Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 120

Chapter 120

120-Breathing On My Skin

“That’s stupid. Why would anyone want to keep a monster safe?” I rolled my eyes but when watched his face, I caught him smirking at me.

Anyway, thank you so much for your hospitality but I would like to leave now. And it’s fine. I’m not afraid of any monster or these mountains,” I only tried to get up from my seat when he placed his hand on my shoulder and forced me to sit down.

He did it so fast that I almost lost what I was intending to do.

“Is it because you are hiding that monster? Or is it because you have some unique powers?” as he bent down in my ears and whispered creepily, I understood he knew all along it was me.

“Get your hand off me.” I muttered but the moment I tried to turn around and do anything to get away from him, he tied a bracelet around my wrist.

My skin burned with the silver bracelet. I winced in pain and get off the chair, landing on the floor with my hand shaking.

“What the heck did you do?” I let out a cry, crawling away from him.

“It is a solver bracelet with a secret ingredient to prevent you from casting any sort of spell or doing magic,” he was now beginning to reach me steadily.

“What?” I looked at the bracelet and when tried opening it, my palm burned like I have been set on fire, “Arghhhh!” I screamed in a whimper.

“Now! You are going to take me to that friend of yours,” he pulled a knife out from behind his pants and waved it while squatting down in front of me, “That monster friend of yours,” once he explained what he wanted from me, I realized he was the Hunter himself.

“Yes! The fear on your face tells me you know I am the one you tried fooling the other day. I would have never thought you were that she-wolf had you not used your magic when you woke up.” He was beginning to seem very different and dark from the way his eyes were flashing his wolf.

“Why do you think I know where he is at? | w-as running away from him. I don’t know who he is,” I stammered when trying to come up with an excuse.

“Ah! You distracted me on the mountains to save his ass.” He smirked wider as if he had caught me in a lie.

“I was saving my-self. Look at these bruises, he tried to kill me,” I was helpless with Nia being missing.

“If he wanted to kill you, you’d be dead by now. He cares about you so he resisted somehow. Which is why, when he will find out I got his little birdie, he will come here in search of you,” he was now explaining his plan, and honestly speaking, I was scared of him.

“He hates me,” I said but Mr. Kay was already done with me. He got up on his feet and then grasped my hair in his hand to pull me up.

“I will wait for him to come here,” he added one last time before he dragged me behind him.

“Let go of me.” I was yelling and trying to fight but it was going in vain. He had taken me to the basement this time where he had many skeletal remains of probablyy wolves lying around.

I didn’t know what kind of mess I have landed into but Thiago was not coming here to save me. He had clearly said he hates me. Why would he come here when he can just let me die a slow and painful death?

Once he chained me from the wall, he stepped back and scanned me from head to toe.

“I am curious what kind of a monster you are yourself? I mean, look at you. You are just an omega but you were able to do magic. How?” he was still holding the knife in his hands.

“Let me go!” I muttered,

“Don’t use too much strength. Your wolf is sleeping because let’s just say I have injected the wolfbane in you when you were sleeping. So you probably have only a little of the strength left. Try keeping it intact, you might need it when I torture you to find out what are you carrying in your genes that makes you special than others,” he was yammering but my eyes were traveling around at the weird torture weapons lying at the corner of the basement.

“Don’t worry, those are for your monster friend. As for you, I am not sure where to begin from. So if I ask you any questions, I suggest you answer honestly or-,” he tightened his grip around the knife and with one fell swoop, cut my arm.

“ARGHHH! You asshole!” | screamed in pain, biting my bottom lip to subside my cries,

“Now tell me, which one of your parents was a freak?” he asked me the same question I wanted to know but then gave up on.

“I don’t know,” i grunted, feeling my blood running down my arm.

“Enya! Don’t be stubborn. I am not the one who would feel bad for those tears in your big eyes. I just need answers,” he groaned, showing exhaustion.

“I am telling yo-u what I know. They died when I was only 6. I didn’t know about my powers until now,” I was almost crying out of frustration. He was the one who knew a lot, if he would want to expose us, we are done.

“Oh wait!” he suddenly stopped pacing and walked closer to me.

The moment he was standing right a foot away from me, my heart started racing inside my chest.

“Ahh!” he smirked, bringing his face closer and hiding it in my neck, “Your heartbeat suggests you know what I am doing,” he laughed on my skin but all i felt was disgust and fright.

He was not in his senses and he had a different plan in his mind now.