Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 134

Chapter 134

134-Do I Love Foursome?

I couldn’t sleep that night. My mind kept worrying about Thiago, Lazlo, and Maynard. They were gone for hours. Maynard did leave me a message and told me they were fine and that they were able to prevent the transition from Thiago.

They took him to a bar to drink the night away. It was only after that I was able to rest.

But I still couldn’t sleep very well. So when it was time for me to get ready for school, I was sleepy and took a two hours nap. I woke up late, of course.

Rushing under the shower and quickly getting ready for school. After I grabbed the bag and left the room, I realized not most of the students were in their classrooms after I entered the school.

“That’s her, I heard someone whisper and pointing at me.

I frowned, still walking in the direction of my destination. There was something odd about that day and I couldn’t really tell the root cause of

Everybody was now beginning to gather around me and follow me to the lockers.

It was a clear indication that something wasn’t right, but I opted to ignore it.

As I reached the lockers, my heart sank in my chest at the sight of notes displayed around me.

Before grabbing the note from the locker and reading the contents, I glanced around and noticed everyone grinning and muttering things in each other’s ears.

An Omega she-wolf has fucked all her roommates to gain safety and protection around the school:

Game of Foursome!

My body started to tremble with rage.

I clenched the paper in my fist as a tear stung the corner of my eye.

“Who wrote these?” I turned around and raised my voice, my body shuddering at so many people watching me with quizzical eyes.

“Why, isn’t it true?” the voice came from behind me.

I turned around and saw Jim smirking.

He was back?

“How dare …” I wanted to yell at him but Christina and Jessica coming out from behind him shocked me in my body.

Christina too?

Then, everything became clear to me.

She was the one who made up these elaborate lies, and because she is our roommate, everyone thought she would be aware of what was happening within the locked doors.

“I saw it happened,” Christina smirked wider, the three of them were glaring at me as if I have done something wrong to them.

“And she had the nerve to accuse me of cheating on you with Lazio. I mean, why would I go back to him who had left me before?” she let out a complaint and groaned.

Did Jim truly believe her story?

She had been cheating on him with Lazlo for weeks now and he just believed her every lie?

How good is she in bed?

All I could only do was glare at them and then turn around to leave when I heard everybody chanting.

“Enya loves foursome!”

“Enya loves foursome!”

If only we were adults and mature enough, this term wouldn’t be a cuss to us. But they were using it to make me look like some sort of freak.

A guy blocked my way and raised his phone to silence everybody

I kind of remembered the guy from the night when Jim and Jessica were trying to harass me and do other things to me on the road.

“Not only that, she loves wild gangbangs too,” the guy’s remark sank my heart in my chest.


134-Do I Love Foursome?

“Get out of my way.” I closed my eyes, promising myself to not do anything stupid and display my magic. If they caught me, they will hand me over to the authorities for being a real freak.

I’ll end up in the labs and become a test subject. I wouldn’t want that but I didn’t want this either.

“I have shared a video proof with you all,” he then informed everyone and turned the screen around for me to see what he was talking about.

The instant my eyes saw the video footage from that night when they had me cornered and were taking off my clothes, my heart lost its beats.

“What is this!” I whispered in shock, terror striking my body like tiny little needles.

“This w

as a planned gangra–“I couldn’t finish when the boy sharing the video grasped me by my arms and shook me into silence.

“You are not a Saint; we know that already. So why do you play so hard on the grounds of school?” as he muttered, the others threw nasty words around at me.

“Let me go,” I asked in tears,

“Maynard got a whore for a mate,”

Everybody voiced, I saw Willow watching me with terror in her eyes and then rushing out of this spot with a cellphone attached to her ear.

“I said let me go,” I muttered this time, losing my calm.

“Oh! Look at her. She is tryi-,” Jessica’s voice subsided when I closed my eyes and screamed at the top of my lungs.

“LET ME GO!” as my screams shook the academy, the sudden arrival of thunderstorm shook them all.

He let go of me and stepped away, looking around at the weather through the windows.

“Baby! I’m scared,” Jessica cried when the windows crashed due to the crazy wind.

“It’s just the weather,” I heard Jim calming her down.

“It’s probably The MOON Goddess being angry at the slut in here,” the others began to yell at me again.

Pushing aside everyone, I started sprinting out of there. They have crossed all the limits when they used that recording, excluding the way! was crying and begging them to not undress me in clear audio,

| sped in my steps and rushed out of the school to run into the woods instead of going back to the academy.

I was crying hysterically, not even watching my steps as I disappeared into the woods. The storm was so bad that I felt like any tree would fall on me any minute from now.

“ARGHHH!” I then stopped and screamed some more, making the lightning strike the trees.

I dropped to my knees and began crying loudly.

Enya! Stop! You are making the weather worse,’ it was then Nia yelled in my head and I instantly hit a pause.

As I looked around, I saw the world turning dark. The clouds had completely darkened the earth. The trees struck by lightning had caught fire too.

“Did I do that?” I stuttered, fearing what kind of a monster I have become.