Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 106

Chapter 106

106-In Lazlo’s Arms

‘I can take over,’ Nia came for my help, I nodded and let her take over. The transition was supposed to happen in order for me to leave this place and be somewhere safer.

I knew Lazlo wouldn’t be able to carry us both but the woods were where he was taking Thiago so I believed he would be able to sniff me out there easily. Nia took over and a painful transformation began. My bones cracked while my body twisted. The heat ! felt in my skin had never happened before but there were a lot of things that I wasn’t able to feel before I got a hold of my powers. Or I thought I did. I reckoned I should have been practicing instead of waiting to find out which one of my parents had these powers. As the transition ended, Nia started sprinting towards the woods. I know she was also feeling sick but was using the last of her energy to carry us away from the Hunter.

Soon we arrived in the woods but that was all she could do for me. Her knees were shaking from the weakness, her energy went down. She couldn’t stay for too long and that’s when my transition back began. It was like one hell after another.

I wasn’t in a state to go through another transformation but wasn’t left with much of a choice. Once I was in my human skin, found my body miserably lying on the grass and my head hurting.

I still couldn’t believe any power could make me this sick. These powers were supposed to make me stronger, not weak.

“Enya!” once Theard Lazlo calling for me, I let myself go. The energy and strength I had been using to stay awake weren’t required anymore. I reckoned now that he was nearby, he will find me sooner.

Through my faded vision, I saw him spotting me and yelping in shock. “ENYA!” the panic in his voice comforted me, he was worried for me. My eyelids felt too heavy to stay parted from my eyes. Soon they met and my eyes closed.

“Hey! I am here,” his whisper was all I could hear before I felt a piece of cloth being wrapped around my naked body. He had covered me in his long coat before lifting me up in his arms and taking me away.

The hike to those mountains had raised many questions in my head and one big threat in the name of,


I have been passed out for hours, it appeared. By the time I was waking up, I was cozy enough to not rush. As expected Lazlo had saved me. I opened my eyes in a small cabin. I had a blanket warming me up on the couch while Thiago was sleeping in the bed. The cabin had only one room upstairs, I suspected. —

“Ahh!” groaning and rubbing my eyes, I sat on the couch to recollect what led to us ending up in the cabin and after recalling every bit of it, I rushed to my feet to check up on Thiago.

“Thiago!” my eyes scanned him thoroughly. He didn’t move. He was lying in the bed, covered in a bedsheet but the arrow was still sticking out of his shoulder.

“Lazlo!” I rushed out and found Lazlo in the living room downstairs. As I expected, there was one bedroom and a living room downstairs with a kitchen and a bathroom.

“Enya!” hearing me call for him from the top, he collected the stuff he had brought from outside and climbed the stairs to meet me there.

“What is going on? why is the arrow still sticking out of him?” I asked Lazlo, whose mood change into a bored expression when walking past me. I bet he was offended.

“Because I wanted to hang my clothes on it,” he shook his head while being sarcastic about it, “Because I couldn’t do it alone,” he let out a big scoff this time.

I get it!

– He was the one taking care of both of us from the last few hours but that is exactly what he was taught to do when he was

chosen as the Alpha.

“Huh! the Alpha is tired of taking care of two people. I would love to watch him take care of his pack,” while not sparing him back, I taunted and joined Thiago again.

His sight was a reminder of what happened in the mountains.

“I can take care of my pack. Tell me how the hell you distracted that Hunter?” he put the ointments down and turned to face me.

“I didn’t,” I lied,



166-in Lazio’s Arms

“Exactly! Because you fricking stayed behind and then transitioned to run after us,” there it was, the uncertainty about me and my powers

“Right! I stayed behind because I had to pee,” since he was not going to believe me and I didn’t want to explain anything to him, I shrugged my shoulders and lied some more.

‘in the middle of a commotion?” the wrinkles on his forehead almost made me crackle.

“Yeah! Ever heard of stress?” I ignored any more arguments with him and crawled into the bed to Thiago’s right shoulder,”How are we going to get help for him?” he was sleeping peacefully but he was not at peace,

His wolf!

What was wrong with him? does my dream has anything to do with reality? If so, then he is cursed but why would anyone curse him?

“We cannot get him help. We have to help him ourselves,” Lazlo picked up the scissors and stated with a little bit of uncertainty.

“Wait! You are not cutting his skin open, are you?” I was sure Lazlo didn’t mean any harm to Thiago but the way he was holding those scissors made me skeptical of his motives.

“No! I am going to rip open his shirt,” he almost raised his voice when hearing me question him over everything.

“Okay! Give me that,” i grabbed the scissors without giving him a chance to protest and his mood changed.

“What are you doing?” I heard him complain.

“I am going to take off his shirt,” the instant I said that Lazlo let out a groan in protest.