Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 132

Chapter 132

132-They Are Causing Troubles

*Thiago, wait!” Zander set me free, so I rushed after Thiago, but he had sprinted out of the room looking very upset with me.

“Shit! I cursed, standing at the door and worried about what he might be thinking of me.

“Ah! Him too? Zander’s comment turned me around on my heels to look at him, “What? why would you run after him like that? Wait! Does Maynard Know Thiago too is fucking you?” the way Zander was treating me was slowly making me lose my mind. He was the reason it all happened

* will see you.” 1 grunted and then turned around, I bumped into the hard chest of Maynard. He had his eyebrows knit together and his eyes narrowed at me. I bet they all had one class free, and they decided to run into me at a very wrong time.

“What is happening here?” Maynard questioned, averting his eyes to the back to stare at Zander, who was now picking up a shirt and wearing it on.

“I found him fucking some girl in my bed,” I muttered, “and then he had the nerve to make a move on me.” that was it. Why do I have to hide the truth? I didn’t do anything wrong.

“What?” the moment Maynard stepped back from me, I reckoned I should have kept some things to myself. He didn’t give it a second thought and lunged at Zander. The first punch he threw at him hit him in the jaw.

Zander was not at all expecting Maynard to get physical with him. He lost his balance and landed on Thiago’s bed when Maynard got on top of it and began to hit him repeatedly.

“Maynard! Let go.” I rushed to the asshole’s aid, not because I was worried for him, but because I didn’t want Maynard to get in any trouble. Zander was not an omega, so Maynard cannot just throw him around.

“Let him go. He is just an asshole.” I was holding Maynard’s arm, but he set himself free to keep hitting Zander. That’s when Christina arrived and ran to push Maynard away from her brother.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ANIMAL SHIT? YOU CAN NOT USE US AS YOUR PUNCHING BAGS,” she screamed at the top of her lungs when checking up on her brother, who spit the blood out of his mouth and got on his feet.

ASK YOUR ASSHOLE OF A BROTHER WHY WAS HE MAKING MOVES ON MY MATE?” Maynard didn’t hold back either. He raised his voice and glared at Zander.

“What? why would he make a move on her?” his sister was disgusted just by the idea of her brother hitting on me.

*Ask him.” Maynard was getting out of hand. I was holding his hand and preventing him from getting near either of them. The siblings were the type to use anything to their advantage.

*Zander! Is it true?” Christina did just as Maynard had asked her to do. Zander steadily rubbed his chin to clean the blood before he muttered

“She is sleeping with all three of them, so I thought why not?” he shrugged his shoulders when commenting out of his ass.

“And before you even lung at me again. Your other roomie also got upset and boy oh boy! She was straight up knowing he saw her with me.” that look of confidence plastered on his lips shook me to my core.

“What roomie?” Maynard’s tone changed. I knew what Zander was doing. He was going to use an earlier incident to make me look bad.

“The one who is always angry.” Zander answered, “Thiago!”

I found Maynard slipping his hand out of mine and turning to me before he watched Zander’s face again.

“How dare you accuse her of cheating on me?” just when I thought Maynard would believe him, he shocked me by taking my side.

“Even if she was cheating on me with him, it still doesn’t excuse you hitting on her when she is not having it.” Maynard was back at raising his voice at Zander, whose smirk had withered away now.

*That will be enough. We get it. Your precious little mate doesn’t like being hit on, noted!” Christina was still very loud, whereas Zander was now not taking any more risks of pissing off Maynard. The only excuse he had to turn Maynard against me had slipped out of his hands when Maynard didn’t believe him.

Maynard then held my hand and walked me out after him to the hallway. Just a few steps into the hallway and he let me go.

“I know you — were disturbed that Thiago saw you with him.” Maynard’s voice held pain. “And I kno—wl sound to be upset about it. As long as you two keep feeling the mate bond, these moments will occur,” he was looking away from me when talking about it.

“Maynard! It is not like that. I just was worried about what he will think about me. I don’t want to be seen as someone who is sleeping with everyone,” i tried to explain, but I couldn’t deny the fact that it did matter to me what Thiago will think of me.

“You don’t have to explain anything to me. I will have to endure until you reject them,” he murmured faintly, not even passing me a glance and heading away from me. I reckoned he needed time. It was sad how he sounded when talking to me about my mates and also acknowledging I cannot stop worrying about them and he will have to live with it.


132-They Are Causing Troubles

After he left, I walked back into the room to change my bedsheet and pillow covers. I was disgusted, to say the least.

Zander was in his bed, and his sister was cleaning his wounds.

“I never knew there are hoes as mates. I feel bad for that guy. He seems genuine while she is a slut on the next level.” i bet Christina knew I was listening, so she was talking with her ass out.

She still patching up her brother when making remarks about me.

“You are just jealous because you don’t have an Alpha for a mate.” that comment from the doorway brightened up my lips.

I didn’t need anybody to defend me when I am in a physical fight, but I do lack verbal savageness. Thankfully, one of my mates had arrived at the right time.

“Excuse you, I don’t want an alpha or whatsoever.” Christina turned to look at him and so did I. Lazlo rolled his eyes and walked into the room, passing me a sweet and reassuring smile.