Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 129

Chapter 129

129-What A Bitch!

“I am Christina Nolac,” the girl introduced herself with a mild hint of an attitude being displayed by her. She looked stern and very exhausted too. She barely made eye contact with anyone.

“I am Zander Nolac!” the handsome boy beside her was rather sweet. Or at least he seemed welcoming. We have introduced ourselves first.

These two were gamma rogues. They didn’t tell us which pack they belonged to before they left their pack. Their beds were set as told by Mr. Tripper after their arrival

Christina had already started unpacking her stuff while Zander was only inspecting the room.

*Soyou are his mate?” Zander asked me directly, I noticed Maynard’s grip tightening around my hand.

*Zander! Would you like to lend me a hand? Christina instantly turned her body to us and called for her brother, who nodded.

I could tell she didn’t like him talking to us or else she would have waited for him to finish talking to us first.

“Oh Boy!” Lazlo sighed, walking over to his bed and jumping in it comfortably after taking off his shirt.

“Oh hey!” Christina voiced, “do you mind putting it back on?” she complained, pointing at his shirt and not looking directly at him.

“Excuse me?” Lazlo shook his head to make sure he heard her right.

“It is inappropriate that you took your shirt off when there are two girls in the room. Well, I don’t know if she has a problem with it or not but I don’t like seeing unknown men naked,” the way she babbled it all in one breath made Lazlo sit straight and stare at her completely lost.

Maynard smiled, I bet he was happy that she was talking to Lazlo in such a tone. As for Thiago, he didn’t really pay attention to any of it like always

*Lady! Get back to shoving your clothes in the closet. If you have a problem with shirtless men, there is the door. Take it and ask Mr. Tripper to get you a new room.” he was offended when she made him realize he should be asking first if she is okay with him going shirtless.

*Asshole,’ she cursed, turning around to close the closet door first. Her brother was in the bathroom at this point. Lazlo got out of the bed after she cursed at him. I knew from the looks on his face that he was triggered.

“What did you call me?” he raised his voice, it was already getting out of hand.

| nuzzled Mayriard’s hand to get it under control before it becomes hard for us to stay in the same room in peace.

“Hey! cut it out,” Maynard agreed with me and jumped between them. The moment he intervened, I saw her rolling her eyes.

“Now the one hiding behind his chic realized he needs to man up?” that comment met with a gasp from me and a grunt from Maynard. He turned around and faced her, I noticed how tall he was to her.

He glared at her in a threatening way and muttered, “The same way your brother is tied to your nasty tail?” he chewed upon the words and muttered at her.

She looked shocked and offended.

“How dare you insult me and my brother!” once she raised her voice, her brother ran out of the bathroom, wearing shorts only.

“Hey! back off!” Zander got between his sister and Maynard, threatening him into backing away.

“Then teach your sister to not run her dirty mouth in front of alphas,” Maynard has lost his patience with her, I would too. She was really an instigator. The way she was standing behind her brother with her arms crossed on her chest and her foot being tapped on the floor, I could tell she was happy to involve her brother in her mess.

“We are not afraid of no alphas and neither are we from any pack.” Zander was a warrior and a rogue, he was fearless but also wrong in this situation. His sister was coming off as a very hard-to-deal with kind of person.

“Y- Maynard was beginning to lose his temper when Thiago got out of the bed and gently tapped his chest to set him back.

*Pack your bags and get out!” Thiago didn’t raise his voice; he didn’t even argue. His command brought a frown upon their forehead, ‘And wear your goddam shirt because there is a girl here who, unlike your sister, is not used to naked men arguing over nothing. the way he warned him in a deep and commanding voice, silence took over everyone.

“He sta-

now that everybody had gone silent, Christina spoke up again, only to be shut down by Thiago again.

“If you are going to ask Lazlo to put on a shirt, keep the same energy for your dim-witted brother, the fact that he wasn’t even sounding angry was creepy. His words were highly aggressive but his tone was calm.

“Come on! let’s not argue with them, she finally realized they were outnumbered. Holding her brother’s arm, she pulled him back and away from the three powerful alphas.


129-What A Bitch!

I was further pushed to the corner because this girl was going to be staying in the same room as us. We needed as much peace as we could get but with her arrival, it was beginning to look impossible.

Soon they settled down and night arrived. We were all sitting in our beds and study tables to catch up on the assignments pending on us.

Thiago was the only one lying in his bed and staring at his cellphone’s screen. I noticed how he would bring it close and then pull it away as if he was trying to see something not visible to his naked eye.

“I am sleepy! Can you all shut the lights down now?” I knew it. Christina had been silent for too long. She was bound to speak up and do something to grab attention for herself.

“We are working.” It was the first time that I spoke up. The lights were not supposed to go out before 10, so she was at fault.

“Excuse me?” she voiced,

I ignored her and kept working on my assignment.

“Christina! Let it be,” Zander voiced and eyed her to not start again. They have embarrassed themselves before so I really appreciated her brother understanding she needs to shut up.

“Fine.” she got up from the bed and attended to the bathroom to get ready for the night. I was in my black PJs and the others were in shorts and shirts.

The door to the bathroom opened after about an hour and out came Christina wearing sexy blue lingerie with a net gown on.

The sight wasn’t only caught by me, I noticed my mates looking all shocked too.