Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 135

Chapter 135

135-Her Angry Mates

Thiago’s POV:

After we left the dorm room last night, I couldn’t help but focus on one name only.

“Enya! that sexy and gorgeous mate of yours,’ Theo chuckled, angering me by saying her name.

“You don’t get to say her name,’ I snapped in my head at him. Maynard and Lazlo stayed with me for some time until Maynard couldn’t stand me anymore and left for nowhere. He returned later on but by that time, I have already finished many drinks in the bar and had calmed down.

Lazlo was the one driving the car and taking us back to the academy. The anger I felt after I saw Enya with that douchebag was something I would never be able to forget.

“You lied to me,’ I muttered at Theo, who was the reason I had negative thoughts arising in my head.

“What? I just said what if Zander is also her mate?’ Theo sounded ignorant of what his words and actions could do to me.

“No! you said they are 101% mates and that you felt the heartbreak,’ I wasn’t letting him get away with this lie.

‘The more you resist me, the more I will act reckless to come out.’ Theo replied to me. It was not pleasant to be in a constant battle with my wolf in my head all the time.

“We will act like we went out partying the whole night,” Maynard suggested, staring at his phone and trying to call Enya, I believe.

“Sure.” I responded, my head resting on the backseat and my mind recalling her innocent face. What a lucky man Maynard was to have her. I wonder what it feels like to be loved by her?

Does it give him giggles when she rushes into his arms and relies on him? does he feel special when she sees him as her hero?


Those feelings were something I could only imagine. Even if I want to, I can never be with her. My life is short and limited. I wouldn’t lead her on just to leave her behind to deal with a broken heart when I leave.

We reached the academy in no time. And rushed into our room to get changed and attend classes. We did all of it and knew we would be late. By the time we were headed to the school, i found Maynard on the edge of his seat.

“Enya hasn’t been responding to my messages since morning,” he grunted, complaining to Lazio.

“Let’s go find her first.” Lazlo didn’t waste a minute suggesting we should look for her first before anything else. We hit the lockers and found the whole crowd gathered there.

We didn’t know there was some sort of a special day for gossip.

“What the hell is that?” as soon as Lazlo reached and snatched a note from the wall, the hallway met with silence. They were now aware of our arrival but the look on their faces suggested something bad happened here earlier.

I too grabbed the note and stared at it, reading the words and feeling this urge to shift.

“What the fuck is this?” Maynard yelled, waving the note around and glaring at everyone one by one.

Nobody stepped forward. But I knew whose job it could be.

Christina or her asshole of a brother!

The insights were given by them. Ignoring the boys threatening everyone to tell them what happened here, I took to my feet and began to walk briskly towards the room where Christina might be.

The instant I slammed the door open. I found Christina, Jim, and Jessica in a classroom with the others. They were having a great time until their eyes landed on me.

“Which one of you assholes wrote this?” I was feeling a burst of energy in my body. The fact that Enya wasn’t answering Maynard, reckoned these notes were the reason behind it.

Jim cleared his throat and took to his feet, smirking as he looked too pleased with himself

“We didn’t,” he lied,

I know he was lying. Christina left the seat and postured straight with her eyes showing fear.


11:55 1

135-Her Angry Mates

“You’ i pointed at her, making her body shudder in fear, “You wrote this,” my mind was going crazy, thinking Enya must have been so humiliated when reading this bullshit

diant “she stuttered, looking around for help

“Jim McCoy’ You asshole, I am going to kill you,” Maynard’s screams hit our eardrums before he appeared in our sight.

He rushed into the room with his cellphone playing some sort of a video. I frowned, snatching his phone to look at the content of it.

Jim wasn’t smilking anymore.

As I watched the video, my body felt this weird pain that made my head hurt.

“You wer

1 muttered, realizing this is from the night she came to the room all messed up, “you tried t-” I couldn’t even talk anymore.

“Listen! Hey! she –

Jim pushed his hands in front of his body to warn Maynard and me to not come any closer.

Christina and Jessica rushed into the corner when Lazlo too entered the room.

“You all mother fuckers hurt her?” Lazlo growled,

Maynard and Lazlo lunged at Jim and despite him trying to set himself free, they dragged him out of the classroom and before the entire school to expose him.

“I will see with you two whores later,” I muttered under my breath at the two bitches standing in the corner before I rushed after the boys.

I had this weird urge to munch upon the flesh of Jim. Once I met the boys in the hallway, I found them kicking and beating the crap out of Jim.

“What are you doing?’ I yelled at Theo, who was trying to get out now.

“You never even wanted to see her happy, then why are you so angry now?’ I grabbed my stomach and knelt down, trying to stop him from becoming available in the school.

“I WILL FUCKING KILL HIM,’ Theo threatened but I was holding him back. It made no sense. He always showed no emotions to anyone so why was he suddenly so worried and angry?

Ignoring him, I straightened my back but didn’t land a punch on Jim. The two took care of it.

“Now! This is what we will do. She will come here and you will sit in her feet and kiss her feet, beg her to forgive you,” Maynard grabbed him by his collars and told him the deal.

“And everyone who laughed at her will apologize.” Lazlo then yelled at the others, scaring them all into a corner.

“What is going on here? All this fight for one omega?” Mr. Tripper’s voice put halt to the fight.

But it wasn’t over yet.