Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 110

Chapter 110

110-Caught Kissing Thiago

Enya’s POV:

“I am sorry for what I did to you. But I don’t know who in your pack hurt my parents. I jus-t can’t trust anyone from your pack,” he had to close his eyes to display sadness.

“I understand,” I didn’t lie this time. I truly meant what I said. I now understand why he wants to punish us all. Somebody cursed him into silence and he couldn’t bring justice to his parents.

“I didn’t like your sister though. I contacted her because I wanted to use her to get into that vault and get the papers. I couldn’t bring myself to use you until you didn’t show disapproval of my friendship with your sister. That night, I meant to help you but then when I was there, my wolf started to act up and I ended up betraying you.” He was finally opening up and admitting everything. I felt bad that he couldn’t trust me into sharing his condition with me.

“I wish we had talked,” I murmured, “I wish we had connected more,” I was talking in whispers. It was not a lie that the matel wanted so bad was Thiago in the beginning. It was still a lot that my heart was able to feel his pain and suffer for him.

*It happened for the best,” his side of the statement didn’t please me.

“If you had stayed with me, my wolf would have hurt you,” he replied, not even looking my way.

“Right!” I nodded awkwardly.

And you are with Maynard. He is a good guy but makes sure you don’t ever settle for less. You are special Enya; you don’t need anyone to protect you. You just need to find love, the one who is truthful to you,” his words upset me once more. I have seen him display jealousy at times, but whenever he was fine with me accepting somebody else, I felt hurt.

“Okay!” I didn’t want to talk about anything anymore, especially my mate’s bond with my mates.

“When I – when I was looking for you on the mountains, I heard a Hunter coming after you. What happened there, who was he?” | inquired and Thiago opened his eyes once more.

“I don’t know him personally. But ever since I have been transitioning, I have noticed someone chasing after me. I believe he is the one who knows what my wolf is, or else he wouldn’t be shooting my right arm. He had a chance to shoot through my heart but he missed it.” Thiago explained what happened between him and that man.

“So, he doesn’t want you dead. He actually wants to trap, is that what you mean?” I asked, it was even scarier this way.

If the Hunter wanted to catch him, he must have some deadly intentions behind it.

“I just want to find out what happened to my parents, who was responsible so that I can die in peace,” the certainty and confidence he showed when talking about his short future plans stunned me.

“Don’t you think you are being too harsh on yourself? Why would you want to die?” I questioned out of frustration.

“Maybe you have not seen my wolf yet. Once you see him, you will want me dead too. I am a danger to everyone, I need to be put to rest but not before I get revenge on the faulty ones,” he almost gritted his teeth until his shoulder hurt and his attention transferred back to his injury.

“Oh! But maybe there is a way to help you out? It seems like-” I didn’t know how to tell him about the dream I had. It could be the biggest clue or it could be nothing.

“It seems like what?” he tilted his face while batting his eyelashes steadily. He looked sleepy.

“Has your wolf always been that way?” I asked and he nodded without any doubt.

“Ever since he woke up, he was crazy. So I know, this is who I am,” he shrugged his shoulder when trying to tell me there is nothing that can be done.

“Enya! Don’t focus too much on me. I am not repairable, live your life with your mate. Forge-t about everything I said,” he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. I was staring at him silently after he asked me to not worry about him.

How could I not when we still share the mate bond?

I watched him fall asleep right where he was sitting. He was probably tired and still under medications. But the dried-up tears on his cheeks were aching my soul.

“Thiago!” I whispered his name, he barely opened his eyes and raised a brow to acknowledge me, “You should return to the bed,” || suggested.

“Hm!” forcing his eyes open, he pushed his body up but tripped so I rushed for his aid.

“Here!” I grabbed his left arm and pulled it over my shoulder, supporting his body and leading him into the room. Once I laid him down, I stood beside him and watched him fall asleep instantly.

I was feeling bad for him; his suffering has brought me to tears too. It is truly heartbreaking that you know what happened to your parents but you can’t testify to it. He might even be accusing himself of not remembering what happened to them.

I covered him in a blanket and after giving it a thought, hunched over him to gently kiss his forehead. It wasn’t anything sexual, 1 wanted his wolf to know he was not alone. They had their friends with them now.

“Sleep well, Thiago! You are not alone.” I said under my tone and smiled weakly. I wished to help him, I wished to help his wolf. But that was it for now. He had fallen asleep and I needed to get downstairs.

The moment I straightened my back and turned around, I saw Maynard standing there and watching me.

“May-nard!” My lips spelt his name in concern, he looked extremely pissed off.