Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 111

Chapter 111

111-Now He Won’t Reject Her

“I brought the stuff and also your mate,” Lazlo, who had no clue what he had done, walked upstairs holding all the bags of stuff he had brought in.

“What? get out of my way, dude,” he groaned at Maynard, who hadn’t spoken a word to me. Lazlo put the stuff down and then turned to look at us in confusion.

“What is going on?” he looked confused, “How is he?” he then asked me. His eyes scanned Thiago and then a pout was formed across his lips. I bet he was lost why Maynard and I were standing so awkwardly and not speaking to each other.

“I am sure he is fine now since my beautiful mate kissed his forehead to sleep,” Maynard had seen it, his taunt brought wrinkles of confusion to be drawn onto Lazlo’s forehead..

‘If you two are planning on arguing over something, I’d suggest you do it downstairs. Thiago isn’t in a condition to be dealing with your messes,” Lazlo commented while putting out an ointment to clean Thiago’s wound.

“Maynard! Let’s go downstairs and talk,” I assumed he would need to speak to me. I felt bad that he saw me with Thiago. But I need to tell him it was nothing.

tonly felt bad for him and the mate bond caused me to care for him.

Thankfully, Maynard didn’t act how he would usually act. He walked ahead of me to the downstairs and I followed him.

Once we were in the living room, I cleared my throat to explain it to him but he spoke ahead of me.

“I came back because I was missing you. Enya! I was so worried when I couldn’t reach your phone that I put everything on halt back in my pack and rushed here. But what do I find? My mate has been hiding things from me. We were on call the entire night and you didn’t tell me you were in some cabin, taking care of your other mate. Not to mention, kissing him to sleep,” he had emotions in his voice when complaining about me not sharing it with him.

“I’m sorry! I should have told you, Maynard. I just was—,”I didn’t have an excuse to share with him.

“I left thinking I have upset you with the truth. You made me feel so guilty for spending one day and having lunch with my other mate while you spent a night with your two mates in a cabin in the woods. And then you kissed him,” he was pacing back and forth and rubbing his face in his hands.

He had every right to be upset and mad at me.

“It was nothing. I just felt bad for him,” I uttered, trying to explain the nonsense I did.

“Really? Why? What did he say so sad that you had to cross your limits and kiss him?” Maynard faced me and asked me, giving me a chance to explain myself to him.

“Umm! Just that he had an injury.” I lied, stealing eyes from him. I couldn’t really tell him Thiago’s secrets. He confided in me, probably not even realizing it and now Maynard wanted to know about it.

“Look at you. You are hiding it,” Maynard let out a grunt in protest.

“Dude! Did you come here for a honeymoon? I need your help,” Lazlo called for Maynard, who only shook his head at me in disappointment before running upstairs.

‘We messed up, didn’t we?’ I asked Nia, who was feeling a crumbling pain.

Her mate was mad at her so her feelings were all over the place.

‘We did, she mumbled in her mouth, ‘can I also confess something?’ she asked and I let her.

I’ve been feeling a strong mate bond with Thiago ever since we came here. And then after hearing his side of the story, I’m even ready to forgive himshe sounded sneaky as if she was trying to hint at something else.

‘Nia! We cannot, I tried to stop her but she hushed me.

‘Wait! I’m not done yet. Me feeling mate bond with Thiago is understandable because we are feeling for him. But I’m feeling some emotions for Lazlo too, I gasped at her words.

‘We cannot cheat on Maynard, I knew it wouldn’t be cheating but after I told Maynard I will choose one mate only, thinking about others or pursuing anything else with them would be considered cheating.

‘It’s just the way he is caring for Thiago has made a way into my heart. He is so caring; I never knew he had this side. she was



111-Now He Won’t Reject Her

right! Even I noticed the way he took care of Thiago.

‘Let’s not think too much and focus on Maynard. Our mate is angry with us and he has every reason to be. He came here for us and found us in that state, just imagine how bad we would have felt if we had found him with Willow, I explained to her why it was appropriate that we only think about our mate for now.

After the two had cleaned his wounds, I joined them upstairs.

“Enya! Eat something. You hadn’t eaten anything the whole day,” Lazlo and Maynard were sitting on one couch and I was on a separate chair when Lazlo served me breakfast along with serving others.

Thiago was in the restroom and freshening up for breakfast.

“Thank you, Lazlo!” I said, taking a bite out of the sandwich.

Maynard’s silence had upset me a lot. I was aware of my faults and was ready to speak to him but he had shut down entirely.

Once Thiago came out of the bathroom and sat down in the bed, Maynard fixated his eyes on us.

He was now reading too much into our body language.

His phone rang and he made deadly eye contact with me before getting up and walking out of the room to attend to the call.

“Excuse me!” I too excused walking after him. The instant I found him on call, I realized what was going on.

“No! I have changed my mind. I’ll see when I’ll reject you, but it won’t be now.” He made sure he was looking through my eyes when telling Willow, that he will not reject her.