Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 104

Chapter 104



104-The Cursed One Among Us!

“Lazlo! tell me that’s not what you are planning for. Because if that’s the case, I am not going with you. I will go alone and I make sure I save him from whatever you save planned for him,” I squared up pretty confidently. He first shoved his phone in his pocket and then scoffed at me.

“Are you kidding me? Do you really think I will sacrifice a friend to come off as a hero? He already made me a hero twice, I don’t want to gain any more medals from his name,” he reminded me of the academy and the wood’s incident. Where basically everybody thought Maynard and Lazlo saved the day

“He is not a monster,” I added once we calmed down a bit.

“I know he is not. But we know him, others don’t.” Lazlo looked comfortable enough to have that conversation with me now

“But why is his wolf being called a monster? Have you seen him in that form the others are talking about?” I wasn’t sure what others saw. But it couldn’t be a powerful wolf only. Or else they would have never made such a huge deal out of it.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen that form of his but I guess he had been worse from the last time. It is just that we all had been so occupied by the nonsense in our lives that we forgot about him,” I noticed Lazlo was the one too worried for Thiago. I remember when I told Maynard about Thiago last night, he almost didn’t even care.

That change occurred after I accepted him.

“Then we are going to save him?” | inquired and gestured for him to keep walking.

“Yeah! If we can. I am not sure how long he plans to stay in his beastly self but if he hadn’t returned, it means-,” he didn’t finish talking because I did it for him.

“Then it means he is still transitioned in that form,” I said, walking ahead of him. I am sure he didn’t know what I was capable of, but I believe it was time I practice my magic after a little break.

We reached the mountains in an hour. I noticed Lazlo offering me rest and food every few minutes, thinking an Omega like me would be tired.

So! Where do we begin from?” he took a deep breath and passed a detailed glance around, can you sniff him out?” the way he said it, I was almost offended, “Come on, he is your mate. Even though you forgot you have two other mates, but that still gives you an upper hand on finding him,” he didn’t have to add that little sarcasm but since he did, I rolled my eyes and faced him.

“Yeah! The one who used me and the other who is dating the bitch who hates me,” I smiled, giving him enough reason to turn his face to the side awkwardly. He better be kidding when thinking he deserves a chance.

“Let me try.” I closed my eyes, recalling his scent.

“I will look around till then,” Lazlo’s fainted words fell upon my ears but I was too focused on remembering his scent that I didn’t respond to him.

I only meant to recall his scent but then I lost the track of time. I had my eyes close and my mind repeated the entire wood’s memories.

It was Thiago and I talking.

We kissed,

And then,

‘Wait! What is going on?’ I called for Nia when I couldn’t open my eyes, ‘Nia! What is happening? Do you feel anything?’ I asked her again but she was silent.

Finally, I opened my eyes but everything was dark this time. Did I spent hours standing here with my eyes closed?

Has the night arrived early or did I waste too much time? Nothing made sense. The entire world was dark with red clouds and thunderbolts lightening the sky.

“Lazlo?” I called for him but got no answer in return, “Thiago?” I was confused and lost. I was still in the same spot but the weather and time had changed. The cold wind was blowing my hair and shirt.

Through the whooshing of the wind, I heard some whispers. On the dark mountains, I saw a light coming from the deep. There was something shining afar, just behind the trees.

Gathering courage, I began to walk in the direction of the light. It was barely visible at this time of night but I was certain there

was something there.

Once I was close enough, I began to realize it wasn’t something shining, it was a partially ajar door.

“Lazlo?” I called, “Thiago!” the moment I said his name, I heard an echo.


My heart skipped a beat because the echo didn’t sound like me. It was a whole different voice calling his name.

“Thiago Shepard! The Alpha of the Shadow Winder Pack!”

A lady was enchanting his name in that room. I stood just outside the door and peeped through the little opening of the door.

The room was all red with no furniture but candles and markings drawn on the floor and the red walls. It was like a sight from a horror movie.

A woman in a red dress was calling his name over and over again. She had her back facing me. Her long black hair was reaching her hips.

“What is going on?” I asked myself, still watching her and trying to comprehend why she was calling for Thiago.

“Thiago!” she called his name again.

Who was she? What was her relationship with him and why was I seeing her? I was confused with so many queries.

“Thiago Shepard! His wolf is Theo!” she knew too much about him. I watched her pick up something green, small, and round from the floor and then whisper on it.

“Make him blind, make him deaf, mute him!”

My heart skipped a beat when hearing her. What did she just say? I placed my focus entirely on her to make sure I hear her correctly this time and I did.


As her voice turned deep and it was then I realized she wasn’t calling for him.

She was cursing him!

“N00000!” a scream left my lips as I thought I could stop her from cursing him. She groaned and turned around. Her face had too much light for me to see anything. I was blinded almost.

“NOOO!” is shouted again in despair. My heart ripped open, it seemed when little cries of Thiago suffered my heart.

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