Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 105

Chapter 105

105-1 Am Unstoppable!

“No! No!” Before I could even get a glimpse of her face, two strong pairs of arms shook me awake.

“Enya!” I opened my eyes to Lazlo holding me and scanning me in terror.

“What the fuck happened?” he was panicking, holding my shivering existence and waking me up. I was not gone for more than two minutes. It was the same sunny day with clouds approaching the mountains now.

“Thi-” I was breathing with difficulty. I swear that sight petrified me. It was so real, I felt it. I swear I saw it; it wasn’t a nightmare.

“You closed your eyes and then disappeared. I returned after looking around for a minute and found you standing here and whimpering. Tell me what happened?” he instantly pulled me in his arms to rub my back and calm me down.

“Lazlo!” breaking the hug from him, I opened my mouth but didn’t know how to explain anything to him.

“Hey, calm down. It is all fine. You might have dozed off,” even though he seemed not sure how it was possible, but it was a great excuse for him to calm me down first.

“Thia-go! We need to find him.” I had to swallow the fear and whatever happened and think of it as me zoning out so that we can focus on finding him.

He gave me a nod but sat me down first, “Drink some water, and only then we will move ahead,” he had only brought the water bottle out when we heard a painful cry of Thiago from the deep side of the mountains. These wooded mountains were scary and indeed creepy

Lazlo and I shared a glance before we got up on our feet in a panic.

“You were right!” I whispered, “It was Thiago!” | mumbled before rushing ahead of him to the origin of the voice.

“Hey! stay behin-d me,” Lazlo complained when I left him behind and without showcasing any fear, entered the deep woods.

“Thiago!” I didn’t hesitate to call for his name. People might see him as a monster but he was not.

“Thiag-“I haven’t finished when Lazlo shouting my name interrupted me.

“Enya! He is here,” well, I shouldn’t have left him behind., Obviously, he was aware of these woods more than I was.

Coming!” i tracked his voice, but the surprise I got was not what I have expected.

Thiago was on the ground with a silver arrow passed through him.

That sight itself was going to haunt me forever.

“Oh My God! Thiago!” I jumped down on my knees beside him. He was all bloody and grunting in pain.

“There is someone hunting the beast,” Lazlo was kneeling beside Thiago but whispering in his mouth. I had never thought this is how I will find him.

“Ugh! why did you bring her here?” Thiago complained, the arrow had crossed his right shoulder luckily but that didn’t mean he wasn’t feeling any pain. He was suffering miserably.

“She insis—ma Lazlo was cut short by me. He was talking about me so I will answer him.

“He is not the in charge of me.” I know it was no time for arguments but I needed to stop them before they think they can make decisions for me.

“He is searching for him. We need to get him out of here,” Lazlo whispered, his eyes stuck in one direction. So I assumed that’s where the Hunter was probably.

“Put him over your shoulder, I will distract the hunter,” I stated but Lazlo shook his head aggressively.

“You? Enya! Do you even know how dangerous those Hunters can be? Let me deal with it. I will go and see what I can do,” he looked so angry when hearing I want to jeopardize my life.

“La-zlo! You won’t b-e able to deal with him,” Thiago knew about me. The way he secretly looked at me and eyed Lazlo to shut up was a sign he didn’t forget what I can do.

“Thiago! I cannot let her,” Lazlo’s voice came out in a request, “she is too fragile for this shit,” I admired him for worrying so much about my safety but I would rather want him to see what I can do.


105- Am Unstoppable!

“Lazlo! if I want, I can save both of your assess. You might be the alpha but-,” I heard a branch snap and understood we were wasting time.

“We need to get out of here,” I said in a bone-chilling voice. The goosebumps around my skin made me aware of something I just realized.

I was able to sense the threat now.

I raised my face when calming myself down and saw Thiago staring into my face. I bet he knew I have found another power.

“Fine,” Lazlo gave up and grabbed Thiago’s arm to throw him over his shoulder and get up on his feet, “Don’t stay behind more than six feet from us,” he warned me when running ahead of me with Thiago on his shoulders.

“We are headed to the woods. I have a cabin there where I used to do some candies with my friends,” he cleared his throat but I knew what he meant. But it was then I also felt like I knew nothing about the mates I had been sharing a room and mate bond with. Do leven know anything about Maynard or who his friends are?

I faintly nodded but didn’t take him seriously. As I stood in my spot, I postured straight and lowered my chin. My entire focus averted to the steps of the Hunter every snap of a twig and dry leaves, I heard it like it was playing in my ears directly.

I then breathed heavily and raised my hand to point at a faraway spot on the hills and mimicked a howl. But instead of my voice being heard from where I was standing, the voice came from the hills.

I didn’t know how I did it but it was something crazy. The steps began to fade away as the hunter too heard and fall into my plan. He left for the hills but that’s when I acknowledged this power wasn’t that easy to control.

“Oh God!” my stomach churned and my throat gagged, making me bend down and throw up.

“Ahh!” the headache was so extreme that I felt like passing out. Shit! I was in the middle of the mountains and unable to run for my safety.