Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 119

Chapter 119

119-The Hunter Saw Me

I walked out of the bathroom and left the room in search of that man. I thought I was in a cottage but it was vintage-style old mansion. Everything was in a much darker color

“Come here,” I was passing through the hallway when I heard him call for me. It almost scared me because I didn’t know he was watching me.

There was a dining room right at the corner of the hallway where he had been waiting for me. All the food on the table was a little too much. There were Italian dishes and different kinds of drinks. I must be dreaming.

“This mansion reminds me of fairytales,” I whispered to myself and sat down from across her. The long dining table between us was making it harder for me to get a glimpse of his face.

“I am Kay!” he introduced himself without displaying his surname.

“I am Enya!” I did the same, for some reason, I wasn’t feeling very comfortable.

“Enya! Let’s eat something and then we can get you to the pack nearby and you can call your warden,” his idea sounded promising.

I was very much up for the idea. I started eating the lasagna in haste so that the dinner can end soon and I leave the mansion.

I also ate the lasagna because that is the same he was eating too.

After I was done eating, the guy wiped his mouth and then went straight to the part where I was shocked.

“So who were you running from?” He asked me as he steadily wiped the paper towel between his hands.

“Igu-ess some rogue. I have never met him before,” I lied to keep Thiago’s identity concealed.

“He left some pretty bad marks around your neck,” he tilted his face. I knew he would mention those and he did.

“Yeah! He was powerful” I grabbed the water glass and tried drinking from him to delay and think over my answers first before replying to him.

“Aha! Maybe he was some sort of a unique creature,” he said, not breaking his stare from me. I was slowly getting nervous when noticing how sternly he was looking at me.

“I don’t think so. He was a regular burglar,” I was beginning to feel agitated with his questions. He was sounding like someone who knew some shit but wanted me to spill it.

“Ah! Perhaps with a lot of power?” He smirked to himself and my heart missed a beat.

“I think I should go give my warden a call. How far is the nearest telephone booth?” I asked him instead of letting him investigate me.

“It isn’t that far but my car isn’t in very good shape,” he let out a chuckle and then smirked again.

It wasn’t normal anymore. He was either trying to sound creepy or was batshit crazy. I nodded to myself and then looked around anxiously.

“I thought you said we will go find a phone to call my warden after we finish the dinner,” I was highly skeptical of him at this point.

He had been acting entirely different now. The way he was constantly bugging me to disclose the identity of the one who attacked me in the woods also raised my eyebrows.

“I believe I have scared you,” he stopped smirking and said carrying a serious face. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It was just that I live alone. I don’t know who I’m letting in,” he started explaining and the seriousness of his tone surprised me once again. He changed his attitude very quickly.

At this point, I reckoned even if I feel like something is wrong, I shouldn’t show it.

“That explains,” I lied, it didn’t explain shit.

“Just the other day,” just when I thought he would shut up, he got up from his seat and began to talk again, “there was news regarding a monster being found in the mountains. I believe it had to be some werewolf shifted into a monster. I am not saying you are the one, but we never know.” He was now strolling behind me and then taking a round of the table.

“Yeah! I heard about it.” I cleared my throat, he probably saw it in the newspaper.

“That’s why I think I should leave. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a cab from the road. I’m extremely thankful to you for helping me but it’s better for both of us. As neither of us can tell who is the monster?” I tried to laugh it off but I meant it.

He was not trustworthy,

“Ah! I scared you,” he stopped pacing right when he was beside me and sighed, “I wish I could let you go right now but you cannot leave,” his words compelled me into turning my body to him before I could display a shock, he added, “I live on mountains. It’s highly unsafe for you to wander around at this hour of the night. If not the monster, the Hunter will definitely catch you,”

Once I learned more about where I was, my heart began to throb in my head.

“A Hunter?” I let out a nervous chuckle, “aren’t they a myth?” I had no clue if I was able to convince him or not but I was trying to come off as ignorant and clueless as I could

“Oh! They are very much real. One showed up at my door the other day. Asking about some she-wolf,” he shook his head in disbelief but it wasn’t too odd for me

“A she-wo-If? Why a she-wolf? I mean, they hunt for monsters, right?” my palms were sweating and so were my temples. I didn’t want to show such a reaction but I was alone in a big ass mansion in the mountains with a stranger. And not to mention, there was no sign of Nia being around.


119-The Hunter Saw Me

I was beyond terrified.

“Oh yeah! That’s why he was looking for her. He saw a she-wolf leaving the part where he seemed to have spotted a monster. He probably thought she was hiding the monster,” he started walking away but only to take a turn and walk in my direction once again.

It seemed like he had stabbed me with something. Could it be that the hunter saw me the other day?

What if he finds out that I am in the academy and catches Thiago with my help of me?