick shift after Thiago showed aggression. Even Zander looked at her in confusion and disappointment.

“Fine, then don’t come crying to me if they screw you over again,” her brother seemed very upset with the fact that she was taking our side after she brought him here to fight us.

He grabbed his phone and exited the room.

So what is he?” Lazlo and I knew the instant her brother left, she will try to mingle with us.

“He is Thiago and as you said he was angry and fighting his wolf to save his brother, that’s exactly what happened,” Lazlo walked over to stand beside me.

“Hiding the truth is not helping any of you. He is already far gone and soon it will be a lot harder than he can even prevent any change.” The way Christina spoke about him shocked both Lazlo and me.

We sneakily watched each other and then focused on her. Did she know something about the Lycans?



143-She knows

“I get it. You don’t believe me but trust me, with these monster attacks in the academy, things will soon make a noise and the fingers will lead to a point at Thiago. In fact, how do you even know he wouldn’t wake up wanting to transition again?” she was nonchalantly talking and confusing us both.

“We have no idea what you are talking about. He is completely fine,” I retorted after I couldn’t stand there and let her talk or get any information out of us.

Since the beginning, the siblings had been a nightmare. We didn’t need to trust her because she prevented his transition once. She possibly did it to save her brother.

“Well, fine then. But if you need to know more about him, there is a library that might help you,” she shrugged her shoulders after telling us there is a way to find information on what Thiago is but then she didn’t tell us where to find this library.

“Noted! We know there is a library in the school but thanks anyways,” I tried to play with her. Maybe if she opens her mouth, it would be much nicer.

“You are not going to find any information in the school’s library. Let me know if you want to find out what is going on with him, I will take you to the library,” she said as she held her bag again and walked out of the room.

“What a bitch!” Lazlo commented, “now what? how do we find out where this library is?” he was as curious as I was.

“How do we even know if she is not lying? Do you think we can trust her?” I questioned with my eyebrows knitted.

Our attention traveled back to Thiago when he started to wake up. The look of terror on our faces was worth watching.

“Already?” Lazlo gasped, it was scary Thiago had overcome the power of woflbane in literal minutes.

*Ah!” Thiago rubbed his eyes and got up to sit down in the bed, “Did I get you guys in trouble because of me?” he sounded so upset when asking us if we had to lie to others in order to protect his secret?

“We have a problem?” Lazlo couldn’t shut up and spoke up because we were indeed running out of time.