Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 117

Chapter 117

117-1 Am A Loser!

Lazlo’s POV:

The moment I punched him, he lost his balance and landed on the ground. It took him about a second to gather his thoughts and get on his feet to counterattack. As his wolf flashed through his eyes, he launched a punch at me.

I got hit in the jaw but was quick enough to wrap my arms around his neck and knee him in the face. His blood splattered everywhere but that’s when he held onto my leg and tossed me on the ground. The instant he punched me again, I blocked his attempt and tried tossing him around.

It didn’t do much because soon we were only tossing each other and blocking the attacks only. I was ready to use my strength on him when he heard crazy howling from the deep woods. And our fight was finally dissolved.

“That’s him,” the fear in Maynard’s voice was noticeable.

“I hope he comes and chews your filthy flesh,” I grunted, pushing him off me and getting on my feet.

“I will fucking kill him if he had laid a finger on Enya!” Maynard threatened, looking around to get an idea where to begin the search from.

“If only you can fucking get near him,” i knew he was just talking out of his ass. It wouldn’t be a child’s play for him to even get closer to Thiago.

“I can sense her scent leading up to the road,” Maynard whispered, and I followed him in silence. After the things he said to me, I acknowledged not everyone is your friend. People use your weakness just to take advantage of you. I was a fool to let it happen and lose a mate to this asshole.

“That’s it,” Maynard stopped in the middle of the road and our eyes widened at the drops of dried blood on the road. “Sh-e is fine,” Maynard stuttered, “If anything happened to her, there would be more blood. It seems like sh-e got help,” he uttered to convince himself she is fine.

“I hope so,” I couldn’t be sure. Even if she got help, where the heck did she go?

“Do you think she went back to the academy or got taken to the hospital?” I was panicking now; it could be seen from me talking to this asshole again.

“I don’t know,” Maynard whispered cluelessly.


A painful grunt woke me to my surroundings. It has to be Thiago. I left Maynard on the road and walked into the woods again to look for Thiago.

I knew Maynard was following me but I didn’t care about him anymore. “I don’t think we should be walking straight to the monster,” Maynard whispered, calling Thiago a monster was another reason why I thought Maynard has changed.

Whenever Thiago used to get in pain before, Maynard would take care of him. Now he didn’t care about the world but himself.

“You can leave if you wan-“I paused watching Thiago on the ground and curled up into a ball.

*Thiago!” Ignoring Maynard, who tried to grab my hand to keep me behind, I reached for Thiago. I knelt down with him and turned him over to me.

He was in so much pain that it was unbearable for him to open his eyes. I checked his fever and he seemed to be on fire.

“We need to take him back to the cabin,” I whispered but when looked at Maynard for help. I found him scoffing and shrugging his shoulders as he cared less about Thiago.

“Maynard! He is suffering.” I glared at him but he showed the same expression. I even wondered if he wanted to get Thiago in trouble.

“He can die right here and I wouldn’t care. He is the reason my mate is missing. I don’t give a shit about him,” Maynard hunched over and placed his hands on his knees to mutter those words to me.

“You can leave Maynard. Find Enya!” I didn’t want to get angry at him. I was just surprised how we were all acting. He rolled his eyes and sped away.

I was worried for Enya too; my wolf was at comfort so I could tell at least she was somewhere safe for now.

The word for now was my nightmare.

*Let’s take you back to the cabin,” I smiled at Thiago, the smile was weak and miserable.

I pulled him over my shoulder and took him back. By the time, I have arrived and settled him in the bed, I realized he was awake again.

“Huh! look at you,” he muttered, “Pathetic piece of shit.” I have heard him grunt at me nonstop. Especially when I had chained him to the bed with silver chains.

“Say all you want, I am not leaving your side,” i told him, tightening the locks on his feet. I reckoned he needs to be locked and chained before the hunter finds him lurking around and cages him.

It must be painful for him but it was much needed.

“Because you think we can ever be brothers. No way! I would accept a brother like you. You are a product of bastard blood. Nobody wants you,” at this point, I understood he was forced to speak his thoughts aloud.

But it was the fact that he had so much hate for me and everyone, yet he was always there in silence, helping us.

“You think I don’t know how you helped me when somebody tried to hurt me a month ago? I remember it,” I said, “I know you hate me. But I cannot hate you.” I answered.

“Because you are not immune to my charms. Just like that slut of a mate, Enya! Why do you think she hasn’t slept with you yet because she surely did sleep with Maynard and me? It is because she knows you are not worth it. Quit it, Lazlo, you need to find yourself a better hobby.” Thiago tried to free himself but I shook my head silently.

“I am not leaving you, Thiago! Say what you have in your heart. By the end of the day, you are stuck with me. Because I do care for you,” the tears in my eyes made him silent.

I have been alone for too long, my wolf has finally found comfort in him.