Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 128

Chapter 128

128-The Troublemakers

“Ahhh! I haven’t trained for years to lose to some kids,” he was changing his target between Thiago and me.

“You freaks have ruined the natural hierarchy. Even if I don’t get to live, I’ll make sure I go down after taking one of you with me,” he muttered, darting anger through his eyes at us.

The wind howling and ringing in our ears was making it so hard to hear any of what he was saying correctly.

We had to keep our focus on his words as well as his finger on the trigger.

“Well, I have made my decision. I know who to start with,” His lips formed a smirk as he moved his gun one by one from us and then went back to pointing it at Thiago.

My body shuddered, it was a reflex. Watching him aim at my mate had fucked me up.

It appeared as the time stopped, everything slowed down and I began to shiver. I lowered my chin and glared at him through my eyebrows.

*Oh! Little birdie is angry?” his voice sounded like an echo, my head was doing some sorts of sprinting in my skull.

I did notice my mates look in my direction but they were in the blur now.

| steadily raised my hands adjacent to my body and Mr. Kay’s hands started shaking.

He frowned when beginning to lose control.

“What the fuck! You took off the—argh” he was still pointing his gun at Thiago but he had lost his posture.

He was slowly kneeling down as I caused him pain in the head.

“What is going on?” the fear and confusion in Lazio’s voice was an evidence that he was starting to see what I meant when I said I’ve some unique powers.

I didn’t look away from Mr. Kay, and then unthinkable happened. He screamed at the top of his lungs and dropped his gun.

“AHHHHHHHH!” I too screamed when my mind lost control, and used all the power.

The air filled with our cries, one agonizing and the other’s filled with power and rage. It was then his head exploded and shouts of panic hit the surroundings.

“What the fuck?” Maynard voiced,

I bet Thiago and Lazlo mumbled something too. I remained in my position for a minute before my body lost its balance and I collapsed.

That sight of Mr. Kay’s head exploding was going to remain in my memory forever.

Maynard must have picked me up and took me back. Because I slept in a comfortable bed for hours before beginning to wake up. My body was still hurting with my head throbbing excessively.

“Ah!” I sighed as I changed my side. My muscles were still sore but it was the recollection of what had happened that compelled me into opening my eyes instantly and sitting upright.

I stared in the surrounding and acknowledged I was in my dorm. Maynard saw me waking up and rushed beside me.

“Hey!” he reckoned I will be a mess. I felt his hand being wrapped around my shoulder but the reality was setting in steadily.

I remembered the deadly moments from earlier where I killed someone and my consciousness began to guilt tripping me.

“I killed him.” i uttered, “I could have just made him drop the gun but instead, I killed him.” I was weeping beyond control. Maynard had filled me in his arms and comforting me.

“No! you did the right thing. Didn’t you hear him? he was not going to sit back and let us get away. Thiago was an idiot to suggest we leave him alive. That man had killed so many innocent creatures in his cellar. Do you think he would have left us too?” Maynard grunted as he disagreed with Thiago.

“You did the right thing. You saved us all,” Maynard’s voice softened when he kept hugging me.

The door opened and Lazlo walked in with Thiago behind him.

“Hey! she woke up.” Lazlo commented, wearing a huge smile across his lips to greet me.

“Hey,” Thiago murmured softly, sitting down on his bed, “have you been crying?” he continued to ask me in his deep voice.

“She is feeling the heat for killing that asshole,” Maynard set me free from his arms. But instead of Thiago responding to us, Lazlo spoke up.

“What? are you kidding me? that was so fucking dope. The way you exploded his head. I didn’t know you have such powers, they are incredible,” Lazlo refused to sit down or stop talking about my powers.

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128- The Troublemakers

*You two had gone to speak to Mr. Tripper, what did he say?” Maynard broke Lazlo’s attention from me and questioned the two.

I was still recovering from the trauma of that night. I still wanted to know a lot of things but let them discuss whatever they were talking about first

“They said they will adjust another bed right beside Thiago’s bed, and one near Enya’s bed,” Lazlo’s energy went down when talking about his meeting with Mr. Tripper,

*Another bed?” I raised a question. I haven’t been to the academy in days so it was all kind of new to me.

“Oh! I believe we forgot to tell you. We are having another roommate, actually, two of them,” Lazlo scratched the back of his neck and my eyes widened in surprise.

“Mr. Tripper said everybody is supposed to have 5 roommates. So with these twins arriving, we will be 6 in the room.” he then added and my mind went blank

“Twins? Who are they?” I inquired, watching them shrug their shoulders.

“Well, we haven’t met them yet. But I believe they will be here soon,” Maynard added.

“Wait! What about Mr. Kay’s house? He will have evidence on us all. His dead body will still be there,” I was consumed by too many thoughts to focus on our new roommates.

“We took care of that though,” Maynard whispered under his breath. There was a hidden hesitation I spotted in his tone.

What do you mean by that? Tell me what did you do?” i asked, staring at all of them one by one.

“Well, we—- We umm—– We set the mansion on fire,” Lazlo said it casually, but the stammering said it all.

I know it was too much but it was needed. Instead of arguing with them, I understood I cannot be the one to talk about right and wrong after killing someone.

It was then the door opened and our roommates entered. I was instantly taken aback by the sight of them.

Long red hair girl with black eyes and a red haired guy with similar colored eyes!