Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 137

Chapter 137

137-All The Boys Like Me

Enya’s POV:

I had passed out in the middle of the woods. My heart and mind couldn’t take it anymore.

I woke up clueless in my room. I was shocked to wake up there. I thought I passed out in the woods.

“Hey!” Lazlo approached me when he saw me moving, “You are fine now. We are all here for you,” He ran his hand through my hair and smiled.

I heard the thunders rumbling and the pitter-patter of the rain too. So it was still raining? Has the storm not calmed down yet?

“How did y-” I have only lifted my body up from the bed when my eyes landed on Christina and Zander. They were trying not to make eye contact with me but I remembered everything they have done to me.

“Y-” I was going to rush at her but Lazlo held my hand and pulled me back.

“Thiago, Maynard, and I found you in the woods. The stress has caused you fever and you had passed out,” he eyed me to not say anything to them. How can I not?

They messed me up and my character. How can I not speak to Christina and tell her the war is on?

“But sh– ” I tried to talk again but Lazlo silenced me once again.

“Enya! how about we go out and take a fresh breath?” Lazlo grabbed me a sweater and held my hand to pull me away.

I reluctantly followed him to the out and once we were in the hallway, I looked at him for some clarification.

“I know you are angry at her, and so are we. We turned Jim and his friends over to the principal and then to the police for planning a gang rape. As for Christina, she will receive the taste of her own medicine. I just don’t want you to be the one to get in trouble by getting messy with her,” Lazlo had his back leaning against the wall and his eyes watching my face with nothing but affection.

I didn’t know what else to say to him.

“Where are the others?” my tone was much softened and relaxed now. I never thought they will come together to defend me. They did do it all in front of others?

They didn’t fear others will think they are fighting for an Omega.

“They were called in by the werewolf counsels to discuss the matters. It is regarding Jim’s punishment,” Lazlo explained why I didn’t wake up to Maynard waiting for me.

“I should have gone with them,” I expressed my desire to be there and watch Jim getting punished.

“Maynard didn’t want to take any more stress. We two also agreed that it is better of you to rest some more.” Lazlo said, he kept stealing glances at me awkwardly.

“Is the weather my doing?” 1 questioned, worried about the disastrous storm.

“Well, you are pretty powerful,” Lazlo laughed sweetly, “Don’t worry about anything Enya. We will make sure nothing and nobody disturbs your peace again,” That look he gave me really comforted my heart.

I bobbed my head to express to him my approval and then marched back into the room with him.

Christina and Zander were having some sort of a conversation when we arrived. They hesitantly pulled away when watching us enter. It seemed like a serious conversation.

“I want to speak to you about what happened today.” Zander jumped out of his bed and spoke to get my attention.

His sister got out after him and shook her head at him in disapproval. I could tell she wasn’t approving him to speak to us regarding that incident

What can you possibly say about that?” Lazlo questioned, sort of standing like a mountain beside me.

“I want to apologize on her behalf. What she did was wrong and terrible. She is just naïve and acts out of impulse at times. I am truly sorry for what she did,” Zander sounded very serious and genuine. But I have seen his true face before. It is not like he was clueless and truly innocent

“Says the guy who actually started the rumors first? Weren’t you the one who gave his sister the idea of such a sort?” I didn’t stand back anymore. I took the lead and raised a point.


137-All The Boys Like Me

“I was being a fool. But this time, I am really sorry for what we did,” she was apologizing while his sister behind him was rolling her eyes.

“I don’t think your sister is guilty or ashamed of her actions. Why don’t you first speak to her and see if she is on board first?” | raised my brow and scoffed. I haven’t forgotten what she did, she will face the wrath soon.

I mean Lazlo said he has a plan so I will rely on him.

“I told you she is a bitch.” instead of understanding why I wasn’t accepting their fake ass apology, miss Christina decided to be a bitch.

“And what are you then? A whore! A slut?” Lazlo didn’t even wait for her brother’s response and got between us.

“Hey! you are not allowed to call my sister a name,” Zander’s tone changed when threatening Lazlo.

“Really? And she is allowed to call Enya names? I am sorry but you two are just thirsty gammas and nothing else.” Lazlo was able to make them frown and glare at us.

A knock on the door broke the rhythm of our argument. Lazlo attended to the door and found Oswin outside.

“Can I see Enya?” He asked Lazlo, who I bet was confused about why Oswin had come to see me.

“Umm,” Lazlo turned to me to make sure I’m on board with meeting him.

“It’s fine,” I responded,

“Ah! Great. She has so many guys loving her,” Just when Christina opened her mouth, Oswin barged in.

He did it so quickly that everybody was left lost.

“Christina! You left your bra in my room last night,” He had a huge smile on his lips as if he was being honest.

“What? St-op talking nonsense. I never even spoke to you before,” her face changed colors. She met a gaze with her brother and spoke to him in the eyes.

“Hey, don’t you dare lie on my sister’s name,” Zander warned him but that didn’t change Oswin’s attitude.

“Why would I lie? She and I had been hooking up. And boy! She needs to practice more on those sucking skills of hers,” the way Oswin spoke back to them in a loud tone, I reckoned he was trying to make others hear what she had been doing.

I found her shaking in anger. Now she would know how it feels like to be on the receiving end of false rumors.