Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 142

Chapter 142

142-She Jumped On Top Of Him

“Was that blood?” I asked Lazlo, who was still very much lost. He didn’t respond to me and flopped down in the bed to calm down first.

“|— appreciate your help,” i murmured and he laughed a little sarcastically.

“It’s okay. I am used to being —- neglected,” he laughed it off but the sorrow in his voice was there.

“It is not like that,” I said, not understanding what to do and how to react to his confession. The only thing I could do at the very moment was to focus on Thiago and divert the subject.

“I saw the blood on Thiago’s shirt,” I reminded him of Thiago’s arrival.

“I did it too,” Lazlo murmured and uncovered his face from his hands. I bet he was afraid of losing people, he loved.

That’s when Thiago walked out of the room and sat down in his bed. He looked lost and clueless. But definitely, there was something up with him.

“Thiago! Where did you go last night?” Lazlo asked softly. I am sure he was just concerned he will upset him.

“1 — umm! So what did you guys decide about that night? What is the solution to avoid it?” Thiago didn’t raise his face and mumbled with difficulty.

“We decided we will get her off school and send her away to a hotel where she will stay until the night of seduction ends,” Lazlo said, his eyes still wandering on Thiago’s face, who wasn’t even raising his face.

“Hm! I d–id some searching. It is not one night. It will be more than t-wo nights. Probably three,” the way he was talking was giving me goosebumps.

He was sounding as if he was in pain.

*Are you alright?” I was able to get a word in the edgewise when he didn’t raise his face at all.

“My wo— If will not rest until he gets you, Enya,” he finally raised his face and told me what to expect.

“He” he then zipped his lips tightly and muttered, “You need to go,” he said, his eyes looking straight into mine.

“Oh!” was all I could utter.

“Yeah! She will leave. Thiago! Something else happened last night,” Lazlo was speaking in utters. I noticed how concerned he was for Thiago, “an omega was attacked in the academy. She got forcefully marked too. She was in hysteria, a very bad state,” I understood Lazlo was struggling. He really didn’t want Thiago to think he was accusing him.

“She claimed to be marked by a monster,” Lazlo finished and Thiago raised his face to watch him.

“And you think I did it?” Thiago questioned, making Lazlo pull away and gulp. That’s what he was afraid of. He realized Thiago might have taken offense to his words.

“I am just— asking you where you were last night?” Lazlo asked in a murmur. To avoid Lazlo, and feel the pressure, I had to jump in.

* It is just to make sure since your wolf acts up at times,” I was able to get Thiago’s attention. Now he had turned his face to stare at me instead.

“So?” I asked, my heart throbbing in my head.

“I remember being in a café in the morning to do the research.” Thiago responded with a bit of uncertainty.

* And where were you the whole night?” I proceeded to ask, watching him shift to the side uncomfortably.

“I W—as in the woods,” he answered, “Why are we discussing this?” finally, he grabbed the strength and frowned.

“We were concerned. We don’t even know much about the lycans,” I said, “There is no online data too. I wish we hadn’t burned Mr. Kay’s mansion. I am sure we would have been able to find some research of his. We must know what a Lycan is capable of,” I was reassuring him that we only mean to help him. I can understand how frustrating it could get at times but we were not leaving him alone to deal with it.

“We can look in the library or maybe other libraries outside school?” Lazlo suggested but Thiago didn’t look too indulged.

“What about the night of seduction? We need to deal with that first,” Thiago said and had only rested his back in the bed when Zander barged in.

“YOU!” he pointed at me and lunged my way. Before he could get his hands on me, Lazlo sprinted between us.

“The fuck you are trying to do?” i knew Lazlo would not let him touch me. Thiago straightened his back and angrily narrowed his eyes at Zander. Christina walked into the room after his brother and locked the door.

The dried tears were visible on her face. She angrily glared at me as if she was so sure I did that.

“Your friend spread false rumors,” Zander was trying to move Lazlo to the side so that he can reach me. His wolf kept appearing and disappearing in his eyes too.

“It wasn’t her idea. I was behind all that,” Lazlo shouted in the face, making Zander step back a little.

“She must have been in your ears,” instead of arguing with Lazlo, he still found a way to accuse me of participating in this rumor.

“You are not allowed to speak of her,” we were caught by the deep and scary voice of Thiago, “You asshole think you can lay a finger on her and I will not tear you into pieces and chew upon your fat?” his eyes were glowing red, his breaths were out of control.

Lazlo and I shared a glance when our skins got covered in goosebumps.

“What is going on with him?” Christina asked, stepping in front of us to watch Thiago, “He is shifting?” she gasped.

“Lazlo!” I called for him, breaking him from the trance. Even Zander was lost when Thiago’s eyes started shedding tears of blood in anger.

“What the fuck is happening to him?” I knew Christina would notice it is not a normal transition.

“Lazlo! get him out of here,” I shouted when Thiago hunched over and his bones started cracking.

“Why can’t he control his transition??” Zander stepped aside, nuzzling his sister’s elbow to instruct her to keep a safe distance from him.

I knew if we didn’t do anything right now, he will transform. And once that happens, he will fucking eat the entire academy. Lazlo’s attempt to hold Thiago’s arm to get him on his feet was dismissed when Thiago pushed him away.

That’s when Cristina decided she wants to help.

“Grab him and trip him in the bed,” she shouted at her brother and Lazlo together. I stood there clueless even when they forcefully dropped him in the bed and she jumped on top of him in one fell swoop.

I can’t even explain what I felt when she spread her legs and sat on his chest to put her hands on his forehead and resisted him from moving.