Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 118

Chapter 118

118-The Stranger With Sexy Body

Enya Foster’s POV:

I have been gone for God knows how many hours. My body rested well, so I assumed I was sleeping somewhere comfortable whenever I did gain some strength to wake up. But it wasn’t long before I passed out the next minute.

Finally, after my body had recovered, I started waking up one more time. I squirmed in the bed and took a deep breath first. Looking around the room with my eyes partially open, I instantly recalled what happened that led me to take such a long sleep.

Shit!” I sat straight in the bed when found the room to be completely different from my dorm room, “Where the heck am I?” I asked myself, terrified to look down. I was not wearing what I exactly had worn before passing out.

“What?” I gasped, shocked at the change of clothes. I was beginning to panic now. The white shirt I was wearing was a men’s shirt.

“Hey!” I shouted, hugging myself in terror. My body was shaking and although there were no signs of a sexual assault or anything and I was still wearing my undies, I just couldn’t be sure.

“HEY!” I screamed and finally when answers became pertinent to be achieved. My calls were answered when a middle-aged man walked into the room. He was probably 47, and very handsome and gorgeous.

He had neat brown eyes and brown hair with a few streaks of silver in them. The white undershirt was making his biceps naked to my eyes. I could only think of him having abs.

“Don’t fret,” he must have noticed that I was panicking because the first thing he spoke was to calm me down.

“Why am I in this bed? What happened to my clothes?” I shouted, it was just that waking up in a middle-aged man’s bedroom in his clothes had triggered me that when I raised my voice, the interior shook a little.

I was not planning on displaying my powers but it happened out of blue. He took a few steps back with his hands raised and trying to tell me I am not in harm’s arms.

“I found you passed out on the road. Your clothes were wet and you were shivering. My maid changed your clothes, so don’t worry!” he smiled once he saw the harsh expressions on my face fading.

“You saved my life,” I uttered to myself once I have calmed down, “I am so sorry! I woke up petrified,” I excused and sat down in the bed again.

“It is okay. I am just curious what led you to be in the woods?” he walked over to the closet and brought my dress out.

“Th—, “I paused, I cannot tell him or anyone about Thiago. Sol zipped my lips tightly and he too noticed it.

“The maid had cleaned and ironed these,” he set them on the bed, and instead of waiting for the question he had asked me earlier, he began to look outside the window.

“You are still not sure if you can trust me,” he added and I didn’t say anything about it and decided to divert the subject.

“Thank you for everything. I’d like to leave now,” I said, remembering Thiago. I need to inform the others I lost him in the woods.

“I don’t think it is safe for you to leave at this time of night,” as he gently pushed the curtains to the side, I was surprised to see it was night already.

“Do you have a phone I can use? I need to inform my warden why I am not in the academy.” I tried telling him I am not rogue.

“Cellphone signals do not work here,” he sadly apologized, “I am a rogue. I don’t get to enjoy those facilities.” After he told me about him, I secretly gulped.

Rogues were not very fond of us. They would usually accuse us of robbing them of luxuries and the way he commented also proved his mentality. I was now doubting if I made the right choice by telling him I was not a rogue.

“Don’t worry. I don’t hate any pack or its members. I left my pack on my own free will. It was just that I was not the type who can follow rules very much,” he addressed the look on my face with a mild hint of playfulness.

“Anyway! Get changed and then join me for dinner. Since you are going to be staying here, I wouldn’t want you to starve,” he chuckled at me for acting like he was some sort of a danger.

“If I had to hurt you, I would have done it when you were passed out.” He finally mentioned the elephant in the room before walking out on me.

I had been silent this entire time. I got up on my feet and held my clothes tightly.

“Nia! Are you alright?’ I called for her since she hadn’t spoken to me or gave her input after we woke up. I understand she was hurt because her mate trying killing her. But we cannot blame Thiago entirely. His wolf made him lose his control. We all carry secrets inside our hearts. There are times when we hate each other too,

I don’t know who I was fooling because Thiago’s words rang through my ears and my body shuddered.

Thate you!

He said it. He called me so many things along with it. I never knew he carried this much resentment towards everyone. No wonder he didn’t want to stick

along. I was more worried for Lazlo than myself.



118-The Stranger With Sexy Body

“Nia! I would really appreciate your help right now,’ I whispered as I walked into the bathroom to change.

While taking a quick shower, my eyes landed on the marks Thiago had left on my neck. His handprints were visible. The man I didn’t even know the name of must has seen these.

It was then my eyes traveled to my back. There was some mark on my back but I couldn’t really tell what it was.