Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 127

Chapter 127

127-One Must Die

My body felt heavy as the wolfbane restricted me from moving a muscle. He had crawled on top of me to chain my hands apart.

It was ironic how he had injected so much wolfbane into our bodies yet he was afraid to set us free. He had to tie us in order to bring his nasty fantasies to life.

“The moment he was about to chain my hand; the power ran out. The silence and immobility in his body suggested it wasn’t a natural occurrence.

He paused for a minute before he got off me.

“Ugh! must be the thunderstorm,” he convinced himself and grabbed a flashlight from the side table. He walked away from us to start a generator in the backyard. The room was entirely dark now but would be lit up whenever the lightning will brighten it.

“Nia! Please wake up,’ I was now in an emergency calling for her attention to gain some strength. Sadly, I couldn’t even take off the bracelet it has to be someone else. Lazlo and Maynard were so intoxicated and in such extreme agony that I couldn’t expect them to touch any more silver.

I closed my eyes and a tear rolled my eye because I have reckoned there was no one saving me tonight. It was then I heard something and opened my eyes suddenly. It was as if I heard a heartbeat but that can’t be it. I could barely hear my own heartbeat, how the heck was going to hear somebody else’s heartbeat?

I looked in the direction of the door which was completely dark and then the lightning lit it up only to show a shadowy figure standing in the door. My heart skipped a beat when seeing someone there.

Even when I couldn’t see his face clearly, I could tell who it was.

“Thi-” I paused when the room darkened again, and when it illuminated again, there was nobody there. Maybe I imagined it, my brain was now playing games with me, it seemed.

Tears ran down my eyes and I helplessly rested my head back.

Power was back again after Mr. Kay had started the generated. He even showed up in the room, all excited and enthusiastic.

“Now!” he stood in my feet and unbuckled his pants, “I should not waste any minute because I am so damn hard,” he chuckled at his own evil plans. As he was about to pull his dick out, he stopped because he realized, we weren’t alone.

The look of fear on his face when stepped back from me was something else. Even I felt goosebumps when I heard loud panting from outside the room.

“He—y! who is there?” Mr. Kay looked around to find a weapon but it was too late. The person entered the room with his eyes shedding blood out of anger and his teeth turned into fangs. Thiago was glaring deep into his soul as he stepped in.

He came?

I thought he wouldn’t come because that’s what he expressed.

“You will touch her?” Thiago asked in a deep and scary voice. Even my body was covered in goosebumps when hearing him.

“Stand back,” Mr. Kay ordered, stepping back from Thiago as he took steps closer to him. The way Thiago was breathing and talking was able to bring shivers down my spine too.

He was looking much bigger and taller, his wolf was about to take over but he was fighting to only channel through his powers.

“Your hands will be touching her tonight?” Thiago repeated the threat Mr. Kay had made to him earlier when trying to lure him in.

“I will see what your hands can ever touch again,” Thiago grunted before he lunged at me. The moment Thiago grabbed him, he threw his body against the wall. Mr. Kay let out a cry and suffered.

“ARGHH!” Mr. Kay let out another cry when Thiago bit him in the neck. The way he chewed upon his flesh and cut a piece of him was truly terrorizing

Mr. Kay was getting beaten up until it seemed like he wasn’t going to wake up. Thiago, once done with him, turned to me and then passed a quick glance at the others. I saw Lazlo raising his face and smiling weakly.

*You thought I was going to leave you behind?” Thiago said it directly to Lazlo, who looked very comfortable when watching Thiago display emotions for him.

Thiago then turned to me and his face faded. I don’t know what that emotion was but he pulled my hand up and rolled me over his shoulder first

The fact that he chose to take me to the safety first confused me about his statement regarding hating me. He rushed out of the mansion and laid me down on the grass.

“I will be back in a minute,” he whispered very sweetly, taking off his coat and putting it over me because the wind was colder than ever.



127-One Must Die

He then disappeared into the mansion but that’s when I tried to raise my body up. I don’t know what happened but after his arrival, I was beginning to feel a little spark of energy in my body. One by one, he brought the others out as well. Now that we were all sitting on the mountain and freeing our hands, I stared at the big mansion ahead of me.

“The hunter!” I whispered,

Maynard pulled closer to me and took the bracelet off my wrist. He stared at it for a moment and then shoved it away.

“We must leave. He will wake up any time soon,” Thiago said in a raspy voice. He was helping Lazlo free himself. Now that we all had our hands free from silver, we could move around but our bodies were still very weak.

“What about him? are we really leaving him behind? He has Enya’s phone. He has all the information he needs from us. He can literally tell the world about Enya and you,” Maynard didn’t use sarcasm or mockery this time.

“He is right! But what about Enya? He cannot punish her just because she is friends with Thiago,” Lazlo said, getting up on his feet with the support of Thiago.

It was then I fathomed he really didn’t know about my powers.

“Guys! We cannot just kill someone like that,” Thiago surprisingly shook his head, “I will try to leave him far away and find something to make sure he doesn’t return. But we cannot kill. We are not him,” Thiago stated, displaying emotions.

I don’t know whose side I was on; I was still recovering from the trauma when I heard a click.

We all turned silent and look in the direction of the Mansion.

“You all thought you will survive?” it was Mr. Kay with a gun pointing at Thiago. We knew what was in the gun,

Silver bullets.