Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 115

Chapter 115

115-When He Turns Crazy

Lazlo’s POV:

‘I hope they are fine.’ Laz whispered as I sat down with Maynard in the principal’s office. There was no use in talking about Thiago or asking for any sort of help from these two slow-wits. Mr. Tripper was a horrible man and Mr. Principal was a bigger ass himself,

I was present here physically but my brain was stuck in the cabin, still. Last time as I remember, Thiago was in so much pain when we were coming here..

And there was Enya!

No matter how much I try to convince myself she is not for me. That she has already accepted a mate, I cannot stop feeling this pressure inside me. Every time I am around her, I feel miserable and pressured to pursue her. Hopefully, it will change once we come back from the cabin. Out of sight! Out of mind!

“So, you two have been rather busy in extracurricular activities these days. You are barely seen inside the classroom,” Mr. Walter spoke while taking his glasses off.

Maynard and I shared a glance through our peripheral visions to prepare our answers accordingly. “My pack has,” I was cut short when Maynard and I complained in unison.

“So! Both of you are having troubles in your packs?” Mr. Tripper, who wasn’t even seated, asked as he played with the glass paperweight while hunching over the table between Mr. Walter and us.

“My pack is dealing with some ongoing problems and Maynard and his pack are supporting me in resolving them.” It made much more sense if I claim to have issues in my pack since I didn’t exactly have too many assistants to handle the issues in my pack.

“What about your mate? Is she too helping his pack?” Mr. Tripper asked Maynard and hearing him talk about Enya made my muscles feel a weird kind of heat.

I had to turn my face slightly to the window in order to not pay attention to him. Enya was not my problem; I shouldn’t be too concerned about her.

Then why couldn’t I stop focusing on her?

“No! she is with my parents,” Maynard responded aggressively. If I were him, I would have chopped off Mr. Tripper’s balls already for mistreating Enya.

But then again, who am I to judge him when I haven’t done anything for her ever? All I ever did to her was make her feel miserable. The problem lay in my childhood and how I grew up.

I was messed up in my head, but I had to hide it.

“Ah! Right! What about Thiago?” Mr. Tripper was passing us these fake smiles to let us know he was on our backs.

Maynard and I shared one last glance before I cleared my throat and said,

“He is in my pack, is there a problem with us trying to resolve our pack’s issues, sir?”

There it was. The bottled-up anger trying to explode. This had happened way too many times. I would get frustrated really soon. Every time I would feel like somebody is trying to take control of me, I would lose my shit.

It wasn’t healthy but that’s who I am now.

“No! Alpha Lazlo, you are taking Mr. Tripper’s intentions completely wrong. Actually, we have a new transfer student who would need assistance. We were going through the files and realized, who could be the better company for him. And your name popped up in the list,” Mr. Walter eyed Mr. Tripper to back off before he triggers me enough into a painful transition.

I bet they saw Laz peeking through my eyes. I tried to hold him in but sometimes he wouldn’t listen.

Trying to control me like a piece of shit.


Scumbag of a –

No! calm down, Lazlo. Now is not the time to lose my temper.

“Is everything okay?” Mr. Walter must have noticed I zoned out. I gave him a nod and then lowered my face to calm down.

“Then why am I here?” Maynard raised a good question. It was weird that they had called all of Enya’s mates in the same office.

I feared if it had anything to do with Enya. I swear I will rip his head off and –

No! Lazlo! stop

“Because I wanted to make sure none of his roommates will have any issue,” Mr. Walter sneakily picked up the phone and called the assistant to bring in something

“Why would we have an issue with Lazlo assisting some new student?” Maynard dropped his shoulders once his body relaxed at the thought that he wasn’


115-When He Turns Crazy

I the one getting in trouble.

“Because the student might need a little space in your room.” as Mr. Walter explained why exactly they had called us here; a frown took over my forehead.

“I beg your pardon?” I asked, leaning on the table a little and trying to read his mind.

Was he dense?

“Our room is pretty crowded actually. One more person in and we will turn into a sandwich,” Maynard was able to crack a joke even when it wasn’t funny.

I was getting anxious thinking about Thiago. I hope he would be fine.

“Currently, there is no room available for this student.” Mr. Tripper, after remaining silent for some time, decided he needs to talk again.

“Then don’t accept this student in the academy for now,” Maynard suggested but it got a smile of ridiculing from Mr. Tripper.

“We have to. Every other room has at least 6 students. As you may remember, it is basically an academy for the punished students. At least the ones who stay in the rooms. We have to relocate the new student’s stuff to your room. We were just hoping you would be hostile.” That was all Mr. Walter had to say.

I was honestly pissed that he wasted our time over something so ridiculous. It could have waited but no! they have proven they are idiots with a pea from a dick.

“Then it means we are free to go for now?” I chewed the words between my gritted teeth. I didn’t care if they saw me doing so, that was the plan.

“Yes! That would be it.”

We were dismissed and left the office in hurry.

“Enya is not picking up my calls,” Maynard had started dialing her phone the instant we stepped out. And then the unthinkable happened.

“ARGHHH!’ my wolf screamed and I landed on my knees.

‘She is dy-ing!’ as he explained what happened, my heart skipped a beat.