Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 109

Chapter 109

109-11 Was One Scary Night

Author’s POV:

Years Ago:

That night was scary for an eight-year-old. As the clouds rumbled and the thunderbolt lightened up the red sky, Thiago closed his eyes and prayed for their safety in his mind.

“What happened? Is my little boy afraid of the storm?” Mrs. Shepard was a lovely lady. She mated to her alpha mate when they turned 18 and after a year, they had Thiago.

That night she was driving Thiago back home to his father. The two had planned to spend a few days in Paris but then Thiago wished to be back with his father.

Mrs. Shepard was missing her mate too so the plan of returning back in the pack didn’t upset her either.

They hadn’t told Alpha Shepard that they were returning, a surprise was what they have planned for Lord Shepard.

“I’m not afraid. I’m just worried because you are driving,” being sneaky and cunning, Thiago smirked when his mother faked a pout.

“Daddy will have no idea we are arriving. He will be so shocked when he will see us in the pack house,” Thiago couldn’t wait to meet his father and see the expression of shock on his face.

“You are really a little devil, aren’t you?” Mrs. Shepard joke but soon their fun little conversation was put to halt when their car broke down.

“Oh shoot!” Mrs. Shepard cursed in her mouth realizing they were stuck in the middle of nowhere with a bad storm approaching them.

“Mom! Are we in trouble?” Thiago frowned but fear was what he was feeling inside.

“No! It’s just that I’ll need to get out and fix the car, okay?” she turned to him and gave him a smile.

Thiago didn’t like the idea but he couldn’t argue to it. They had to fix the car in order to travel back home. Her phone had no signals too due to the storm, so her getting out was the only option left to her.

“I will be on the lookout,” Thiago voiced when his mother left the car and popped the hood open which blocked her from Thiago’s vision,

He had to constantly wipe the window clean whenever the fog blurred his vision around.

“Okay! That looks like is a mechanic’s job,” she exclaimed with a sigh of exhaustion. She knew she shouldn’t have asked the guards to not follow her. Mrs. Shepard was a fierce beta and a strong-headed Luna. She had been known by everyone as a perfect Luna.

She was once pursued by the Alpha King but Mrs. Shepherd chose her mate instead of a crown of Luna Queen that she never craved.

While stuck in a middle of a road, she feared her son will be terrified if she told him they might need to walk to the nearest mechanic shop to get help.

Her worries withered away when she saw a car approaching them.

“Thank goodness,” she let out a sigh of relief and waved her hand in the air for the car.

The car stopped right beside her and a guy came out of the car.

“Alpha King!” she was surprised to spot him here. It was like a coincidence that he came right when she was in need.

“Mrs. Shepard!” Alpha King Shaun smirked, stepping out and secretly glancing at her from head to toe in that blue dress she was wearing

He was also driving by himself, which was unlike him.


109-It Was One Scary Night

“What brought you into standing here cluelessly!” he tried to joke and she did let out a laugh.

“My car broke down,” she replied sweetly, expecting him to fix it for her.

“Oh! Let me help you with it,” He offered and stepped to the side. Thiago had watched a car but it seemed to him that his mother knew this man.

“Thank you so much,” she stepped to the side but didn’t know what his true intentions were.

The moment he felt like he had been given a chance, he pulled out injection and injected the wolfbane into her neck.

She was first shocked but then suddenly grabbed his hand to pull the injection out and throw it away.

“What did you do?” she gasped in fright, watching his eyes display lust.

“What did I do? What did you do? You left me for that Alpha. All these years, I had to live with this rejection. But finally, I’m going to get my revenge on you. After I fuck you and leave you here tonight, I’ll see how your mate accepts you,” he put the hood down when she trembled and got on her knees.

It was hard for her to keep her posture intact and keep standing now.

. The instant he put the hood down, Thiago frowned. He couldn’t see his mother anymore until Shauri grabbed her arms and pulled her up by force.

“Let me go,” she cried, unable to move a muscle.

He forced her onto the hood of the car and lifted her dress up. Thiago’s heart skipped a beat when watching his mother getting manhandled by some man.

“Hey!” he rushed out of the car to help his mother but she only cried more when acknowledging her son had watched her in that state.

Shaun was not going to give up, he forced her legs to spread and adjusted his body between her legs.

He didn’t even care that he had a witness watching them.

“You set my mother free,” Thiago rushed for his mother’s help but Shaun grasped his arm and twisted it, breaking his bone and tossing little Thiago to the ground.

“No! Don’t hurt my baby,” Mrs. Shepard cried. Thiago groaned but got on his feet, he wasn’t ready to let his mother suffer and she was afraid of him watching it all happen.

“Thiago! Run! Run and tell the world what a scumbag the alp,” she couldn’t talk when Alpha King covered her mouth and thrust inside her.

Thiago realized he couldn’t watch his mother getting violated and also because he couldn’t help her.