Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 133

Chapter 133

133-She Wants My Mate

The day went by quickly. I did leave Thiago a message, but he didn’t respond to me. We had barely talked on the cellphone so it wasn’t something I would be too worried about.

At night, everybody had finally come back to the room and now it was crowded with pending arguments and conversations left to be resolved.

Thiago had come out of the bathroom in a white shirt and black shorts, ready to lie down when Zender’s scoff caught the attention of everyone

“What happened?” his own sister asked him. He shook his head first and then mumbled something that none of us could hear, “What?” Christina frowned, asking him to speak it out loud.

“I am saying, it seems like somebody is still upset,” his comment met with scrutiny, “But just to assure that person, I didn’t do anything with Enya. Nothing happened between us.” the moment he mentioned that Thiago raised his face from his cellphone and tilted his head. His eyes were stuck in the space before he finally turned to him.

“What did you say?” I knew Thiago would quickly catch who he was talking about. I just didn’t like where Zender was taking it.

*Cut it out, guys. It was just a hungry and horny Gamma trying to hit on my mate and then getting angry and bitter when she rejected his advances,” Maynard brought it up to cut the tension but it didn’t change the fact that Thiago got on his feet to tower over Zender.

There were no signs of any kind of smirk on Zender’s lips anymore. He awkwardly raised his face and stared at Thiago, who was breathing profusely. I noticed the changing look on Lazlo’s face before he jumped off the bed and stood between them.

“Thiago! Let’s go out for a walk,” Lazlo whispered, cradling his arm and eyeing him to calm down. I understood what was happening, Thiago was triggered. If anything happened at this moment, he will transition and then it will be a mess.

Not only the entire academy will be aware of his Lycan, but their lives will be at risk too.

“What did he say?” Thiago asked Lazlo this time as he ignored Zender.

“Calm down,” Lazlo whispered. Maynard got the hint, so he rushed out of his bed and blocked the siblings from getting a glimpse of Thiago.

It was time I too get out of bed and reach for Thiago.

“I think we should just leave to get fresh air. Some people have ruined the atmosphere for us,” I said in haste, grabbing everybody’s coat to leave the room. Lazlo and Maynard grasped Thiago’s arm and pulled him out of there. I didn’t even see the sibling’s reaction.

We have left the room in a hurry to take Thiago out of there.

“How dare he even talked about her,” Thiago was grunting and getting all worked up when the two others were dragging him out of the academy.

“Enya! you should go back. If anybody saw us all leaving together, they will question us. We will take him to the cabin and calm him down.” Maynard suggested because I am assuming he didn’t want me to stick around when Thiago was such a mess.

I didn’t argue either. They eventually left after I slowed down. I was afraid if I stayed with him, Thiago will say things that will hurt me.

There was no point, so I went back to the room after staying in the hallway for hours. Zender was all set to head out, probably to the club as he always does. Christina was once again wearing sexy lingerie and walking around the room. Without saying a word or passing comment to me, Zender left the room.

I put my coat down and sat down on the bed. Worried about Thiago, I didn’t know if I should check up on him via Lazlo or not.

Maynard will get very upset Lazlo told him I was calling just to make sure Thiago was fine.

I didn’t even notice I was being watched for over a few minutes by now. As I raised my face, I saw Christina standing in front of me with her head titled and her eyes examining me.

“What?” I asked in annoyance. They were the reasons Thiago was triggered.

“So there is really nothing going on between you and Thiago?” that question from her irked me into letting out a scoff and deciding to ignore her again.

“I am just asking because

she paused, leaving words in her mouth but also intriguing me into questioning her.

“Because what?” i questioned, watching her face with curiosity building inside me.

“Is he dating someone? Or has he found a mate yet?” her interest in Thiago could be just to see how I react.

“I don’t know, I never asked,” i lied and pretended to look as calm as I could be.

*Are you two good friends?” she continued to ask, making me wonder what she was up to.


133-She Wants My Mate

“What do you want, Christina? Have you and your brother not made our lives hell already?” I was tired of them entering our lives and turning everything upside down.

“Look! I just want to know because— I am interested in him. There is something about him that I cannot turn my face away from. He is unique, and defiantly the sexiest Alpha ever, but his silence is a kind of disturbing. It makes him sexy, but it also gives me no opportunity to talk to him.” hearing her talk paragraphs about my mate and praising him was just the next level.

She had left me stunned when she expressed her adoration to him. I watched her face in silence for a moment before I started laughing sarcastically

“You think I don’t know what you are trying to do?” I thought maybe she was still looking for a reaction from me, but a frown on her forehead said otherwise.

“Umm! I don’t know what you are thinking, Hun. But I honestly just wanted to know about him. Anyway, I can pursue him now that I know he isn’t dating anyone,” she shamelessly announced her next plans and head back to her bed.

My heart was doing all sorts of flips inside my chest once she told me how interested she was in him.