Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 116

Chapter 116

116-The Lost Trust

Lazlo’s POV:

“What do you mean by you felt like she was dying?” Maynard was tailing after me the instant I straightened my back and got on my feet to leave the academy.

“My wolf felt it,” I explained, rushing past the students in hurry.

“But why didn’t mine feel anything?” Maynard seemed to have taken an offense over something that could be dealt with way later. Her safety should be our first priority.

“Lazlo! I am sure she is fine because my wolf is feeling fine,” Maynard explained as he rushed after me. I didn’t respond to him because he sounded too delusional when getting worked up at the fact that his wolf didn’t feel any pain.

“Ugh!” i groaned when almost got hit by a tree branch. I don’t even recall how much strength I used to reach the cabin at a quick pace.

“The river, dude!” I growled at Maynard when watched him trying to make a way into the cabin, “Where is your head at?” I then groaned at him for being too absent. He had been acting weird lately but that wasn’t the basic point of the concern for me.

We kept going until we reached the River and that is where I realized the shit has hit the fan already.

“They are not here,” my lips murmured and Maynard stopped moving.

“Where are they?” the terror I heard in his voice was the indication that he wasn’t completely cold. He had been super distracted since morning but that would be the perfect time to say, he woke up.

As for me, my body began to feel agitated and nervous. I started looking around in worry when realized both of them are missing.

“Enya!” he called for her, rushing ahead of me.

“Thiago!” I called his name but the weirdness in the air was giving my body chills.

“Shit!” i cursed, “I knew we shouldn’t have let them stay alone,” there was a part of me that felt responsible. I shouldn’t have listened to Enya. She could have never handled him.

“Enya!” Maynard had sped away while I decided to first calm my nerves down and then gather my thoughts and look for the two.

Can you find her?’ I relied on Laz. He could be the only one to find them.

*I am not sure I can help you in this matter. See! We have never touched or slept with her. The lack of intimacy has caused me to not be aware of her scent to the level that I can find her from anywhere. Maybe we can ask Maynard?’ I didn’t like the suggestion but it was for the best.

Right now, our main purpose was to find them. I bet Maynard was already doing it. So I chased after him and found him sprinting in a zig-zag manner.

“Maynard!” I found it stupid, either he was wasting time or just too dumb. He finally stopped to my calls and I was surprised to see tears forming in his eyes.

“It is all me-ssed up,” he complained, shaking his head in disbelief.

“What do you mean by that? What are you sensing?” with my heart pounding inside my chest like crazy, I asked him.

“He-rscent is all over the pla-ce as if she was trying to get away from whoever was chasingh-er,” Maynard slapped his forehead, I sensed regret. I was regretting too. We shouldn’t have left her alone.

“Thiago!” he uttered before his expressions darkened, “He was the one who chased her,” He then confidently accused Thiago and grunted.

“Even if it is the case, it is our fault. We knew Thiago was not in the best condition,” I tried to make him understand why we cannot blame Thiago entirely.

“You are justifying his crazy actions? tell me why exactly were we even looking after him? has he ever been there for us?” Maynard was finally spilling his heart out. I knew it!

I knew he didn’t want to come here for Thiago and only came because of Enya.

“He doesn’t have to give us something back in order for us to care for him,” I wanted to shout at him but I didn’t.

He was worried and so was 1.

“Really? I am sorry but Thiago never even cared for us. Not to mention, he was forcing Enya to reject us.” He let out a scoff but it meant with my scrutiny. “What?” he yelled in my face, coming way too closer to probably make me silent.

Maynard had shown ever since he arrived at the cabin.

He was like a person who only cared about his mate. I understand anybody would do that but he wasn’t even completely there for her for the last few days.

He forgot my friendship too.

“That is not true. I am not insecure like that bastard Thiago!” his anger towards Thiago was getting under my skin.

“You were the one who tricked me into falling away from Enya. You made me contact Jessica and slid into Enya’s lap yourself,” i had anger bubbling up inside me ever since I reckoned how cunning he had been with me…

“It is not my fault that you were stupid enough to believe me,” as he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head at me, I felt betrayed.

“Right! You knew I had trust issues. You befriended me, only to use them against me. You used my emotions of relying on you as a brother to make me trust you.” I didn’t want to say it aloud because I felt weak when doing so.

Alpha must not show pain!

I grew up hearing it. I would write it down many times in a day when I would be locked and chained in the cellar.

“Huh! a brother! why would I think of you as my brother? you are just a loser! A pathetic loser who is last on his mate’s list.” That was it, his words compelled me into losing my shit.

Without further ado, I let Laz take over and attacked him.