Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 113

Chapter 113

113-The Most Hated Luna Ever

“Thiago!” Maynard shook his head at him, holding his arms when he tried to get out of their grasp.

“Let’s cover his mouth first,” I tried to joke about it but his words had truly got me into thinking if this is what he truly thinks about me.

They grabbed him by force to take him out before he says the things that forces us to abandon him. Maynard dropped him over his shoulder after he passed out once again.

*Follow me,” I was now out of the cabin, leading the way. When Nia was bringing me here, I swear we spotted a river. It was a small one but it will be enough to give Thiago a cold bath. The three of us had overcoats on because of how cold it was.

“There!” I voiced excitedly once spotted the river. So I wasn’t wrong! They sat him down in the cold water while Maynard’s phone started ringing like crazy.

Although I was watching Thiago getting water splashed on his chest by Lazlo, my peripheral vision was caught on Maynard.

He pulled his phone out and instantly checked me, I tried to be subtle but I knew he had caught me side-eyeing his phone.

“Mr. Tripper is calling,” he said out loud, probably because he knew I was having other ideas.

“Not him at this time,” Lazlo groaned exhaustedly but then diverted his focus back on Thiago.

“Hey,” Maynard whispered, “Oh! Yeah! Of course. I am not sure about him but we can come,” he was acting weird when talking on the phone. From the get go, I knew something was wrong. The instant he cut the call, he shook his head first and then spoke to us, “Mr. Tripper wants both of us in the principal’s office. He even asked for Thiago but for now, I have delayed that issue. We need to go.” He told Lazlo that they had to go.

It wasn’t a good sign that they were getting called into the office. I could only imagine if we got caught in the mountains.

“What about him?” Lazlo refused to leave as he was worried for Thiago. I must have been too occupied by my mate bond with Maynard because I missed when Lazlo got so attached to Thiago.

“I can take care of him,” I suggested,

“That will do. Just make sure he remains cold. If anything, give us a call,” Maynard said as he eyed me to keep my phone on high volume.

“Are you sure you can take care of him? I mean what if the hunter comes back or he transitions?” Lazlo had countless worries bothering him. I couldn’t blame him though, even though I thought about it.

“The Hunter will not hurt a simple werewolf. He will have no idea Thiago is the one he is looking after. As for the transition thing, that will take time. But it will be all good because his transition is not a minute’s work. I will call you instantly if I see signs of transformation,” I told them in order for them to relax and leave.

“Okay! Then we will hurry up.” Lazlo nodded and left for the cabin to grab his stuff but Maynard stayed behind for a second.

“Message me if you need anything. I will bring it when coming back here,” he didn’t look at me but addressed me and then left for the cabin after Lazlo.

Now that I was left alone with Thiago, I sat down and gently grabbed the cold water-soaked towel and rubbed it on his chest and forehead.

“You will be fine,” I uttered in my mouth, gently rubbing the towel on his chest, “I know what you said back in there was harsh but you didn’t mean it. You are not the person who will call someone that,” I said as I closed my eyes and remembered even in the angriest of his moments, even when his wolf made him believe I was the one who killed his parents, he never really attacked me or said anything bad to me.

“But I meant it,” and then he suddenly woke up. My heart missed a beat when he grasped my wrist and pulled me into the river. It happened so quickly that I forgot to even resist.

“Thiago!” once in the water with him, I tried to free my wrist from him but he didn’t let go. He didn’t have his shirt on because we wanted to reduce the heat for him.

The cold water was a lot for me, I started shivering but he didn’t care.

“What did you say about me not meaning it? do you always fool yourself like that?” the hatred in his eyes was surprising.

“You are in a fever! You don’t know what you are talking about,” I hesitantly put my hand on his chest to pull him away but he didn’t even move a bit.

*Thiago! Let go, I am freezing,” I uttered helplessly, making more efforts than before.

“Oh come on! I know sluts like you love attention. Isn’t that why the moon Goddess gave you too many mates?” his comments from a clenched jaw hurt me.

“This is not you talking. You are un–der fever and your wolf-” I was still making excuses for his behavior when he finally snapped at me for not being taken seriously.

“Oh fuck you! This is exactly how I feel. Maybe you don’t know this but my wolf brings the true feelings out of me. And this is exactly how I feel about you. Not because I think you or your pack hurt my parents, but because you are fucking whore with too many mates. You love attention so much that you jump from bed to bed in a matter of seconds.” He had his hands holding my back with his nails clawing into my skin.

Tears covered my eyes when I heard him confess his true feeling for me. He hated the sight of me, and he said it.

“You know what? I hate you! I can’t even think anyone has ever been this unlucky to have a fucking slut of a mate like you,” He muttered when throwing me back in the water.

“And today I will free all the good souls from your mate bond,” it was then he got up and lunged at me to get his hands on my neck and push me in the