Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 123

Chapter 123

123-His Dirty Fantasy

Enya’s POV:

He left me tied to the wall after he smelt my neck. He had also recovered my phone’s contacts and called someone right in front of my face.

I was clueless at this point. My body had lost blood after he kept stabbing me with a knife whenever I failed to answer his question.

The door to the cellar unlocking meant he had returned after being gone for a few hours. I straightened my back, but my body was numb with my arms hurting. They were pinned to the wall with silver chains, spread away from my body.

Argh!” I heard a grunt and then something heavy rolled down the stairs and landed on the ground. I shook my head to clear the blurred vision and to my surprise, I realized it wasn’t some object but Maynard that he had pushed down the stairs.

“MAYNARD!” the instant panic I received resulted in shouting his name. “What have you done to them? Why did you bring him here?” | started screaming when he came into my sight. He didn’t answer me. Instead, he held Maynard’s hands and dragged him to the cage on the opposite wall. He locked him inside and then walked upstairs again.

“MAYNARD!” I shouted his name, wriggling my hands and crying. I have turned so weak in the last hours that I couldn’t resist streaming the tears down.

It was then he dropped another body down and this time; I gasped. It was Lazlo!

“Lazlo!” I said his name with a gasp. Mr. Kay walked down to grab him and put him in a separate cage. By this point, I was afraid Thiago was going to be the next one, but that didn’t happen.

Once he had caged them right in front of me, he walked over to me with a smirk drawn over his lips.

“So! These two are your friends.” he looked too proud of himself after he brought the two innocent mates of mine here.

“Why are they here? What are you trying to do to them?” I screamed, moving my body around to free myself and punish him.

“Nothing! I jus–t,” he paused, rubbing his chin between his fingers, when I smelt your neck, I realized you haven’t been marked. And then I checked your phone and wow! I read your texts with them. They are your mates? Not to mention, that Alpha King is also your mate?” he laughed, shaking his head at me.

“Let them go, you asshole!” I didn’t care what sick thoughts he was having towards us. I just wanted to be freed so that I can save my mates

“Aw! Look at you. Having so many mates yet nobody claimed you? How sad is that?” he faked a pout. “You know, it would be so interesting when I will see them fuck you together. Boy, oh boy! I really have some wild fantasies.” His smirk was the most disgusting thing ever after he explained his kink to me.

“Let us go,” I clenched my jaw, not crying anymore.

“Or— how amazing it would be to fuck you while they watch and feel their dicks getting hard in their pants?” he brought his face near my ear and whispered the vilest and revolting thing ever.

I closed my eyes as his words caused me shame, but then I reckoned he shouldn’t get away with saying all these things. I opened my eyes, and without any delay, bit his ear.

“What the f argh! Let —0.” his scream filled the cellar. He placed his hands on my chest and pushed himself away. The instant he pulled back, he touched his ear, and the part of it gone missing shook him.

“You—,” he was in shock, bleeding excessively from his ear. I spat the part of his flesh out of my mouth and deepened my glare at him.

“OH you fucking slut!” with those words being said, he raised a punch and hit me hard in the jaw. I honestly lost my balance but couldn’t meet the floor. My arms stretched in pain when my knees lost their balance.

He then cupped my face in his hard grip and made me stand up by force.

** You have no idea what I will do to a freak like you now. Your mates will see it and suffer while I fuck every hole of yours in front of them. I will impregnate you and make a powerful baby.” His thoughts and plans shocked me.

My eyes widened, and that’s when a smile crept over his lips. He liked seeing me shocked and terrorized.

* And in the meantime, I will bring that monster mate of yours. What was his name again? The guy you all have been taking care of? Oh yes! Thiago Shepard!” he had gathered that information from my phone.


123- His Dirty Fantasy

My body froze when I heard him say his name.

“Do you even know what I will do to him? I will use his sperm to create monsters and at the same time, I will tell him to the museums. Oh! will make some dollars from showing that Lycan to the world.” Once he said his name, my heart stopped beating.

“Wait a minute! You didn’t know what he was,” that smile of contentment on his lips made me sick to my stomach.

“He is a fucking Lycan! The first and last,” his eyes shone with satisfaction, “his wolf is still an infant, but I will make recordings of his progress after I fuck your pussy every night in front of him and these assholes. You people with packs thought we rogues were clueless. Let’ s see how you escape my cage,” he brought his face closer and stretched his tongue out to lick my face.

I closed my eyes, feeling humiliated and disgusted.

“You taste so good,” he uttered before his other hand grabbed my shirt and pulled it up until my bra was visible.

“Don’t be shy. I was the one who changed your dress. I have seen your body fully naked already.” The way he laughed a little before roaming his hand around my naked stomach filled my body with extreme anger.

“DON’T FUCKING TOUCH HER!” i had no clue when Lazlo woke up, but he grunted and started protesting hard.

“Ah! Look at him. He is the one who is dating your enemy? I read it all. Why don’t you punish him?” he was now trying to manipulate me.

I don’t know how we landed in this mess, but there seemed to be nothing we can do to get out of this mess now and Thiago will never come to save me.